Is This Love

So Say Goodbye

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Warning: Femmslash.


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You're getting carried away
Feeling sorry for yourself

With these revisions and gaps in history

So let me help you remember
I've made charts and graphs
That should finally make it clear

'Nothing Better' by The Postal Service


Hermione watched Ginny scramble out of the bed, wrapping a sheet around her naked form. To the brunette's dismay. Her hazel eyes took in the pretty pink flush running from the tips of Ginny's ears to her cheeks. To her elegant neck. Dipping down across her chest. The brunette's appreciative gaze landed on hazy, frantic sapphire eyes and she grinned like a Cheshire cat.

"Start the shower. I'll be joining you in a bit." Hermione purred. Ginny's blush darkened and she darted into the bathroom to save herself from any further embarrassment. Hermione turned towards Fleur with a glare. "This better be important."

The blonde woman frowned. Things were not going as well as she thought they would. "How serious are you and that… girl?"

The brunette tilted her head curiously. Raising an elegant eyebrow incredulously. "Jealous, Fleur?"

Her icy gaze met Hermione's disdainful one. The French woman strode towards the brunette. The click of her heels nearly overshadowing the faint sound of the shower running. She stood in front of Hermione. Not bothering to conceal the sudden gleam of desire in her usually cold stare as she roved the younger woman's naked figure. "And what if I am?"

Hermione felt a shiver of want course through her. 'Don't,' the voice in her head seethed, 'Don't you dare Hermione Granger.'

Fleur took another step closer. The space between them becoming inches instead of feet. Centimeters. Millimeters. She could smell the older woman's perfume. Could feel the heat of her body. Could almost taste her. Hermione's dark eyes swirled. Oh how she could remember the taste of her. She licked her lips. Eyes moving to the blonde's mouth. To those supple lips. The yearning churning so violently in the pit of her stomach intensified. It would take the smallest of movements to press her aching lips to Fleur's.

When she finally found her voice it was a husky, rasped rush of words. "Then you'd be sorely disappointed."

"Why is that?" The blonde's tone retained it's silky, lilting quality.

"Because…" Hermione fought against the lure of it. Against the coax of those cold, smoldering eyes. "There's a beautiful, naked woman in my shower just waiting for me to ravish her."

Fleur's brows furrowed in confusion. Hermione had never resisted her. Nobody had ever resisted her charm. The blonde took a step back as Hermione stood abruptly, arms crossed defensively over her bare breasts.

"If Ginny's all you came to talk to me about, mother dear," She moved around the shocked, fuming blonde. "She'll be around for quite a while. That's all you need to know."

"That's not why I'm here!" She swiveled around to meet Hermione's indifferent, almost bored, stare. "I'm here to tell you the truth, Hermione."

"About what?"

The blonde struggled to hold Hermione's empty gaze. "The reason I married your father."

The younger woman chuckled. The smirk playing over her full lips so close to slipping into a sneer. Her dark, swirling eyes narrowed. The resentment, the disgust in them, more than apparent. "That's all? You interrupted my fun for that?"

"I did it because-"

"I already know why you married him, Fleur." Hermione turned away from the blonde. Making a dismissive gesture with her hand as she headed for the shower. "If I didn't I'd probably still be pining over you."

Confused and a bit more than enraged, the French woman grabbed Hermione by the wrist. Spinning her around and bringing their mouths together in a bruising kiss. A kiss that was one sided at best. A kiss that lasted for the briefest of seconds before Hermione pushed Fleur away.

"You married him so you could convince him to let you continue treating me, to keep me alive. I died a little the day he told me you were engaged. And when you made me well enough to attend the wedding…" The brunette pushed back the tears. Quell the sick feeling in her gut. Denied that repulsive ache at her treacherous heart. "You killed me that very day. If you wanted me alive you should have stayed with me until the very end. Maybe then you could've been the one to save me."

Hermione shook her head bitterly, not bothering to spare a glance in her step mother's direction. She walked into the bathroom. Locking the door behind her. Leaving Fleur to stare motionlessly, dejectedly after her. To dazedly brush the nearly shed tears from her cold, empty blue eyes. To walk numbly toward the exit, filled with the horrible ache of guilt and shame. With the haunt of regret and the ghostly memories of their past.


Hermione pressed her forehead against the door. Her chest constricted painfully. She willed the tears not to fall. Willed the past to stay where it belonged. It refused her simple, heart wrenching request. Memories flashed behind her closed eyelids as she sunk down to the floor. Vainly wishing them away.

"Mon amour," Her radiant smile had been a bit uneasy that day. Her gleaming, teasing clear blue eyes held something Hermione couldn't decipher. "I have some news that I must tell you."

Hermione giggled softly. "Good news I hope."

That strained smile, that shifting gaze, those clammy hands and hesitant touches. That single, passionate kiss. The one that made her bones weak. That showed her a kind of love, a kind of feeling she'd never known. And the look of regretful determination that flittered across those expressive blue eyes. Hermione should have seen them as signs then. She should have known something was wrong. "Please forgive-"

"Hermione, love, I've got some wonderful news!" Her father walked in at that moment. Hazel eyes bright. She should've been curious about the sparkle in them as they danced across Fleur's. "So you've already told her our news, have you Fleur?"

She'd smiled brightly at her father then. How could she have been so naïve? So obliviously blind. "Dr. Delacour was about to tell me just before you came in."

Her father had placed an arm around the blonde woman's shoulders then. Something akin to pride gleaming in his eyes. "Fleur and I are engaged."

Hermione's hand, held tightly in Fleur's clammy ones, had adopted a mind of its own. Pulling itself free as if burned. "Engaged?"

"Shh…" She could faintly hear Ginny's voice as the other girl's arms wrapped around her. As the comfort of those lips brushed against her cheek, her forehead. The soothing hands running through her hair and down her back. Gentle, whispered words that she could almost believe. "Everything will be alright."

As soon as the words had passed through Ginny's lips, Hermione's mouth was on hers. Showing Ginny what she was feeling in the only way she knew how. The only way she could want to. It was soft and erratic. Coaxing and harsh. Their tongues meshed. Hands roaming as they stumbled toward the shower. Their only intent to show each other over and over the passion that fueled their rushing blood and swelling hearts.

Fingers grazed skin. Traveled the wet path of their eager, aching bodies with errant hasty touches. Trying their hardest to make each other forget the past. Forget the uncertainty of tomorrow.


Author's Note:

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