Hate turning into Love

Dark Lady Devinity

Chapter Four

Love is worth the greatest risks, the greatest chances. Rejection is always a possibility but not necessarily the outcome. However, you reject yourself when you keep these feelings of love hidden inside yourself. You reject the love of another without even letting them know they were loved. The only thing left in this life that is still pure is love. It is foolish to hide away feelings that can give you purity because you fear outcomes.

Is not losing love's purity a far greater risk than rejection?

Kyo sat on the roof, watching the setting sun. Tohru's words were running through his mind, teasing his overwhelmed heart. The onigiri had told him, quite simply, to tell Yuki how he felt. Was it really that easy though? The nezumi was sure to mock him or reject him in some horrible way. But...

But he never had Yuki's respect and attention. The fairer teen was always insulting him. There was absolutely nothing to lose. So why did it feel like Kyo was glued to the roof?

'If I had a thousand and one wishes, I'd wish for the courage to be with you.' Kyo thought. 'It might seem like a simple thing, but I'd need at least a thousand wishes to make it come true.'

There was no point in wishing for wishes though. And Yuki was right here, inside the house.

Why not try?


Love will be your greatest ally when it is given the chance. Having someone who loves you gives comfort and guaranteed friendship, even when you fight. Does that not mean something to the human heart? Consider this and please, don't reject that someone the first chance you get. Love will lead you strong and true in all directions. Let it help you now.

Yuki sighed. He was so confused these past few days. It was completely the fault of his upper classman too. She had put such silly notions about love into his head that he couldn't seem to make himself forget about.

These thoughts clouded his mind so he didn't see when Kyo plopped down across the dinner table from him. The neko sighed and brushed a hand through his hair, not realizing that Yuki was completely zoned out.

"I love you." Words blurted out hastily and intense blushing followed.

Yuki just looked at him blanky. Kyo shuddered, fearing the worst. A light of recognition and surprise spread over the nezumi's face.

"When did you get here?" Yuki asked, eyes narrowed. "Trying to sneak up on me?"

Kyo stared before yelling, "You weren't paying attention! I just confessed my love for you and you were off in La-La Land! What's the point in even trying to talk to you, ya damn nezumi!"


Kyo gave out a scream of undignified embarrassment, before storming off. He had lost all his nerve after that and just couldn't put up with being in the same room as Yuki at the moment. If he didn't get out of here soon, he'd melt into a spineless puddle.

Yuki, meanwhile, was processing the past few minutes in his mind when he realized what Kyo had said. 'The baka neko loves me!' Yuki thought, highly confused. He wondered if his upper classman had known about Kyo's feelings all along.

The teen sighed, before remembering what he promised himself and his school mate. He would give love a chance when the time arose. Although most would admit that Kyo was the exception to that promise. However Yuki would not back down on something so important.

'Besides, what do I actually know about the cat that wasn't forced on me by Akito and the Zodiac curse?' the teen thought. 'Nothing really. And if I'm learning to give my brother the chance, then surely I can give Kyo a chance.'

With that, Yuki went after the neko. He found him just as Kyo was going to escape out the door.


"What do you want!"

"I don't love you."

"I figu..."

"But that doesn't mean I can't learn how."

There was nothing to say to that, Kyo found, as Yuki softly pressed his lips against the other boy's.


Tohru smiled as she watched the scene, hidden away in the corner. It was all so romantic and she wanted to cry with happiness. Shigure, hidden beside her, was crying himself. Only, he was trying to hold in snorts of laughter. Suddenly the dog couldn't hold it anymore and he burst out singing;

"Yuki and Kyo, up in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

What a mood killer.

And with that conclusion, hate has turned into love. And it's not really that difficult a change after all.