Chapter 9

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Moving day came up more quickly then I would have expected, but by the time it came I know that everyone was glad for it to be there. Jess and Ing's apartment seemed to shrink daily, it really wasn't big enough for three grown people to live in comfortably. Mom and Dad had offered to come up with a bunch of my stuff from the house so they showed up at half passed six and Mom, who I expected to be asleep in the truck, was nearly off the walls. A confession from Dad revealed that he'd given her a ton of coffee just to get her to shut up about having to get up before five o'clock in the morning.

Mom and Ing were quite a pair throughout most of the morning, cheerfully chattering as they mostly directed their husbands on how and where they should be setting up the bed, dressed, desk and bookshelves in my new smallish room. Dad and Jess spent most of their time sighing and exchanging comments about their insane wives, but it was all familiar banter that I had grown up with and made me feel the most comfortable. Jamie stopped by on his lunch break (he'd opted to get out of moving by running the store for Jess for the day) and he's spent most of the time laughing at all of the exchanges, he wasn't used to the family yet, but I had the feeling that he would be soon by the hints Mom was dropping about coming to the city more often.

By the time dinner time rolled around all the furniture had been set up and all that was really left was unpacking for me. "That was exhausting," Mom flops into the couch in the living room that separates the two bedrooms and connects to the kitchen.

"Yes, I'm sure spending the last eight hours bossing us around was exhausting," Jess rolls his eyes.

"Oh it was," Ing laughs as she drops down beside mom.

"I'm ordering Chinese, what does everyone want?" I'd already dug through Jamie's kitchen drawers and found a stack of take-out menus.

"Let me see those," Mom holds her hand out to receive the stack and with a shake of her head, and a click of her tongue, she sighs, "there's no organization to this stack."

"It looks organized to me, more so then ours at home," Ing states.

"There are three Chinese food restaurants right next to each other," Mom insists, as if it was the ultimate sin. And growing up in her home I know that, to her at least, it is.

"Okay?" Ing looks puzzles.

"How are we supposed to know which has the best food? Best delivery service? There's no order here..we'd just be ordering blindly..."

"I guess we'll have to order from all three," Ing laughs, sometime she and my mom think so alike it's kind of scary.

"Now you're thinking!"

"Lorelai, what are we going to do with three orders of Cashew chicken?"

"Eat it," Mom gives Dad a 'duh' look at the comment before holding her hand out for the phone.

I hand her the phone before turning to my father, "you act like you haven't seen Mom each before."

Mom makes a face at me while she speaks to the first Chinese restaurant, but before she can dial the number for the next one the phone rings in her hand. She hands me back the phone with a smile, "your first call in your new place."

It is strangely exciting to take your first call in your first apartment, I mean I know that the call won't be for me but it's exciting nonetheless, "hello?"

"Yes, hello," the woman on the other line has a strong French accent but her English is impeccable. "Is James available?"

"He's not," I responds, "he's at work, but I can give him a message if you want."

"Who's this?"

"This is Lucy," I pause before adding, "Jamie's new roommate."

"Hm," the woman makes a disapproving sound, "well, Lucy will you please tell mey son that his mother wants him to call back as soon as possible."

"Sure," the woman's identity throws me off, I'd attempted to talk to Jamie about his family and his father when we got back from Stars Hollow after Christmas. But he'd refused to give me anymore information then Emily had already given me. "I mean, yes, of course, I'll give him the message as soon as he gets in."

"Thank you," the woman's response is clipped and she hangs up quickly.

"Who was that?" Mom asks once I've hung up as well.

"Jamie's mom," I hand the phone back to her, "make your calls Mom, I'm starving."

"Hey, you know, Lucy I hope you were able to make yourself comfortable while I was at work," Jamie greets when he walks into the apartment.

I'm settled on the couch with my feet curled up beneath me with my eyes glued to the TV, "hey, there's plenty of Chinese food in the fridge." Mom hadn't been able to carry out her promise to eat all of the food that she ordered and they'd left all of it here. What I was supposed to do with nine boxes of various meat containing Chinese food I couldn't tell you.

"Everyone's already gone?" Jamie asks as he crosses the short distance to the kitchen.

"Yeah, my mom and dad had to head home, Dad cut off Mom's coffee supply and Jess and Ing left...I think they're happy to have their couch back."

"Yeah, now your on my couch," Jamie teases.

"Well get used to it..."

"Jeez, when you said Chinese food I didn't realize you meant enough to feed the residents of your crazy hometown..."

"My Mom," I explain, "had to rank all of the Chinese take-out places you had menus for."

"Okay..." Jamie trails, obviously that's not enough of an explanation for him.

"Neo China has the best food, by the way, but China One has the best delivery," I add before turning my attention back to The Waters. I'm a teen drama addicted, I have no problem admitting it and it's impossible to tear me away from the TV whenever The Waters is on.

"What are you watching?" Jamie asks wandering over once he's reheated some of the Chinese food.

"Shh," I hiss, "we're about to find out who Mischa will really choose, Joshua or Luke..."

"I can't believe you watch this crap," Jamie taunts.

I ignore his comment until the show ends, with no resolution to the triangle and only leaving us with a cliffhanger preview. "You're just going to have to adopt because I watch this show every week or I tape it."

"Jeez," Jamie sighs before taking a bite of his food.

"You're starting to sound like my dad and Jess," I comment but only receive a look in response. "Oh!" Suddenly I remember the call hours before, "your Mom called." Jamie doesn't respond and if he was farther away I would wonder if he'd heard me, "she sounded like it was important. I can give you some privacy if you want to talk here..."

Jamie sets his box of food down on the side table, "I've some reading to do."

"Aren't you going to call her?"

"No," is Jamie's simple, immediate, response as he heads toward his bedroom.

"But..." I begin only to be cut off by Jamie's harsh tone.

"Just stay out of it Lucy."

I throw my hands up in defense, I'd never heard Jamie snap before an dI had no intent to bring on roommate problems in less then 24 hours of moving in. But I've always had a curious nature and figuring out the situation between Jamie and his family was going to drive me crazy. There was one person I knew who could tell me the whole story. But I'm not about to give Emily the chance to throw in a lecture before giving me the information that I want.

With a sigh I realize that there is one other person who would be able to give me the information I wanted. Rory. She and Logan were like Richard and Emily the next generation and she would undoubtedly know something. I shut the TV off and move toward my room, where I know Jess has my laptop set up for me. The same lap top that I had hidden my bus ticket in, I'd used it no more then twenty times in the year that I'd had it. Just enough times to know how to use it.

Within minutes I have my email up and am starring at the overwhelming amount of emails waiting for me to check. Mostly chain letters and emails from friends back in Stars Hollow wondering how my move is going, by the looks of the subject lines. But I ignore all of it and open up a blank email, ten minutes later I hit the send button on my finished email. I'm not a fast typer so the quick email asking for information has taken longer then expected. But in the end it's done.

With a yawn I close the top of the lap top and glance around my room. It was slightly crammed, with more furniture then there probably needed to be but I wasn't around enough to use my room so it didn't really matter. Boxes take up all the extra space but I have no interest in tackling the job of unpacking, I'll do it tomorrow.