Not Quite A Camden 2

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Chapter 1: Season Premire

It was only about a month since that fateful Friday when her brother exposed her nasty secrets to the entire school. Surprisingly, since then everything got better. Even though it is said that it is darker before the dawn, Kay thought that the people that said that were crazy bull-shitters who liked to talk to hear their own voices but it was true. That week or so that she messed up her family's lives and in turn her brother messed up hers was the darkness. After that, dawn rose and brought a new day.

Her parents let her take a week off to recuperate. Before she came home, she had to stay two days at the hospital because of what Jake did to her. Besides her dislocated shoulder and bruises on her neck, the kick to the stomach had caused the miscarriage of her week old baby and the doctors wanted to make sure she was physically and emotionally ready to leave.

When she got home, Brooke came and visited her. They talked about what happened and Brooke was shocked to find out that it was Jake. No one at school knew because he was still a minor and even though she didn't know him all that well, Brooke thought that Jake was the better of Kay's siblings. She was also surprised when Savannah came in and asked how Kay was feeling, with genuine concern on her face.

"You and her are… good now?" She had asked.

"Yeah, I know. Weird. Freaky. Twilight Zone episode-ish." Kay answered and mumbled the theme song to the show.

Since she couldn't go back to her old high school, Kevin and Lucy enrolled her in a private school in the next town over, Fairhill. The school wasn't church associated though and Kay was happy that her parents finally respected her wishes about religion, even if they did make her go to church still. Her new high school was called Robuck School after it's founder, James E. Robuck.

Savannah stayed at her high school because she was in her last year and she thought it was too late to start over. She liked her classes; she liked her friends (well, most of them. Now that she and Kay were friends, anyone who made fun of Kay was officially on her shit list) and everything she knew was there. Kay respected her choice. After all, she screwed up, not Savannah.

At her new school Kay, somehow, fit in pretty well. She wasn't the Savannah of Robuck School, but she definitely had upgraded her stature. Just like her Aunt Ruthie, Kay did excellently in private school. They had better and more interesting classes for her to take and they had drama. Not just drama either, the best drama class in California. Three Hollywood actresses had gone through the Robuck Drama Program and found work right out of high school.

Things were looking up in her love life, too. After the incident at school, Kay was sure that she would never hear from Andrew again, but the day after she got out of the hospital, he called.

"Hey. How are you?" he said.

Kay had been lying in bed, reading a magazine when she heard the phone ring. She had put the magazine down and had her elbow in it, saving her page. "Pretty good, I guess. So, what do you know?"

It only took him a few minutes to explain what he knew, considering he didn't know much. He told her that he read the flyer; thereby saying her knew she was pregnant and he knew her brother was in trouble but he didn't know why.

"I can't tell you why, police business, you know? But I can say that everything on the paper was true at that time. Well, I mean, I am still a freak, but the pregnant thing isn't true… anymore."

"What do you mean?" he had asked, curiously but by the one in his voice, Kay knew he was trying to tread carefully.

"Miscarriage. And don't feel that bad. I know it sounds harsh but I'm kinda glad that I'm not pregnant. I wasn't ready, I didn't know the guy, and I didn't even know the baby. I feel better now that I'm free."


"Yeah, well. I'm not coming back to school."

"Why not?" He said, but Kay cold tell that he knew why.

"The whole thing with the flyers and the baby. It's just too much. The school asked me to leave and even though I probably could have asked to stay, I don't wanna. I mean, I need a fresh start… like… somewhere new. Something new, I guess. I'm trying to start a new chapter of my life and I wanna do it right this time, you know? And I can't do that if I've got everybody looking over my shoulder, waiting for me to screw up, you know?"

"Yeah, I get, I do. It sucks that you won't be in school anymore though. Hey, maybe we could chill together some time?"

"Yeah, I'd like that."

The weekend before Kay started at Robuck, her mother gave her some money to get her uniform with and she and Andrew went to the mall to get it. After that, they spent time together whenever they could and became good friends. They even managed to see the hockey movie that Brooke and Jean-Paul were obsessing about.

The night before she made her Robuck debut, Aunt Ruthie came over to help soother her nerves.

"You're going to be great. I remember how I was before going to private school. Oh, it was the weirdest feeling. But it got better and I loved it. Well, until I left because they wouldn't admit my friend Yasmine because she was Muslim, but that's a different story and it has nothing to do with you." Kay laughed. That was her Aunt Ruthie. She went to college and became a civil rights lawyer, so situations like the one she had just mentioned wouldn't happen again.

The first day of Robuck was hard, but Kay managed. Since no one knew her there, she was able to tell them what she wanted. Her parents were good people, she lived in a big house, and she had two siblings and a dog. It only took a few classes before she began to relax and she made a few friends. Her best friend there was Laci, a pretty girl with really short brown hair. To Kay, she looked like a younger Alyssa Milano with her hair how it was in season 6 of Charmed. Except Laci had green eyes, not brown.

Even though he wasn't charged with assault and battery, Jake was still sentenced to a year in juvenile hall, plus time off for good behavior. There he had to see a counselor and take anger management classes.

Everything was going pretty well for Kay. She got a personal counselor to deal with some of her issues and was starting to become more social with her family. The fact that she didn't hold in what she felt helped a lot. Every night she wrote in a diary what she was feeling, even if she told her parents already.

The only thing that bothered the family was that Kevin was swamped with work. Rebecca Dremner, the woman who was the girlfriend of Kay's would-be baby's daddy, was still on the loose. Somehow, even the state police couldn't find her. It was their belief that she had changed her identity and was being kept somewhere by friends.

Every night when he got home, Kevin would update the family and they, in turn, would tell them if they heard anything or had seen anything strange. When they went to bed, Kevin made sure the doors and windows were locked good and turned on their new state-of-the-art security system. Their house was now a fortress but with a crazed maniac coming after Kay with murder on her mind, nothing was too over the top.

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