Disney owns, I don't. Nuff said! When I started writing this, I thought it would be a single story. But the ideas just would not disappear. This is a continuation of Bonnie's Curse, starting three months afterwards. You can read this without having read the other one, it just won't make sense at all!

This chapter will be a bit different than the rest. As a way to catch the reader up from the events of the last three months, I'll be adding excerpts from Bonnie's diary. Just the relevant points though, don't want to invade her privacy too much! Lol

Oh, and by the way, sorry for the delay (if you can call 3 days a delay, well… maybe for me it is), but I needed to spend some me time with family and that pesky, annoying thing called work!


Redemption – Back in the Game

"With this device in my hands, we shall be unbeatable! No one can stop us now!"

"Don't count on that, Drakken!" Two teens stepped out from the shadows.

"Ron Stoppable! And… and… Shego, what is that twit's name?"

"My name is Bonnie Rockwaller, you idiot! And who are you calling a twit?"

Drakken crossed his arms in front of him "Hmph… well, I can't be bothered with trying to learn the sidekick's name!"

"Excuse me? Sidekick?"

Ron looked over at Bonnie and smiled. "Yeah, Drakken has a real problem when it comes to sidekicks. I mean, for the longest time, he could never remember my name. I almost think he does it on purpose."

She glared back at Ron in response. "How many times do I have to say this! I am a partner, not a sidekick!"

"Well, I know that, but he doesn't!"

"You know, you could stand up for me when he calls me sidekick, you know!"

"Excuse me?" Both teens turned to look at Drakken, who was impatiently tapping his foot. "Umm… taking over the world here. Can we get on with this?"

"Oh, right!"

"That's better! Shego, ATTACK!"


October 22nd

Dear diary;

Geez, that sounds so stupid. Anyways, the doctors thought it might be good to get all my thoughts down, what I see, what I feel, all that. Not really sure about it, but I figured it couldn't hurt.

Where to begin… well, I'm back with Brick. I figured I might be when he was willing to talk before, but seeing him at the hospital, waiting like that, and how happy he was to see me. He's so sweet! We talked, and I told him everything. Don't think he understood it all, and the first thing he asked was who would win the Broncos game Sunday, but at least he believed. It's a start!

I feel so different. I mean, I'm still me, but it's a different me. I don't even understand it, I have no idea how they expect me to write this all down. It's like, now that I have some control over my life, I can be me now. Not having a constant headache helps with that as well.

Mom and Dad, they've been so supportive. I told them everything, Sensei filling in some of the technical details, and they understood. They just hugged me. It's been so long since Dad hugged me, I just started crying, and he held me and… OK, enough of that, before I start crying again. Dad took the week off work, and he wants to spend that time with me!

I guess that's all for now. I'll try more of this later.


Shego aimed a strike at Ron's head, but he blocked it quickly. "Your getting better, Stoppable! I might actually have to break a sweat kicking your ass today!"

Ron laughed, "I beat you last time, didn't I?"

"Yeah, well, I wanted you to win that time. I mean, Drakken's plan was just so stupid, it needed to be put down!"

An indignant Drakken started fuming. "Is this true, Shego?"

Shego never paused in her fight with Ron. "Oh come on! Robotic poodles? If they hadn't stopped it, I would have from the sheer stupidity of it!"

At that, Drakken started sulking. "Your words hurt, you know that!"


November 9th

Dear Kim

You know, writing to a diary sounds so stupid, so I figured I'd write these to you. Hell, I might even let you read them when you wake up!

That boy of yours can be so stupid and stubborn at times! Simple mission against some guy named Duff Killigan (seriously here, who names their kid Duff? Did his parents hate him or something?), at least that's what he says. So later that day, when I see him for my "mental housecleaning", I see how bad he's hurt. It took like forever to get him to talk about it, but apparently this Duff guy got away and Ron wasn't happy. Don't even know why I said it, but when I said it, it just sounded right! I told him I was coming on the next mission, to help out. Well, he was big time against that idea. We spent the whole time just arguing about it, but I didn't back down. I mean, I have a hell of a lot more skills than he did when he started out! I mean, I love the guy, I don't want to see him hurt! Finally he agreed, but it was like pulling teeth to get him to agree!

