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AE: Thirty Three

It was the end.

Inuyasha stared at the screen in front of him, dumbstruck. Kagome had written an entire story, but it ended here, in his point of view. Did Kagome truly have these feelings for him? Did she truly love him like how she described it in this story? Did he love her just the same, as she'd written? Unanswerable questions, unless you asked the right person.

But how could he possibly ask Kagome about this? In this story a lot happened in a very short amount of time. First she wrote herself as being bitten by a wolf demon, changing into a half demon overnight, making Sesshomaru an ally of hers, and giving herself a background that was entirely too farfetched to be believed. Her father, a wolf demon named Lockhart? A regenerative one at that, and Master of a pack of hundreds of demons. With a brother, no less, who hated her because of what she was.

But she changed herself in this story, making herself a half demon. But why? He only could think of two reasons, and neither sat well for him. The first was that she simply wished for stronger powers, but not wishing to be a full demon, she settled with imagining herself as half. That wasn't like Kagome, so it couldn't be it. The second was that she wished to be the perfect match for him, perhaps even a bit better. He didn't like that idea very well, but it seemed the most rational.

"Mama, I'm home!"

He jumped. Kagome was home! If she found him here, reading this story she wrote on her com-pu-ter, she Sit him into oblivion! He moved the mouse and clicked the 'x' in the upper corner, glad he'd asked so many questions about it while Kagome set it up last month. He shut off the monitor and threw himself onto her bed just as her steps took her to the top of the stairs. He put on a bored face and began tapping his fingers.

She came inside with a sigh.

"About time you got back," he snapped.

Kagome jumped. "Oh, Inuyasha," she sighed, her hand over her heart. "How long have you been waiting?"

Long enough to read thirty two 'chapters', he thought. "All day."

"You waited for me all day?" She looked surprised, if not a little flattered.

"Course, wench," he sneered, sitting up. "We don't exactly have time to spare. You comin or what?"

She narrowed her eyes. "Are you actually giving me a choice?"



Being that he was sitting up, the beads pulled him off the bed and onto the floor. He groaned. Why couldn't it have been a bracelet? Or an ofuda that zapped him? Something besides a necklace that continually smashed his face into the ground. Sometimes he was standing on concrete when she activated it, and that tended to break his nose.

He sat up, rubbing the back of his neck. "Stupid - fucking - damned -" he swore in time with his rubs.

Kagome rolled her eyes. "I'm going to start making you eat soap."

"Eat soap? Why?"

"It's a punishment for swearing. You know how I keep telling you that you have a dirty mouth?" He nodded. "Washing your mouth out with soap might make it cleaner - but somehow I doubt it."


"Watch it."

"What'd I do!"

"I know that sound."

"Keh," he muttered, looking away.

"That one too."

Know me so well, huh? he thought. Know me well enough to guess what I'd do in your stories. How many others do you have? he wondered.

She sighed and dropped her bag on her bed. "I'll be ready to go in a little bit. Just try and be patient, alright?"


She sighed again, giving up. "Fine." She left the room, leaving him alone again.

He grabbed his head. Just what the fuck was wrong with him! He had the perfect opportunity to ask her about that story, and he didn't! He could have claimed he didn't read too well - she wouldn't really know - and then. . .and then. . .And then what? What could he possibly do, or say? "Say, Kagome, I was playing with your com-pu-ter and found a story titled 'Transformations'. It's about you and me, isn't it? I can't figure out some of the words, though - but I caught our names!"

Somehow he didn't think she'd believe him. But what other options did he have? One way or another he just knew he'd have to bring it up. He had to find out - find out. . . something. Some reasoning behind that story.

"Say, Kagome, I read that story on your com-pu-ter and I was wondering, do you really feel that way about me?" didn't sound too good, either. He'd need help with this. . .

Nighttime, Sengoku Jidai

Everyone had eaten and was heading for bed, but he couldn't sleep. Why was that story bothering him so much? So Kagome had a wild imagination, so what? So she imagined herself as a half-demon who ends up mated with him, so what? So she knew - somehow - about how demons mate, so what?

And who told her? Being half demon, he didn't feel a need to bite a woman to mate her, but somehow Kagome knew that dog demons marked each other with bites. The drinking blood part was a little extreme, and he'd only heard of a few cases where the mates did drink from their wounds, but it isn't a strict rule. So who told her?

"Ahh, master Inuyasha," a quiet voice said near his shoulder.

Inuyasha slapped the flea. "Hey, Myouga," he said with a wicked smirk. He just found the culprit. "Care to answer a few questions?"

Myouga's body popped, returning to its full round form. "Questions, Master Inuyasha? What questions?"

Ahh, so he was going for the innocent routine. Inuyasha caught the flea between two fingertips and lifted him to his face. "I think you have a good idea."


"Tell me, how does Kagome know about how demons mate?"

"I do not know -"

Inuyasha squished him. "Wrong answer. Strike one," he quoted, hearing the phrase from Souta a few times.

Myouga gulped and popped his body again. "She-she might have - I don't know - asked someone -"

"Strike two."

"Alright!" the flea squealed. "She asked and I told her!"

That intrigued Inuyasha. Kagome asked about how demons mated? "What exactly did she ask?"

"She asked if I knew how demons mated, and I told her!"

"And how much did you tell her?"

"That demons don't always follow rules about mating, but that those who are serious bite each other, usually on their necks."

"Anything else?"

"Well. . . I don't think so. . ."

"I know you told her something else. Something involving blood. . ."

Myouga whimpered. "I'm sorry, Master Inuyasha! I told her that sometimes they drink from the bites to deepen their bond and that it sometimes makes them take on one another's traits and scents!" He began to cry.

