Shadows of the Future:A Few Simple Words

By RupertLover09

EPILOUGE: Missing, Presumed Dead

Starfire looked up at him with soulful sad eyes. "Robin, there is good news too." she whispered.

"What?" Robin snapped, pinching the bridge of his nose, trying to force back a migrane. The lights were too bright in the hallway, and he was too stressed to think straight or even realize that he was yelling at his fiancee.

"We don't have to leave. A messenger returned to the palace to report that they've found a soldier who could possibly be my brother. You know that for the last ten years he's been missing. We all presumed that he was dead, but they're running DNA tests on him right now and if they find out he's my brother..."

"I wouldn't get your hopes up, sweetie. You've been wanting him to be alive for forever."

"Robin, I know! But if he is alive, everything will stay the same! Don't you understand? With Ryand'r alive, we don't have to rule Tamaran and we can stay here! Everything will be normal, completely and totally normal!"

"Star, honey-" Robin was cut short by a loud beep that came from a device that Starfire was clutching in her hands. He hadn't even noticed it before. The red head bit her lip and flipped open the lip to the Tamaranian communicator.

"Yes?" she whispered tentatively, her eyes wide.

"Princess Koriand'r, I contact you with good news." came a female voice from the other end. "This young man is indeed your brother."

Starfire's face lit up and Robin cracked open an eye. "Thank you, Mysand'r!"

"I have more good news!" Mysand'r continued. "We have dispatched young Ryand'r to Earth! He was most anxious to see you that we sent him straight away! Is that not great?" Starfire and Robin glanced at eachother with mouths opened in surprise.

"" Robin stuttered.

"He shall arrive in two Earthen days! I must go now, but please feel free to contact me at any time!" The line cut off with an extreme amount of static, and Starfire shut the machine slowly as if trying to comprehend what had been said.

"Two days?" Robin choked out.

Sorry for such the long update! Things are so crazy at my house right now that I haven't been online in days. There will be another installment in this series sometime soon hopefully, and it's going to focus just a little more on BBRae after the wedding.

God bless,