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The cries of an infant echoed through the halls of Hallow Bastion. Cloud Strife sat outside a room with a look of anticipation on his face. Next to him were his friends Squall Leonheart and Cid Highwind. The door to the room opened. Yuffie and Belle walked out of the room. They motioned for them to enter. Squall and Cid strolled in while Cloud took some nervous steps. He stopped in the doorway and looked at his wife. She smiled at him and looked down at the bundle in her arms. In a daze, he made his way to her. He sat at the edge of the bed next to her. Sweat glistened from her forehead. Cloud reached over and pulled the blanket away from the babies face. The baby was sleeping. Cloud noticed it had a patch of blonde hair.

"It's a boy." Aerith said to him.

Cloud smiled at the babies sleeping form. "Would you like to hold him?" Aerith questioned him. He nodded wordlessly. She carefully lifted the baby out of her arms and over to Cloud. The baby stirred in his arms. It yawned and opened it's ocean blue eyes. Clouds eyes glazed over. This was his child.

"What are you gonna name him?" Yuffie asked excitedly.

Cloud looked over at Aerith questionably. Aerith knew he wanted to name their first child and he had a name picked out.

"It's okay." she said with a smile. "You can name him, but I get to name the next one."

Cloud smiled and nodded. "His name is Ryu."

Yuffie bounced over to him and peered at the boy. "Welcome to the family Ryu!"

"Yeah, welcome ya little runt." Cid said with a laugh. "Hope you won't be as annoying as Yuffie."

"Hey, what's that suppose to mean!" Yuffie said dejectedly.

The friends laughed merrily. Cloud looked down at his son. "Welcome to the world Ryu Strife."


8 months later

"The Heartless are back!" Yuffie yelled down the hallway. Squall and Cid weren't far behind her. Cloud and Aerith came out of the nursery room. Aerith had Ryu clutched close to her chest.

"Are you sure?" Aerith asked with fear.

"Yeah, their pouring out and headin' this way." Cid said.

"We better head to the library. It's always been safe there." Squall suggested.

"Right!" They answered and ran to the library. Some Heartless managed to catch them, but they were quickly taken care of by Squall and Cid. Once they reached the library, they sat down and rested a little more easy.

"This isn't good." Cloud began, "If the Heartless are back that means……"

"That Ansem is back, right?" Squall finished for his friend.

Cloud nodded in response. The group remained silent as they thought about what to do. If Ansem was truly back, they needed to find Sora. Suddenly the door burst open. There stood a man with spiky flaming red hair and was wearing a black robe. He smirked at them.

"So, this is where you're hiding. You're Sora's friends right?"

"What of it?" Yuffie asked angrily.

The man only chuckled. "It won't do to have you here when Sora decides to show up. So, I'm going to ask you to kindly leave."

The only response he got was them aiming their weapons at him. Again he chuckled before bringing out his own. A pair of circular weapons with spikes on them appeared in his hands. He attacked with out hesitation. Squall and Yuffie went up first. Cid and Cloud stayed near Aerith to protect her and Ryu. Yuffie threw her ninja stars at the man, but he just deflected them back at her. Squall came from behind to slash him when the man jumped on one of the bookshelves. He smirked at them at he aimed an attack at the wall of the library. They covered their eyes as dust and debris flew everywhere. Once the smoke cleared they looked outside and saw that the world was overrun with Heartless. In the sky was a black hole.

"That is your ride out of here and since you won't go willingly I'll have to force you to leave."

After he said those words a strong wind picked up. It began pull them up towards the black hole. Cloud immediately pulled Aerith close to him. The wind kept getting stronger. They grabbed on to whatever they could to keep from being pulled in. It seemed the more they resisted the stronger the wind was getting. Cloud was having a hard time keeping Aerith and himself from being sucked in. It was taking all his strength to resist. Finally he could no longer sustain his hold on the railing of the stairs and was pulled into the sky.

"Cloud! Aerith! Ryu!" Squall, Yuffie, and Cid yelled. However, they too soon found themselves in the sky with their friends. They were sucked into the black hole. After they entered it disappeared. The red haired man had been watching silently from the entrance of the castle. Satisfied with his work, he turned and walked back into the castle.


Traverse Town

Yuffie awoke with a start. She stood up and observed her surroundings. She realized she was back in Traverse Town. She quickly looked around for her friends. She found Cid by the door to the second district. Squall soon found them as well. They quickly went searching for Cloud and his family. They looked everywhere, but could not find them. They decided to search in the other districts. Luckily it seem the Heartless had not come to the town yet. In the Third District they found Cloud and Aerith. Cloud was clutching her to his chest. As they got closer they heard her sobbing. Cloud heard footsteps and turned around to see them walking to him. They saw the sadness in his eyes.

"What happened?" Yuffie asked. She was afraid of what the answer might be.

"Ryu….isn't with us." Cloud answered.

"What! How did this happen?" Cid asked.

"I-I don't…know." Aerith sobbed. "I blanked out after we entered the black hole."

"So did I. Once we entered the black hole I got separated from Aerith and then I passed out." Cloud said.

The others looked on silently. This was a great loss for them all.

"Don't worry." Cloud whispered soothingly to Aerith. "We'll find him. He's out there somewhere and I promise we'll find him."

Aerith could only cry into his chest. Cloud comforted his wife. Finding his son is easier said than done. However, he would do what it took to find him. For now, they had to find Sora and get rid of the Heartless. Otherwise, it wouldn't matter if he found his son if the Heartless destroyed whatever world he may be on.



Some Yevon monks were walking to a temple in Bevelle. Suddenly they heard a cry. It sounded like a baby. They looked around and found and infant crying further up on the side of the road. One of the monks picked it up.

"It appears to be abandoned."

"Look he has blonde hair! Perhaps it is Al Bhed. Look into it's eyes."

The monk obeyed and got the baby to calm down so he could look into it's eyes. "Hmm, quite peculiar. His eyes are not swirled."

"Peculiar indeed. Lets take it to Bevelle and ask the Maesters what to do."

They all agreed and walked on to Bevelle. The monk that was carrying the baby realized it had a necklace. He inspected the medallion on the necklace. It was that of a wolf. He turned it around and found a name engraved.

"It seems I have found his name."

"What is it?"

"Ryu is engraved to this medallion."

"Well then Ryu, lets find out what fate has in store for you."

With that they continued their marched on to Bevelle.

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