Addendum to "Ready to Roll"

Since at least one reviewer wrote that she hasn't seen "The Stingers Hit Town" (the episode is not available on DVD), I thought I would write up a brief summary. Please note that this summary contains, of course, spoilers. Also, it is told with a heavy emphasis on what happened to the Misfits (not that I don't care about the other two bands, but since this fic is centered around the Misfits, I thought it made sense to focus the episode review on them too).

For some great insights into the dynamics behind this episode, I recommend Taffeta's Britrock website (I can't post a link here, but you can google it. Click on "The Series in Depth" once you get there).

The episode begins with Eric Raymond berating the Misfits for their shenanigans. He claims they are costing Misfits Music too much money – they are spending large amounts on room service, smashed instruments, repairs to hotel rooms, etc. They even recently threw a hotel manager into the swimming pool. The Misfits deride his concerns, with Roxy stating, "A girl's gotta have some fun." Eric tells the Misfits that they are not irreplaceable and storms out of the room.

As an aside, I wanted to mention the script for this episode. The actual script contains parts of the above scene that were deleted (or perhaps never recorded), and they are significant. In the deleted portions, the Misfits appear to be taking charge of their careers more. For instance, Stormer demands a better recording studio and Jetta complains about the last publicity photo. Perhaps part of Eric's desire to purchase Misfits Music stems from the fact that he worries his cash cows are poised to make too many of the decisions. However, eliminating these portions of the scene makes it appear that the Misfits are just acting like typical, spoiled rock stars.

Now back to the review of the episode. Eric then proceeds to sell everything he owns and purchase Misfits Music from Harvey Gabor. At first Gabor resists but when he sees the financials, he agrees -- though he makes Eric double his buy-out offer. When Eric tells the Misfits that he is now the owner of the company, Pizzazz is understandably upset that her father sold the company (Gabor bought it originally to make his daughter happy). It is now the Misfits' turn to storm out of the office.

Shortly afterwards, the Stingers arrive in Los Angeles and play at Le Klub Kool. Both Eric Raymond and Jerrica Benton are awed by them and see enormous potential. Eric woos them by promising they can stay at the Gabor mansion until they decide which label they want to sign with.

Eric arrives at the mansion as the Misfits are dining together. Pizzazz is furious that he told "another rock group" they could stay at the mansion. She nearly throws a fit, but then the doorbell rings and she sees Riot. Immediately she is smitten. The rest of the group starts to tell the Stingers to go away, but Pizzazz stops them. She gives the Stingers a tour of the mansion, fawning over Riot.

We next see the two bands at the swimming pool, Pizzazz catering to Riot's every whim. When the Misfits start verbally bashing Jem and the Holograms, Riot decides that he must see them, and they will be at the Rock Hard Café that night. Pizzazz asks if she can come with, and Riot says, "You may come if you wish." The rest of the Misfits, however, tell Pizzazz that they aren't going to accompany her. She replies breezily, "Okay, fine. See you later." The other three are distraught that she is so eager to go out without them.

At the Rock Hard Café, Riot falls for Jem the moment he lays eyes on her. He leaves with her, leaving Pizzazz spurned and being made fun of by reporters. She throws a tantrum.

Later back at the mansion, Rapture says she will help Pizzazz win back Riot from Jem. Stormer insists to Pizzazz that Rapture doesn't want to really help her, but Pizzazz literally shoves Stormer away, into Roxy and Jetta's arms. Stormer, Roxy, and Jetta watch in horror as Rapture makes Pizzazz put on a silly outfit and hairdo, and makes her drink a potion containing raw liver. As Pizzazz runs off to vomit, Rapture laughs. Stormer, Roxy, and Jetta are disgusted but decide to leave that night because they realize they can't get through to Pizzazz.

The next morning, Pizzazz and Eric find that the Stingers have left the Gabor mansion and gone off to the Starlight House. They start plotting a huge scheme to win The Stingers back, but Roxy, Stormer, and Jetta put their feet down and give Pizzazz their ultimatum. They tell Pizzazz that they "had a long talk last night" and that Pizzazz needs to "stop all this nonsense and start acting like a Misfit again." Pizzazz initially goes after her bandmates, saying, "Wait, I – " But Eric cuts her off and asks her to choose between the Misfits or Riot. She chooses Riot, and so the rest of the band leaves the house.

In short order, Eric and Pizzazz put together a huge parade full of "flash and glitter", and they convince the Stingers to sign with them after Eric offers Riot half of Misfits Music, saying they will call it Stinger Sound.

Back at Stinger Sound, Riot states his determination to win Jem's heart. Eric tells him that the Misfits are worth a fortune to the music company, and Eric suggests that Riot tell Pizzazz to re-form her band. She does so, and the ending Misfits scene (as well as some of the scenes from the "Now" video) are described in my fic.