Nuptials By Willow

Summary: Snapshots from Charlie and Zoey's wedding.
Spoilers/Episode: Anything up to season 6 2162 Votes
Characters: Ensemble
Rating: PG (slightest touch of angst, you know I can never resist)
A/N: For this fic I'm choosing to ignore the fact the leak is suspected to be a senior White House staffer because I wanted them all to be here, so instead I've made it Russell, who annoyed me in Babylon 5, Crusade and then annoyed me even more as Bingo Bob;-)

Part V - Plans

Josh's Apartment

"What you going do when this is over?" Sam asked CJ.

"Go on a long, long holiday. Then, I dunno. What about you?" she asked Toby.

"Sleep," Toby replied.

"We should set up a consultancy," CJ declared. "You, me and Sam, the president, Charlie, and anyone else from the Bartlet White House who wants to join. Then we can offer our services to Josh," she smiled as Josh handed out beer.

"I almost dread to ask, offer me your services doing what?"

"She wants us to set up a consulting firm next January," Toby told him as he moved up to let Josh sit down.

"We might not win," Josh pointed out.

"Well in that case, you and Donna and Leo can join our firm and we'll help Democrats defeat the new residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave," CJ told him.

"That is an excellent idea," Josh agreed.

"What's Will doing now?" Sam asked.

"He's in Europe, visiting his old haunts," Josh replied. "I've asked him to get in touch if he wants to come back."

"Even with the Russell thing?" Toby asked. "He was his campaign manager."

"I worked for him as well," Donna pointed out.

"Yeah, I didn't mean... I'm not saying the campaign was corrupt, I'm just saying..."

"You don't like Will," Josh finished for him.

"No," Toby agreed.

"Show them the pictures," CJ told Toby in an attempt to change the subject.

Toby looked extremely embarrassed as he took two pictures of the twins out of his wallet and handed them to Donna.

"God, they're growing up fast," she said. "Huck's going to be heartbreaker," she smiled at Toby, wanting him to know that she hadn't really been offended by what he'd said.

"Let me see," Josh held out his hand. "Wow, they're not babies anymore. They'll be at school soon, then it'll be all night parties and sleep overs," he grinned.


"You want a lift?" CJ asked Donna.

"No," Donna replied with a small smile. "I might just stay here a while."

CJ gave her a curious look. "Really?" she asked.

"Yes," Donna nodded.

"Well it's about time," CJ smiled. "Have fun."

"Oh I will. I'll call you."

"You'd better," CJ instructed as she hugged Donna goodnight. "Night, Joshua," she called.

Josh dashed to the front door in time to give CJ a goodbye hug. "I'll phone you. Night."

"So," Donna smiled as Josh closed his front door. "Alone at last."

"Indeed we are," he agreed. "Any plans?"

"I'm thinking that after such a long day, I need a shower, or maybe a bath."

"Bath sounds interesting," Josh smiled.

"Warm water, bubbles, massage oil..."

"Massage," Josh repeated. "I'll just go and run the bath, you... make yourself, erm... comfortable."

Donna smiled as she watched Josh walk off to the bathroom. Eight years dancing round each other, each pretending that they had no feelings for the other, trying to fool everyone and fooling no one, especially not themselves. Three weeks ago Donna had taken the bull by the horns and asked Josh out on a date. Of course the idiot hadn't realised it was a date at first, but he'd soon got the idea when the maitre'd had shown them to a candle lit table in a discreet corner. Three weeks of the best sex and the most fun she'd ever had with a guy. Well, it was more like ten days because they were campaigning, but still, she had to ask; what the hell had taken them so long?