Yeah, about the love thing. I do love him, but I know it would never work. He loves you! I accept that, I've moved on. Probably always will love the guy though! Besides, Brick is shaping up so nicely! Even got him to watch a "chick flick" with me!

Talk to you later, Kim!


Ron was holding his own, and he was happy about that. After all, Shego was no lightweight like Lugre or something. Neither seemed to be able to get an attack through, so they continued parrying and blocking. That was when Ron felt a sharp tug, as Shego got close on one strike, followed by a sudden draft. He looked down.

His pants were around his ankles.

"Oh come on, this is not supposed to happen anymore!"

Ron jumped back quickly, pulling his pants back up as he did so.


November 17th

Dear Kim

I never realized just how much these missions cut into your personal life. No wonder you were so protective of cheerleading! You needed it! Speaking of cheerleading, everyone misses you! We even won District with your routine!

I have no idea how you could have done this so much, I get scared every time I go out (well, except for this one time, I think his name was Frugal Lugre? I almost felt like laughing the entire time!). But I look over at Ron, who always seemed terrified of everything, and realized he had been with you through all that, and he was still doing it! I wish I knew how you felt when you went out, if you felt the same way. You always made it seem so easy.

Anyways, got to wrap up, just getting home, and of course we have to jump. I swear, I think Ron gets a perverse pleasure seeing my face before a jump! Talk to you later!


Bonnie snuck around the boxes, till she was right beside the computer console. Why does he always put the auto-destruct button for the lair right in plain sight? It's like he wants his places to blow up! Taking a couple steps, Bonnie dove into a flip, kicking the device from Drakken's hand. She watched Rufus scramble for the device, as she reached over to push the button. A countdown began instantly!

Drakken raised his hands over his head. "NOOOO!" He started to run for the escape pod. "Come Shego, let's get out of here." Shego took one last swipe before turning to follow. Drakken paused at the doorway of the pod. "You think you're all that Ron Stoppable, but you're not! Next time, I will defeat you, and your little sidekick as well!"


With that, they ducked into the pod, and took off. The two teens, and Rufus, quickly followed suit.


November 27th

Dear Kim

Me and Brick had this huge fight today, but we did manage to make up. Apparently, he was jelling because of Ron, because we spent so much time together, and he did know my feelings on the guy. So, we spent, like, a half hour arguing before Ron suggested trying a three-way with the crystal (and get your mind out of the gutter, girl, because I definitely don't go in for that kind of thing), and it actually worked! So, I showed Brick quite a bit, and he finally began to accept everything I had been talking about. Had to tear into a few things I didn't really enjoy going over again, but I think Brick is worth it!

Ron's doing better by the way. He's starting to get back some of his humour. It got a little bad when your mom told him he couldn't visit every day like he had been, but when he saw how bad his grades had been slipping, he understood why she did it. Monique and I spent a little while helping him catch up, and now he's doing better (though if he spent just a bit of the time he spends on training and missions as he did on schoolwork, he's be an A student!). He still visits three times a week, and we come sometimes as well, me, Tara, Monique, Felix, even Brick sometimes. Ron just sits and talks to you, telling you what's been going on as if you were awake. They say that sometimes, coma patients can hear what's going on around them. I hope you can, so you know that we care about you!

Damn, now I've started crying again, I'm gonna wrap up. Talk to you later!


It was a two hour flight, so the teens thought they'd get a little meditation in, clear up some of the backlogged visions that had been building up. Though her control over releasing the visions herself had improved, it still hurt like hell, and she preferred this method for receiving them. When the co-pilot came back to check and see if the two of them needed anything, he saw them sitting on the floor, eyes closed, holding hands. Quite confused, he decided it might be best not to disturb them.

"I still say you should try and picture, like, a computer. With the visions as email or something! It would save so much time!" Ron was still going through the "books", sorting them by date since that was all that showed on the cover.

"I prefer books. Computers always bugged me a little bit, and email always feels so… impersonal. Books always make you feel like you're there, holding what the author wrote, feeling what they felt! That's why I prefer sending letters to Hirotaka, it says you care more about them, enough to take the time!"

