Mikey then brings in a fat man in a Las Vegas cowboy outfit.

Mikey: "Got him boss. This is the guy who stole the raptors."

Me: "Then you get to keep your job. Start the fic."




Danny and Jake had made it through the portal only to find a certain welcoming committee waiting for them. But Jake didn't seem to see them, he was too busy looking at his surroundings.

"Now where are we?" asked Jake.

"Uh Jake? I think we've got bigger problems." Said Danny tugging on Jake's elbow.

Jake turned around to see the guardians surrounding them.

"Guardians attack!" ordered Will.

Haylin blew some wind at the two knocking them into a wall.

"Okay that does it! I'm going ghost!" said Danny.

Two white rings with a blue outline appeared around his body and separated transforming him into Danny Phantom.

"Let's see how y'all like my fast ball!" said Jake.

He spat some fire into his hand and threw it at the girls. But surprisingly enough, the girl with the hairdo that looked like a spider, had somehow managed to throw it back at him.

Meanwhile Danny was trying to shoot them all out of the sky with a number of ghost rays but they kept dodging.

Irma tried to splash Danny with a jet stream of water but he just went intangible.

Cornelia landed and placed her hand on the ground.


Vines and plants sprouted out of the ground and wrapped up both Jake and Danny in it's vegetation.

Soon they were both trapped in a miniature jungle. However, this didn't stop them long as Jake burned his way out and Danny simply went intangible.

Everyone would have continued fighting if it were not for the fact that Caleb had run into the very middle of the fight shouting "STOP!"

Caleb waited until he caught his breath and then said "This is all just one big misunderstanding."


Mrs. Lin's Chinese Restaurant…

"So you see we can't get back with the badge all split in two like this." Said Jake.

"Hm…I may be able to fix it." Said Mrs. Lin (AKA Haylin's grandma).

"For real?" asked Jake.

"I am not sure. Former guardian I may be but this is an entirely different type of magic that I'm used to. There is no telling what may happen." Said Mrs. Lin.

"That's a risk me and Danny are just going to have to take. The Master Of Games is just too dangerous to be left alone." Said Jake.

Speaking of Danny, he was busy having a conversation with Caleb.

"So they seriously beat up their teacher?" asked Danny.

"I tried to warn them but they just wouldn't listen. I was even right about the pet lizard. It's like talking to fire wood sometimes." Said Caleb.

"I hear you, my girlfriend Sam…well I guess she's my girlfriend now anyways….she wanted me to destroy a bunch of trucks just because they weren't environmentally safe." Said Danny.

"Oh yeah then you'd really wouldn't look like a villain." Said Caleb sarcastically.

"That's why I didn't do it." Said Danny.

"You know me and some of the rebels are going to steal some grain tonight. We could sure use your help." Said Caleb.

"Sounds like fun, just let me ask Jake if he wants in." said Danny.

As Danny walked in Cornelia came around the corner and walked over to Caleb.

"Who told you that you were right about Mr. Scales?" demanded Cornelia.

Caleb simply smirked.

"You did, just now." Said Caleb.

Cornelia's jaw dropped in utter shock. Caleb had tricked her!

Meanwhile Danny had made his way downstairs where Mrs. Lin was trying to weld the badge back together with magic.

"Hey Jake, Caleb wants some help with stealing some grain from that Phobos guy. You in?" asked Danny.

"Nah. Thanks anyways bro but I need to supervise things here. If Mrs. Lin makes even the smallest mistake it could send us each into separate individual worlds. And the girls asked me to help them with some sort of bake sale or something." Said Jake.

Danny simply shrugged.

"Suit yourself." Said Danny.

Danny walked back up the stairs and out the door where he saw Cornelia looking very worried at Caleb.

"But I don't like it, it sounds too dangerous." Said Cornelia.

"I've done it loads of times before; I can handle it as long as I don't get caught." Said Caleb.

"And what if you DO get caught?" asked Cornelia biting her lower lip.

Danny cleared his throat to get their attention.

"Danny! Uh how long have you been standing there?" asked Cornelia.

"Long enough 'love birds'." Said Danny.

