Ever had a fanficflash at 1am when your lying in bed and can only find an envelope to scribble it down on? This is what you get...

"I did the last one" Aiden announced. Both Aiden and Danny were looking straight at a dumpster which held the mutilated body of a young woman. Neither particularly wanted to go in there.

"You did not do the last one, I did" Danny whined

"No you was supposed to, but chickened out. Something about allergies"

"I do have allergies!"

"Yeah, and I'm a natural blonde" she snarked

"Well, there's only one way to find out if that's true or not" he wiggled his eyebrows, receiving a smack on the arm "alright, alright!" he held his hands up in defence "I'll flip you for it, whoever wins goes in– heads you win, tails I lose" he spoke fast, hoping to catch her unawares. Danny flipped a dollar coin in the air

"HA! Tails! You lose! Wait…"

"Ah, Aiden, Aiden, Aiden…don't get banana peel on your Manolo's" he nudged her forward,

"You did not just slap my ass!" she turned around with her mouth open in shock but trying to hide a chuckle

"Consolation prize!" Danny shrugged, innocently