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Ch 19 Epilogue

My name is Rikku and I live in a place called Spira. Not to long ago, it was in danger of being destroyed by beings called the Heartless. However, with the help of friends and family, we were able to protect our home.

Rikku was walking around Luca with Yuna, Paine, Lulu and Vidina. They were there to see the Aurochs first match of the season. They were a bit early so they had decided to look around the shops before heading to the stadium. They visited a clothing store where they looked around for baby clothes for Vidina. While they were there, Yuna also talked to them about her desire to have a child. Rikku supported her all the way as did Lulu. Paine was asked for her opinion, but she felt that children were not her subject.

"Oh Yunie, I envy you sometimes." Rikku told her cousin as she looked for a hat for Vidina.

"What do you mean?" Yuna had though her cousin was finally happy, so what was the problem?

"It's just that, I wish I could live with Ryu, but Pops said that he won't allow it. Not unless we get married."

Yuna chuckled. "Sounds like Uncle Cid's still pushing you to get married."

"Perhaps he's anxious for grand children?" Lulu offered.

"I doubt that's the reason." Rikku said. "Well whatever it is, I can't say I wouldn't mind if he proposed to me."

"Don't you think it's a bit early for you two?" Yuna questioned.

"Plus, I don't think Ryu is ready to take the plunge." Paine added.

Rikku nodded in agreement. Yuna and Paine both had a point. If they rushed into this it could hurt their relationship. She definitely did not want that to happen.

'In case you didn't know, Ryu is my boyfriend. I met him when I came to Luca to look for a wedding dress. Back then I was engaged to Gippal, which was not good at all. I didn't fall in love with him at first sight, but after he became my body guard things just kind of fell into place.'

Rikku and the girls finished shopping and headed towards Dirk's bar to pick up Ryu for the game. As they arrived at the bar, a guy was thrown out into the street. Ryu walked out and glared at the man.

"I though I told you not to come back until you could respect women."

The man on the ground only whimpered in fear. He was sporting a black eye and a bloody nose. Behind Ryu two girls walked out. Maya and Karen grabbed Ryu's arms and pulled him back.

"It's okay Ryu. Don't kill the guy." Maya said.

"Yeah, there was no harm done. Really." Karen added.

'This is Karen and Maya. They are Ryu's sisters. They are not actually from Spira, but from another world called Traverse Town. Ryu was also born on another world, but he was transported here when he was still an infant. He was recently reunited with his mother, father, and sisters. Maya and Karen helped us defeat the Heartless along with their friends Kai and Yuri.'

"What's wrong?" Rikku asked.

"Rikku!" both the girls exclaimed happily.

If there was anyone who could handle Ryu, it was Rikku. The girls all but shoved Rikku into Ryu and pushed them back into the bar. Yuna, Paine and Lulu followed to see what the heck was going on. After they were seated, Maya explained that the guy Ryu threw out had been harassing Karen. Being the big brother he was, Ryu took immediate action. Of course, they didn't expect him to beat up the guy. Rikku, who was sitting in Ryu's lap, absently ran her hands through his hair. It seemed that her touch was magical because it would always calm him down.

'Ryu can be over protective sometimes. I can't really blame him, especially after what we went through. I tend to worry about him too. I mean I almost lost him twice! After his fight with Sephiroth, he was found in a puddle of his blood with a broken sword stuck through him. Luckily, his mother and Karen were able to heal him. As for Sephiroth, his body was burned to make sure he never came back'

"You feel better now?" Rikku questioned him.

Ryu nodded with a small blush on his cheeks. He was still easily embarrassed when Rikku would show him any kind of affection. He, however, could also get similar reactions out of Rikku. Everyone though that this showed how much they liked each other.

"So, where's Rikki?" Rikku asked. She had left her pet monkey with Ryu while she had gone shopping.

Ryu pointed towards the bar where Rikki was being petted by one of the girls.

"It's like a child. Always wanting attention." Ryu commented. Paine was right. He did view Rikki like a child. "But, he's not so bad."

Rikku smiled and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek. She then stood up and told everyone they should get going to the game. Rikki ran towards her and leaped onto her shoulder. Ryu told Dirk that he would be leaving early. Dirk had no problem with it and sent them on their way. As they walked to the stadium, Rikku walked side by side with Ryu. The others had walked ahead in order to give them time alone. Rikku didn't really mind and she was thankful they were so considerate. Even if they did like to spy on them from time to time. Ryu gave Rikku a side long glance. He mustered up all the courage he had and reached for her hand. Rikku smiled at her boyfriend. He could be so shy sometime and bold at others. She intertwined their fingers and they continued to walk in a comfortable silence.

'I don't know what the future holds for us, but I'll look forward to it. As long as Ryu is by my side I'll be happy because I'm his princess and he is my prince and I wouldn't have it any other way.'

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