You thought that I would end it there,didn't you?

"Come one Sasuke-kun!Please?"


"Why not?"

"Because I said so!"

Sakura looked at Sasuke with her puppy-dog look in her emerald green eyes.

"Oh come on!Don't do that to me!"

Sakura added a pout to her sad face.

"(sigh) Fine Sakura…"


Sakura grabbed Sasuke's hand and half-dragged him to the entrance of a festival.It was the cherry blossom festival and everyone was going,except Sasukeh who didn't exactly want to go in the first place.Luckily,Sakura had perfected her puppy dog look and Sasuke was putty in her hands.Once they had made it to the entrance,they saw Shikamaru and Temari with the rest of their friends.


Sakura walked over to where her friends were.

"Hi Naruto-kun.Where's Hinata-chan?"

Naruto shrugged.

"I guess that she's at the hospital."

Every girl surrounding him beat him to a pulp.

"Naruto-kun!Go to the hospital and comfort your girlrfriend!"

Naruto cowered under his female friends' wrath.

"Okay,okay!I'm going!"

Naruto ran off in the direction to the hospital and Temari let out a giggle.

"Hey,Temari-chan.You doing okay?"

Temari nodded at Sakura.

"I'm glad that we're friends again,Sakura-chan.I guess that I was just jealous that…"

"…that I was famous?"

Temari nodded timidly again and she turned to Sasuke.

"Thanks a lot,Sasuke-kun.Without you,I wouldn't have met Shikamaru-kun."


"Sasuke!Be nicer!"

Sasuke looked over at Sakura as she nudged him in the ribs.

"…you're welcome…"

Sakura grinned and Sasuke smirked.

"Do you wanna see if they have an arcade here?"

His pink haired girlfriend smiled.

"Are you still into that stuff?"

"Why?I'm not allowed to be?"

Sakura gave him an innocent look.

"Well,after we had that rematch…I thought that you'd give up on arcade games…"

It was true that they had held a rematch.Only a couple of days after they had gotten together,Sasuke had become so big-headed that Sakura had kindly offered him to a rematch.She didn't seem so kind after she completely flattened Sasuke.

"Shut up about that already!And…I don't want to go look for an arcade anymore…"

Sasuke whimpered when Sakura laughed maniacally. Then Ino pulled up with some unknown person.His arm was around her waist and she was feeding him ice cream from a cone.

"Hey Sakura-chan!"

"Ino-chan…who's that with you?"

Ino grinned.

"Oh,you know Akimichi Choji,right?"

Everyone's jaw fell to the ground.

"That's Choji?"

TenTen timidly pointed at the now-slim Choji.


Ino just laughed as everyone stared at Choji like he was the most interesting thing in the world.

"Hey,you don't have to stare!"

Everyone looked away innocently and replied with an 'I wasn't staring!'

"Hey,Sakura nee-chan?"

Sakura looked over at the person who had called her name.


"I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused.I guess that I was way out of hand.I also have to apologize for forcing you and Sasuke apart.It was totally not like me."

Sakura looked over at Sasuke.

"Liking Sasuke will do that to you."

Temari chuckled.


"Yup.I had to dress up as a guy to get his attention at first."

"Did he ignore you,or what?"

"What do you think?He's Sasuke isn't he?"

"You got that right!"

Sasuke butted into their conversation.

"Hey!Sakura-koi!I just found out that they have an arcade here too!"

Sakura cocked her head to the side and her pink locks fell to the side.


"I bet I can beat you there too!"

"You can not beat me at anything twice!"

"Oh yeah,wanna bet?"


All of their friends watched interestedly at the couple arguing over who was better.

"I'm better than you Haruno!"

"What the hell are you talking about,Uchiha?"

"I'm talking about me always being better than you!"

"You are not better than me!"

"I bet that I'm better than you at running!"

Sakura's friends were whispering amongst each other.

"I don't think that they're really together yet."

"I think so too,Ino-chan."

"What are you talking about?They're obviously together!"

Choji pointed to at the couple who were racing down the street to get to the arcade first.Temari sighed.

"Here we go again…"