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Robin Hood: Ferret in Tights Prologue: Words Can Trap You

To Harry Potter:

Dear Mr. Potter-

This letter is being sent in regard to Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore and his Last Will and Testament. It bereaves me to have to send this but I am honor bound to pass along his last instructions. If you have no intention of completing his last wishes, discontinue reading now.

Harry stared hard at the letter Hedwig had just delivered for him before falling back onto his bed. He looked up at the ceiling of his aunt and uncle's house, before glancing over at the calendar beside his bed that told him he had only been there for six days. Harry glanced surreptitiously over at Hedwig. "Should I keep reading then?"

Her snowy white head bobbed once and Harry grinned. "Okay then."


"Hey Ginny, what does," Ron looked back down at his letter before looking up to regard his younger sister, "bereaves mean?"

Ginny looked up at him from her own letter. "Saddened." She shook her long red hair back from her face. "Honestly Ron, how did you make it through six years at Hogwarts?"

Ron stuck his tongue out at her before looking back down at his letter.

Since you have not discontinued reading, you are legally bound to fulfill his last wishes which I am about to outline to you.

"Oh great," Ron muttered. "Now what have I gotten myself into?"

Ginny laughed. "You read slow Ron, I'm already past that point."


Luna stuck her wand into the knot at the base of her neck before continuing on. "Well, this is unexpected." Her large eyes widened even further as she continued to read.

Dumbledore specified that upon his death, several people would participate in a survival experience. You will be transported in 57 seconds to a secret location where you will not be able to perform magic, nor will you be able to leave the location until such time as the experience has been completed.


"There will be a guide to lead you through the experience and your guide will ensure that you make it out of the game safely. At the end of the time many rewards will be open to you." Hermione read the note out loud, completely stunned at the penned words in front of her. "I really do not have time for this!" She sighed in frustration. "Dumbledore, you had better have a good explanation for this!"


"I can't let go of it!" Draco cried, whipping his hands about, but the letter was stuck fast to his hands, as if with a Permanent Sticking Charm.

"Be quiet Draco," Snape said harshly. "I need to finish reading it."

A letter will be sent to your family, notifying them of your predicted absence so that they shall not have cause to worry. If you are a Death Eater then Voldemort will be notified that you were kidnapped.

Snape paused here, thinking hard. You rotten old man, you're going to get us killed! The Dark Lord will not believe that we have been kidnapped.


I do hope that this letter finds you well and that you enjoy your time in Dumbledore's imagination.


Herbert Gerber Popinjay Attorney at Law

"Death Eaters? Oh damn," Neville muttered softly. "Grans going to kill me."

Just as the words left his mouth, a tugging sensation began at his navel and Neville was off.