Lip Balm



"What are you doing?" a voice asked from the other side of the room, making no attempt to hide the amused tone.

Zelos looked up from the vanity mirror and into the doorway, where Lloyd was leaning against the frame.

"Putting on lip balm, of course!" he replied, like it was perfectly normal.

Lloyd stared at him in disbelief. Since when was it normal for a guy to wear lip balm?

"Uh, Zelos, may I ask why you're wearing lip balm?" Lloyd asked, still confused as to why Zelos would wear lip balm of all things.

"Well, I think you just did, Lloyd-hunny," Zelos replied. Ignoring Lloyd's annoyed look, Zelos continued, "Well, I'm wearing lip balm because it makes my already beautiful lips even more beautiful and kissable!"

Lloyd stared at Zelos, dumbfounded. This was definitely a new level of shallowness and effeminacy for Zelos.

"And here I thought you couldn't get any more shallow," Lloyd responded with a snort, then added, "'sides, since I'm the only one you're going to be kissing in the near future, I don't see a reason to make your lips look any more "kissable". I think they look fine as they are."

Lloyd walked over to Zelos and removed the lip balm from his hand, which in turn caused Zelos to pout. Lloyd shook his head; Zelos was something else entirely.

"Hey! Give that back!" Zelos whined, casting puppy dog eyes at him. Lloyd just stared blankly at him; he had become accustomed to this look, so it had lost all of its power. Seeing the look would get him nowhere, Zelos tried to reason him out, "And, just 'cause I'm only kissing you doesn't mean I can't look good for all my hunnies! Since none of the other hunnies can have me, I'm just being nice by looking even better for them! And do you know how hard it is to find pineapple lip balm? I had to look everywhere for that!"

"Zelos, you are possibly the vainest person I have ever met," Lloyd stated, then added, "and your logic's worse than mine."


"Ah, fine! Here, take it. I swear, it's impossible to win with you…."

Zelos squealed with delight. Lloyd just shook his head and walked away.

"Wait! Lloyd!" Zelos called to him once he was about halfway across the room.

"What?" Lloyd asked.

"Smoochies?" Zelos asked, once again giving Lloyd puppy dog eyes.

Lloyd sighed. He hated it when Zelos said "smoochies"; it just sounded so – stupid.

"Yeah, fine, whatever." Lloyd replied indifferently.

Zelos smiled broadly and skipped over to Lloyd, much to Lloyd's annoyance. Placing both his hands on Lloyd's face, he pulled Lloyd into a very passionate kiss. Breaking the kiss only for the sake of breathing, Zelos gave Lloyd a very big smile.

"Hm, pineapple…" Lloyd mumbled, licking his lips.

"See? My lip balm is important! Not only do my lips look better, they taste better, too!" Zelos exclaimed, practically beaming.

Lloyd sighed. "Zelos, what am I going to do with you?"

"Be my hunny!" Zelos responded without giving what Lloyd said a second thought.

Lloyd smiled in spite of himself. "I don't really have a choice in the matter, do I?"

"Hehe, nope!" Zelos responded, then ran back to the vanity mirror to finish primping himself.

Lloyd sighed. 'Well, it could always be worse,' he thought as he left the room.

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