"I know, I know!" There was little point in arguing, he knew that. It was her head after all! He just preferred to do things quicker. Sorting through books was not his idea of fun. It did give them time to talk to each other, which was fun sometimes, but usually just led to bringing up subjects he never did feel comfortable with, like talking about his feelings. Especially since Monkey Fist had escaped a couple of weeks ago. That had brought up a whole boatload of issues he didn't really want to deal with. Of course, Bonnie always insisted. Where she picked up this big sister attitude, he never could be too sure. They sure fought like siblings sometimes though. Probably some transference of feelings or something, like, since I can't be a boyfriend, I've become a brother. Wow, maybe that human behavior course is paying off after all!

Ron finished sorting through the books, picking up the first one in the line. "This one's dated for tomorrow."

Bonnie took the book from him, cracking it open…

Stupid test! OK, so the chief export of Papua New Guinea is…

Ron was shocked when Bonnie closed the book quickly. "Hey, that was Barkin's geography test tomorrow!"

Bonnie laughed. "Yes, it is, and you're going to be studying for it tonight!"

Ron groaned. "Oh come on, just a little peek? OK, just the first few questions?"

"Nope, we're going to study for it! We are not going to cheat."

"But it's not exactly cheating. We'd just know some of the test answers in advance, like a preview!" He stood there, giving her the goofiest grin he could, but she remained resolute. Finally, he gave up. "Fine, so it's cheating."

Bonnie just smiled up at him, putting the book down at the end of the table, away from Ron. "Let's see what else we have here."


December 22nd

Dear Kim,

A bunch of us got together for a Christmas party today. I swear, for someone who's family doesn't celebrate, Ron gets more excited about Christmas than the rest of us! He decided to cook this huge feast, and it was just so amazing. Of course, he wouldn't let a single one of us help, except for Rufus, and even he got kicked out pretty quickly when he made a play for the dessert. I know I'm only just starting to understand the little guy, but I swear the language he was using would have made a teamster blush! He settled down just fine though when dinner was ready. It was great! We all just sat around, talking and laughing. Oh, Monique brought a boyfriend, his name's Troy. Don't think he'll last long though. I swear, that girl goes through boys like she does through clothes, tries them on once and then returns them. Anyways, we had a good time.

My family is actually planning on having Christmas at home, like a normal family. I'm really looking forward to it. My sisters are still a pain though. I'm thinking I'll just make some stuff up about their future boyfriends, which should shut them up for a while. It's evil, I know, but they deserve it! Ron plans on visiting with your family for Christmas, like he does every year. I think he wants to try and have as normal a holiday as he can, but I know he's hurting you're not there. We try to help him, but I don't think it helps too much. Hopefully, he'll feel better once the holidays are over.

Anyways, I have to get some sleep. Talk to you later Kim!


Bonnie was driving home, after having dropped Ron off at his place. She still had to get going on studying for that geography test, but at that moment she could only think about Ron. He had seemed like his old self during the mission, but she knew he was troubled by Monkey Fist's escape. He had Wade on constant alert trying to track Monkey Fist, but he was staying very quiet. She hadn't had any visions about him at all either, so they had nothing yet to go on. But Ron was worried what he would do when they had to face him again. Ron hated the man! Don't exactly like the bugger myself. But he was more worried about what he would do, if he could hold back again, but he didn't give himself enough credit. Just have to be there for him, I guess. He's stronger than he thinks. Bonnie pulled into her driveway, putting aside thoughts of Ron and turning her attention to the test she had to face the next day.


The dark figure walked silently across the highly polished floor of the Museum of London. The security system had been simple to disable, the guards easy to eliminate. This time of night, there were very few of them to worry about. When he saw the target of his desires, a malicious grin crossed his face. He shattered the glass case with a single punch, grabbing the amulet in his hand. Holding it up to the little light that existed, his smile widened.

"The first piece of my plan is now complete! When I gather the other components, Ron Stoppable, and the world, shall feel my power and taste my vengeance!"

His laughter echoed through the building as he made his way out of the museum!


Author's Notes –

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ron-sama – Sorry if I confused. Hirotaka was someone she trusted, a friend she let her guard down around, and she had very few of those. Brick, he has issues, but Bonnie's working on them. Now that she has her issues out of the way, she can try and make things work with him! Ron, he was the ideal for her, even though she knew he'd never be able to return it. He gave her strength when she was down! They are very close friends now though!

MrDrP – As you can see, definitely more Shego to be had, and she wasn't exactly playing nice here! There will be plenty more of her in the future!

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