It is the last day of term and Harry was on his way home with the durslys. They get home and Vernon yells at him saying get that filthy trunk inside now boy. Ok uncle Vernon. Don't say that in that ungrateful tone young man. Sorry aunt petunia. Well do as he says now. They go in and Harry stays in his room. It is nearing July 31st for his birthday and he does not know what is in store for him. A week has past and it is his birthday. He is a sleep and does not see a figure go to him. All of a sudden he feels something on the back of his neck. He jumps and rolls while picking up his glasses and wand. He points his wand at the intruder and sees its ears. What the hell is going on here? I am here to take you home with me said the elf. Hell no! You are just a death eater who wants to kill me. That filthy piece of whispered the elf. No we are not on friendly terms with him for what he did to the royal family. Who is the royal family? Asked Harry. Well you are their son young one said the elf. So it is time to go Prince Harry. The elf took him and disappered for two years not to return until his training is completed.