Buffy: Have I ever given you any reason to feel that you can't trust me?

Riley: No.

Buffy: Then why with the crazy?

Riley: (looks deep into her eyes, meaningfully) Because I'm so in love with you I can't think straight.

After Riley gets jealous when Angel comes to town


Riley Finn had a real sickness.

It hurt like hell. It hurt deeply; and painfully. Endlessly. It was just this incessant ache that he couldn't get rid of.

He was in love with Buffy Summers. Deeply; and painfully; and endlessly. He was so in love with her that he couldn't even do anything right when she was around him. He couldn't think straight or even see straight. He doesn't have a mind, or a conscience, or those darn, wholesome values he was brought up with at home. He just couldn't think correctly. Logic was insensible and love was the one conqueror. He loved her; and he couldn't stop himself from it.

And that's why, only a few months ago, when Angel came to town, he just snapped. A part of him wanted to kill Angel because he thought he was dangerous. But the other part of him … a great gaping section of heart wanted to kill because of jealousy. This wasn't a soldier-protection thing; it was a jealous-of-your-girl's-ex-boyfriend thing.

After all, Riley is only human. The fates will play with his life whichever way they wish to. He didn't ask to love Buffy. But he does. He didn't ask to have this stupid jealously ride over him whenever he sees Buffy with another guy. But he does. He was never this way. And, now, he can't control it. She can get any guy she wants, he is well-aware. And this tugs at his heart every time he thinks of it.

Riley loves Buffy. But Buffy doesn't love him. Sure, she may imply it, she may look at him adoringly for a few seconds, but she's never said it. Never an 'I love you'. And it's only three words, how hard can it be? In the end, he knows for sure, she doesn't love him. God, he still can't think straight around her. This can turn out to be a real problem…


This is the one. But she doesn't love me. –Riley, to Xander, about Buffy

I know many "Buffy" viewers do not like the character, Riley. Yet, he really never irked me as much as he did others. He loved Buffy, and after a while, he realized she didn't feel the same. He needed a place to vent his feelings, so he went a little crazy. Anyway, this was a little something I did concerning Riley's feelings about Buffy, early season 5. Please feel free to leave reviews of any kind, just no flames, please!