Here's my first attempt at a Third Watch fic! Been a fan of the show for a long time, but with Channel 4 repeating the seasons, it's got me in the fic mood :)
So just please be gentle when reading, and maybe reviewing if you so wish;) It's set after "In Confidence" (s4) when Aaron stands Kim upat the show thingy...

Her mind was going in all direction. Why wasn't Aaron picking up? Maybe he was hurt? Maybe when she's calling him, he's calling her and cant get through…

"Are you coming in, Miss?" an usher asks her at the door.

She spins to face him, putting on big sure smile, "I'm just waiting for my date, he's running a bit late. You know New York traffic…" she chuckled, confidently

"Well, I'm sorry Miss, but we're starting now, so if you don't come in now, I'm afraid I cant let you"

"oh" her face fell, Aaron had the tickets, so she couldn't go in even if she wanted to. "Well, it's alright, we'll go for a meal or something" she smiles like nothing's wrong. The usher nods and disappears back inside with a sympathetic smile. That just solidifies it, Aaron's not coming, is he?

She turns back to the road, gazing into the distance. Please just come around that corner now. Please.

She pulls her phone out again. Clicking speed dial #2 (#1 being Joey), she listens as it goes straight to voice mail.

"This is Aaron. Leave your name and number and I'll call you back, Thanks"

"Aaron? It's me again. Where the hell are you? I've been here for 45 minutes and you're still not here. They're not gonna let us in now. What happened?" she sighs. She can hear the hurt in her own voice. She hates it when she can do that. "I'm going home" she hangs up.

Kim looks around the campus. This is New York City, and theirs not one cab! Nothing. Even if their was, she wouldn't be able to pay for it. She should have gone to the bank while she was getting her dress. She spent her last dime getting here, Aaron was supposed to be driving her home.

She flips open her phone again.

Speed dial #1.



"Kim? I though your big date was tonight"

"It is, well, it was"

"What are you calling me for then?"

"Can-can you come pick me up?"

"Why? Whats up? What happened?"

"Nothing happened…that's the problem" she fell silent, hoping she wouldn't have to utter those 5 words. Evidently she did "He stood me up, Jimmy"

"What? Did he say why?"

"No, he's not picking up his phone, and I'm stuck here in a dress and no money for a cab, and I just want to go home" she rambled

"Okay, okay, where are you?"

She told him the address.

"I'm on my way"

"Jimmy? Thanks"