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Dear Remy,

Times like this, I don't even know what to write. Things have been…hard since I ran away from home. Turns out betrayal is a clingy bitch. Damn thing won't let go of my heal. The person who took me in after I left home…turns out she was lying to me the whole time. Do I have a "Use me" sign tattooed to my forehead or something? Oh wait, no use asking you. Never mind, I'm asking you anyway--do I seem exceptionally stupid or naïve to you? Is there a way I can fix this so that it doesn't happen again?

Because a gal's gotta live somewhere. I know I can't just cut myself off from everyone, but sometimes it's really hard to know who to trust. Which is probably why I'm telling you this. I'll never meet you, I have no idea if you're some old fart potato chip eater who only plays poker online because he's too fat to fit through the doorframe of his house (no offense if that's the case) or if you're some snarky eight year old kid. And if that's the case I fear for the future. 'cause you've got the dirtiest mind of any eight year old I've ever met. There's an incredible comfort in baring your heart to a stranger. Well, essentially a stranger. You're like a journal that talks back, Remy.

I don't know if that came out as nice as I meant it to, but it was a good thing, trust me.

So you can look forward to seeing me online a lot more now. Internet access where I was living before wasn't so hot. The boarding school where I'm staying at now is totally hooked up. And that's not the only up side. Remember King Henry? Yeah, he stays here too. No, that's not why I decided to move in. Mind out of the gutter! But it's a definite bonus. He's one of the only people to just be…kind to me since this whole crazy ride started.

On the downside…I'm still living in a house full of other people. I have a roommate. Kitty. Allow me to demonstrate Kitty: "I'm so like totally, psyched to have a roommate. We'll totally have to like, stay up all night talking. What do you, like, mean you don't like N'sync? Boy bands are totally NOT of the devil. How can you, like, say that? Yeah, I'll just bet you like, like listening to garbage." Do you hear that sound? That's me…banging my head repeatedly against the wall.

I know you're laughing right now. Laugh it up. I'm gonna wipe the floor with you next Thursday.

Ugh, I hear them calling me for dinner. Not that I'm not hungry, but dinner is a war zone. If you don't hear back from me, it's because I was pelted to death by exploding peas. Or because they don't allow internet access from prison. You know, whatever.




Dear Anna,

No one who plays poker like you can be exceptionally stupid or naïve. It takes skill to read people like you do--especially over the computer. You just need to learn to apply that skill to every situation of real life. It's hard being on guard all the time. But it's worth it. Start practicing by setting aside an hour each day where you question everything, observe everything, never forget to look for tells. Then start stretching the time. Soon it will be second nature. You've got the skills--use them.

And trust me when Remy says he is definitely not some fifty year old potato chip eater. And you know you love my dirty mind. ;) 'Bout time you were able to come online more. There's no challenge at all without you at the table. 'Course, I don't think you'd be able to hold a candle to me if we played an actual game. You're good, chere, but ain't nobody can spot a tell like me. Mais, Lady Luck, she loves me.

Things are starting to heat up here at home. Don't know how much longer I'm gonna be able to stay. You ever wonder why I never gave you crap for running away? It's because I'm thinking of doing the same thing. There's gotta be some better way than this. Mon pere is using me as a bargaining chip in some of his more intense negotiations, and the consequences ain't pretty. Mais, maybe they're pretty, but they're just not for me.

'Sides, I've been offered a job. Been working for my family for so long, it'd be nice to see what I can do without any ties. Even when I do independent work, I always know that my family's there, waiting for me if I need anything. 'Course, they'd never let me forget it if I called them in for help. But that doesn't mean they wouldn't help. Mais, with this job, it'd be something I'd have to do on my own or fail on my own. The challenge is intriguing. And did I mention that I wanted to get the hell out of here before they talk me into agreeing with their crazy plan? 'cause I think I did…maybe forty or fifty times. Or was that all in my head…

Your roommate sounds like a real trip. But I think that you'll probably manage to have some fun with her. I can just see the 'battle of the bands' now. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. ;)

And I'll talk back to you any time, chere. One day, I hope to show you just how good I am with my tongue.

à bientôt ,


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