So, I'm stuck at a freshers week for Uni with not much to do. So my good bud, Ste, sends me 3 elements fora fic! Bonus! lol Here's teh final product.

Elements: Marmalade, a diary, Spring-time

Calleigh Duquesne quick-walked through the halls of CSIHQ. The spring-time season was gladly allowing her to wear her favourite high-heel wedges, which clip-clopped against the hard surface as she passed through the labs, headed for the Ballistics lab.

She finally made her way through the double doors, welcoming the familiar smell of gun shot residue.

And thanking the Lord, there it was. The diary she'd let accidentally that afternoon was still on her desk. She breathed a sigh of relief and picked it up, holding it to her chest like a protective mother. If anyone knew what was in here…

Putting it into her purse, she noticed a yellow mark against the contrast of her white shirt. It was sticky to the touch, but she instantly recognised the scent: Marmalade.

Why was marmalade on her diary!

She shook her head, dismissing any theory that manifested.

Calleigh stopped in the break room on her way out, hopeful to grab a soda.

One can left – Speed won't mind. Just behind the can, a jar stood, a sticker labelling it as 'Delko's. Don't touch. That means you, Speed'

It took less that a second for the tow components to sink in.

Delko had touched her diary! And more than likely had read all those pages praising his tight shirts and trips into the glades – gushing like a schoolgirl!

"Oh Lord" she whispered. Her cheeks instantly flushing.

A hand on her shoulder spun her round. Lips connected to hers before she could mutter a protest. Her eyes finally focussed, noticing the flawless dark skin.

Accompanying that fact with the smell of cologne, she knew her assailant.

Well, that answered one question from her diary!