AUTHOR'S NOTE VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT! YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BEFORE YOU READ THE STORY: Hey ya'll! So everybody was like, "I want a sequel!" And I was all, "Yay! They liked my story!" So, here it is. The sequel that everybody's been waiting for...


Now, if you haven't read Shadows of the Future yet, I suggest that you do, just so you don't get confused. This takes place around one year after the Titans kids show up. They've revived Terra, but she hasn't rejoined the Titans. She's been living on her own and dating Speedy of the Titans East, and they're getting married. Star and Robin are still dating, but that's all (for now anyways, wink wink). Cyborg and Bumblebee are engaged, and Beast Boy and Raven are still trying to get past friends. This takes place two weeks before Terra's wedding, and the tension is getting very thick. Raven and Terra have become friends and all has been forgiven among the team.


Chapter One: Poofy Dresses and Tattoos

"Ham and eggs: a days work for a chicken, a lifetime commitment for a pig."-Bumper Sticker

"There is no way I am wearing this- this thing!" Starfire hollered, holding up the frilly pink dress. It was covered in bows and lace and bead work and was very, very poofy. "I wouldn't be caught dead wearing it, even if I am your bridesmaid, Terra."

"Why not?" Terra asked. It had been exactly one year since the 'time incident,' as Beast Boy put it, and they'd found a way to reverse the effects Terra's powers had caused. She and Beast Boy had remained good friends, but nothing more. She'd been dating Speedy for six months, and they'd already gotten engaged. Terra had recruited Raven as her maid of honor and Starfire and Bumblebee as her bridesmaids.

"Number one: It's pink, and number two: it's all frilly! I won't wear this!"

"Fine! Maybe Raven'll wear it."

"Yeah, I highly doubt that. Raven wouldn't wear anything pink or covered in frills to save her life."

"So what are you gonna wear then?"

"Something not all poofy and frilly! And not pink! If you make me wear anything pink or frilly, you won't live to see your wedding day."

"What about poofy?" Terra asked.

"No! Nothing poofy! I will not wear poofy! You know what? That's what I'm gonna call this stupid dress! Poofy! And Poofy's going in the garbage!"

"You are not throwing that dress away! I spent a fortune on it! At least try it on!"

"I hate this dress." Bumblebee growled, stomping into ops with the same exact dress on. "If you make me wear this, I will have to hurt you."

"What is it with you two and pink? What do you have against pink?" Terra exclaimed.

"It's pink!" Starfire shrieked. "I refuse to wear pink!"

"So do I!" Beast Boy grinned as he walked into the room. The girls glared at him. "What? We can hear all of you all the way down in the garage. And we've got the stereo on and Cyborg's workin' on the T-car! I just wanted to join in! Where's Raven?"

"We dunno. Now...go away." Bee said.

"Oh, you're real nice." Beast Boy muttered. "They sent me up her for more soda. That's what I'm here to do."

"Good, get your soda and get lost!" Starfire snapped. "If you make me wear that dress, Terra, I'll...quit your wedding!"

"Me too!" Bee chimed in.

"The two of you are so dramatic! It's just a dress!"

"Hey, Star." Robin said, walking past them and heading for the couch. "How's Poofy?"

Starfire growled and lept onto his back, knocking him over the back of the couch and sending both of them to the floor. "Never. Mention. That. Dress. Again."

"Yo, Star, stop flirtin' with your boyfriend so we can go return these dresses!" Bee called.

"Fine." Starfire got up from the floor and walked out of the room with Bumblebee, the dress in her hands. "You, uh, might wanna change first."

"I'm coming with you!" Terra yelled. "You will not buy anything without my consent!"


"How about this one?" Terra pulled a frilly pink dress off one of the racks in the store. It was almost exactly like the first dress she had bought, except for the fact that it was long sleeved. "I think you two could pull it off. Pink is the main color of my wedding after all."

"No." Starfire said flatly as she rummaged through another rack. "I said nothing frilly or pink. Besides, I like this one better." In her hands was a soft, almost white, lilac colored dress. It's skirt was straight but flowy, and it was strapless. It was simply decorated with pearls trimming the bottom of the skirt and the top of the bodice.

"It's too simple." Terra whined.

"Hey, I like it too." Bee said. "Besides, you don't want us showin' you up, do you?"

"No! But it's so simple! And if you got those, it would mean that I would have to change all the colors!"

"Just add purple in then, it's not that hard." Starfire said, taking the dress into a changing room. "Besides, if you return those pink dresses and buy these, you're saving money. These ones are so much cheaper."

"Fine. You can get those stupid dresses. Just don't expect me to wear whatever dress you pick out for your wedding."

"My wedding? What makes you think me and Robin are getting married any time soon?"

"Well, I dunno...maybe it's the fact that the two of you are like madly in love? Or that you had his name tattooed on your lower back."

Starfire's head appeared around the curtain. "How'd you find out about my tattoo? Only Robin knows about it!"

"Everybody knows about your tattoo, Star. It's no secret." Bee grinned. "Isn't it red and black?"

"Nobody finds out about this." Starfire growled and disappeared behind the curtain again.


"Azarath...Metrion...Zinthos..." Raven hovered a few feet off the ground, legs crossed in the lotus position. Her eyes were closed in intense concentration. "Azarath...Metrion...Zinthos..."

"Hey, Rae."

"Hi, Beast Boy."

"Watcha doin'?"

"I'm trying to meditate." she said, not even bothering to open her eyes.

"Oh, sorry. I'll just...go." Beast Boy muttered, disappointment apparent in his voice.

Raven opened her eyes and lowered her feet to the ground as she watched him walk off. "Hey, Beast Boy? You wanna go catch a movie or something?"

The green changeling's face lit up as he smiled. "Sure."


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