Inuyasha snorted and dropped him. "You can go."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Myouga yelled and leaped away, burying himself in Kirara's fur.

Inuyasha sat back in his tree and stared down at the group. Shippo, Kagome, Sango, Kirara, Miroku, and oftentimes, Myouga. Their little group. Almost a pack of his own. They all knew that Inuyasha would come for them if anything happened, such as them getting taken somewhere or lost. But most of all they knew he'd always come for Kagome first, no matter who needed to be rescued first or who was closest.

Kagome came first.

Was this love? Was Kagome right in her stories? Is what he felt for her love? Could it possibly be? He knew that once he loved Kikyo, but he'd never admitted that to her. He didn't think he loved her anymore, in any case. How could he have lost his love for Kikyo and gained a love for Kagome? It didn't seem possible. They shared a soul. In essence, they were the same.

But they were also completely different. Their soul was the only thing between them that they had in common. Well, besides their faces. Their hair wasn't even the same. Kikyo's hair was always held back and straight, controlled, perfect. Kagome's hair was always down, and wavy, and shone a shade of blue - wild. If you could call Kagome wild.

He often stayed up nights, comparing the two when he couldn't sleep. At one time Kikyo had been caring, sometimes to a fault. But it seemed Kagome held that part of their soul, for Kikyo did not care the way she used to. Kikyo. . .in all aspects. . .truly was dead. When she was alive, she had a type of light in eyes that rarely flickered and never went out. When he sees her now, that light is never there. Perhaps it's because she was brought back in a body of clay - how would he know how someone brought back from the dead would act, when they died in such turmoil?

But did that justify her actions?


Next Morning

Today Kagome was receiving lessons from Kaede. He watched her, but tried his best not to make it obvious. He was sitting on the fence, and Kaede was showing Kagome which herbs could be plucked when, and what to look for to know when they were ripe. Kagome quite obviously wasn't getting it. Which was fine, because she wasn't a farmer anyway. What use would Kagome have for knowing when to pluck which herb?

She was, after all, going to go back to her time when this was all over, and likely never come back. People in her time didn't farm - they went to gro-cer-y stores and bought what they needed.

"Kagome! Kagome! Kagome!"

Inuyasha glanced at Shippo, hopping up and down repeatedly. It was making him dizzy.

"Hello, Shippo," Kagome greeted the fox kit. She rubbed the top of his head.

Shippo's eyes grew large and he fixed Kagome with a look that made her melt. "Did you bring anything?"

Kagome's smile was entirely too sweet. "Only for you," she said with a wink, and began digging in her backpack.

It made Inuyasha uncommonly jealous. 'Only for you'. She brought him ramen every day! All Shippo got was candy - and yet she only spoiled Shippo!

He caught himself there. Kagome was spoiling him! She couldn't be! He wasn't spoiled! But then he did get multiple packages of ramen nearly every day. . . she never complains when he falls asleep on her bed. . . she's never rushed him before, and he was used to being rushed. Was she spoiling him?

Well he certainly wasn't used to getting everything he asked for, and Kagome did give him whatever he wanted. Minus control, of course. They were always fighting over that.

Shippo munched happily on his sweets, humming something as Kagome looked through another set of pictures he'd drawn. She cooed over each one and greatly complimented how good Shippo was getting.

If Inuyasha hadn't truly been jealous of the kit before, he certainly was now. It took everything he had not to explode. The kit hadn't done anything special, yet he was getting an unhealthy amount of praise! Was Kagome so sweet and caring that she sugar-coated everything she did, just to encourage them?

Lucky kit. Kagome 'sits' him when he gets even a smidgen cocky. Shippo can boast all he wants and never gets a negative word from Kagome. How was that fair?

Simple. It wasn't.

"Lucky damned pup," Inuyasha muttered under his breath.

Kagome shot him a sharp look and Shippo whined.

Inuyasha blanched. She didn't hear that, did she!


He ate dirt.

He stood up angrily a few moments later. "Why d'you keep doing that!"

Her glare was made much more frightening when she kept her head down, which is what she decided to do this time. "Doing what?" she asked sweetly.

He swallowed, knowing that tone and knowing it couldn't be good for him. In the story, she described it as a question with no right answer. So how was he going to get out of it?

"Well. . ." he started. Think fast! he told himself. "Ah. . . Well you Sit me a lot -"

"Are you telling me you don't deserve it?"

He clenched his jaw to keep from screaming. Gives me everything I ask for, minus control and freedom, he amended. "Do I deserve it every time you say it?" he shot back.

"I think you do."

"I think I don't."

"Your judgement is impaired."

"Really? How's that?"

Her eyes narrowed in a way he recognized as her biting her tongue. He had a good idea of what she was thinking about, and found himself looking away.

"Besides that," he muttered.

She sighed. "Not today," she said, the words almost a plea.

He didn't nod, but he did leave. The atmosphere had gotten entirely too dark on the subject, as it often did when concerning Kikyo. It was actually a little funny, if it wasn't so sad. Kikyo: so light and pure in life, darkened thoughts and auras in living death. No, he didn't love her anymore. He pitied her, and that's what made him go to her whenever she was near.

So now I love Kagome and pity Kikyo? he thought. How is that right? Kikyo did everything she could to be pure, loving and loved, and Kagome . . . Kagome does it all without trying, he realized.

He sighed. His life was just getting more and more complicated. Was it ever going to end?


Chapter ending. I'll spell this out for you guys who aren't fully sure what's going on.

In this ending, I didn't write Transformations, Kagome did. And Inuyasha had bugged her so much about how computers work that he knows how to use them, and stumbled upon the story. Kagome ended it at chapter 32, hence why this chapter's title is 33.

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