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"So am I," she said, not really knowing if she meant it. Eric stroked her hair once more before leaving. As he left she knew only one thing for certain. She felt okay and that wasn't okay.

Chapter 17: Everything Is Fluffy Now

She was out of the hospital, finally. On her way out, she'd asked if she could get her tonsils and her appendix taken out just to make sure she was never in the hospital again. They laughed not knowing that she was being serious.

Rebecca's jury had been chosen. Five men and seven women had been left with her fate in their hands. Kay decided, after a great deal of discussion with her parents, that she would take the stand against Rebecca. She didn't really know what she could offer. She had told everyone what she knew and it wasn't much. A lot of the details she couldn't remember, thankfully, and the other details she never knew. But her lawyer said that it would be better for their case if she told the jury what happened; it would help put Rebecca away. And, she figured, if Rebecca was in jail, she wouldn't have to deal with the situation anymore and that was a good thing. She had had enough.

The day before the first day of trial, Kay and Andrew sat talking in her living room. They thought she was too tired out from her ordeal to take the stairs everyday and since she wasn't exactly on bed rest, they would rather have her at the center of family business. The good thing about it for her, though, was that she didn't have to attend church. Well, at least until she was better.

They say on the couch, curled up together watching some random T.V. program. Neither one was very interested in it; their minds were focused on the fact that so many body parts were touching. Ah, teenage hormones.

When the ending credits started to run Andrew looked down at his girlfriend and said, "I have an idea."

Kay backed away a little bit to look him in the face. "Really?"


She laughed at his silence. "Well, were you going to tell me what that idea was?"

"In a minute."

Kay waited and then sighed. "I'm not going to live forever you know," she said and then instantly regretted saying it when she saw his face. His eyes turned away and he stood up. "Andrew, I'm sorry."

"No, Kay. What is wrong with you? I'm sorry but how can you talk about as if it were nothing," he yelled at her.

She was taken aback, but only for a minute. "What's wrong with me? What the hell is wrong with you? I was the one to be tortured by that maniac. I was the only to deal with that pain. So what? You visited me a few times. Big fucking deal." She knew she shouldn't have said it but she was too angry to care. Who did he think he was?

"Yeah Kay, that's right. I visited you a few hundred times. I was at your bedside more than most of your family was and they were there 24-7. The minute your mother called me the day you were kidnapped, my heart took sick and hid out in my stomach and you know what? It hasn't come back yet. It's hurt me more than you think," he yelled back. There were a few things that she needed to know and he knew that he was the only one brave enough to tell her. "Actually, you really don't think anyone but you has hurt. Don't try to deny it. I see it. I see you, everything about you. Everything you feel. You can't hide it from me. And I can see that it scares you to death that you can't hide. But this isn't just about you, so stop feeling sorry for yourself and see that we hurt too. I hurt too!"

Several tears streamed down her cheeks but Kay resisted the urge to wipe them. She deserved to cry and she knew it. She would probably never admit it, especially to the young man who chest was heaving in anger standing in front of her, but he was right. She was being selfish. She smiled like everything was okay but everyone knew differently. She wasn't fooling them and that hurt them. She needed to tell them how she really felt; it was the only way. But she wasn't about to say so, so she looked up at him, sniffled and said, "Well, you had an idea you wanted to tell me."

Andrew felt his anger reside as he realized that she had gotten the message but was just too proud to say so. He also knew that this conversation was just started but she wasn't going to understand anymore right then. He decided to give her the truth in segments she could handle. He sat back down on the couch and crossed him arms. "Well, now I don't remember what it is."

Kay huffed. "What?"

"I said, I forgot."

"You're kidding," she said, sitting down and looking at him incredulously.

"No, I'm serious. I really forgot," he replied, laughing.

"Ugh," she said, hitting him lightly on the arm with the back of her hand. "Well, now we have to come up with a new thing to do because there is no way in hell that I'm watching another Lifetime movie."

Andrew's laugh faded. "I like Lifetime."

"Oh, baby. I'm sorry," she said, moving herself to straddle his legs. She lowered her face to his and gently on his lips whispered, "Forgive me?" She let her lips brush against his before nipping at his lower lip.

"For now," he said and grinned against her as he pushed his lips to greet hers in passion. His hands came around and gripped onto the undersides of her upper legs, coming dangerously close to her center. In the back of mind, he knew that her parents would kill them both if they walked in. He continued the kiss a bit longer before breaking it. He brought his hands up to brush back her hair and stared at her. She was gorgeous. Every day he realized it more and more.


"Nothing," he lied, knowing what her reaction would be. Too much emotion overwhelmed her and he wasn't willing to lose her after the breakthrough they'd had only a few minutes prior. "So, have you thought of anything we could do?"

"Umm… you could take me shopping?" she suggested.

"Fine," he agreed before heartily interjecting when he saw her grin. "But only because you're the only girl in the entire world that can pick out an entire outfit in ten minutes."

"Sure," she said disbelievingly. She climbed off of him and slowly made her way for her jacket in the hallway closet. As she walked away, she looked back to see him staring at her and raised her right hand, brought it back and cracked it forward in a whipping gesture.

"Am not," Andrew yelled after her.

Kay opened the closet, smiling. Are too.

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