Both Cornelia and Caleb blushed.

"But I came up to say that for that raid I'm in. I invited Jake but he's busy supervising." Said Danny.

"Good. With your powers we can probably get the job done faster." Said Caleb.

Danny smirked.


Later in Meridian…

Danny, Caleb and some of the rebels were outside the building where all the grain Phobos kept was being held in.

"Okay Danny, do your thing." Said Caleb.

"Okay then…phew…I'm going ghost!" said Danny.

Two white rings with a blue outline appeared around his body and separated transforming him into Danny Phantom.

"Alright now everyone hold onto each other." Said Danny.

Everyone huddled together as Danny phased them into the building.

"Wow. There is a lot of grain in here." Said Danny.

"Now everyone be careful. Getting caught in here is enough for Phobos to give you life in imprisonment." Said Caleb.

"Actually…" said a voice.

Everyone turned to see one of Phobos's guards.

"That's only if you're lucky. Oh I see you brought the Phantom with you, well Phobos ordered all the guards to carry these just in case of such an emergency." Said the guard.

He held up a wheel that had spikes and rolled it towards Danny. The wheel started to shoot out the spikes but Danny quickly turned intangible letting all the spikes fly straight through him.

When it finally ran out of spikes it continued to roll until it stopped at Danny's feet.

"What? That's it?" asked Danny.

However, Danny failed to notice a compartment opening up inside the wheel that let out small little insects that looked like scorpions without claws.

One the insects managed to sting Danny in his ankle.

"OW!" shouted Danny.

Danny's vision was starting to get blurred and his knees were getting weak. Danny held his head to try to stop his dizziness. But it was all futile as his world went out like a light.


Danny started to wake up but he felt really weak. At first he was going to add it to the fact that some type of strange bug poison but then he realized he was back in the castle.

"Not again." Said Danny.

Danny must have been more out of it than he thought because only now was he realizing that he was trapped in some type of bubble.

"This is reeeeally bad." Said Danny.

Danny took a look around the room and came to the conclusion he was in some type of bedroom. It looked kind of girly though so he assumed he wasn't in that Phobos guy's room.

"And this is reeeeally weird." Said Danny.

The door opened to reveal a blonde haired little girl wearing a blue gown.

"Hello there. I'm afraid I must apologize for my brother's actions when you and your friend first came. He thought you were some kind of threat the rebels sent." Said the girl.

"Yeah right lady! He told me himself that he was after mine and Jake's powers!" said Danny.

"Only because he thought you were a threat." Said the girl.

Danny began to felt himself being pulled into a trance but quickly shook it off.

"Somehow I don't think so!" said Danny.

"The only real threat is those evil Guardians I used to call friends." Said the girl.

"Yes...Evil...Guardians...I mean NO! Get away!" shouted Danny.

"I know he made a bad impression on you but please give him a second chance." Pleaded the girl.

This time Danny fell completely into the trance and his eye became pale.

"I do suppose that's all anyone really needs, a second chance." Said Danny in a trance.

"I knew you'd understand! Let's start over, my name is Elyon!" said Elyon gleefully.

"I'm Danny Fenton but in my ghost mode I'm Danny Phantom." Said Danny still in a trance.

Elyon went into great lengths about the kingdom and how the Guardians and rebels were really a big problem.

Danny's fist tightened as she told him of them using their powers for evil.

"You let me out of here and you can just leave them to me!"


Meanwhile… back in Jake and Danny's world.

Fu dog was talking to Monroe on an interdimensional phone.

"So when you gonna pay up?" asked Fu Dog.

"Whoa! Whoa! Slow down there! Now one word at a time…she tried to neuter you with a WHAT? That's what I thought you said, a baseball bat."


Infinite City…

Jake, Caleb, and the Guardians were walking underground to the base.

"With Danny and Aldarn captured we're going to need men and weapons." Said Caleb.

"Don't be so sure about that." Said a voice.

Danny became visible and landed in front of them giving a small glare to the Guardians.

Jake went over to Danny and high fived him while Caleb went over to Aldarn.

"Yo! How'd you get out G?" asked Jake.

"The Princess Elyon let me out, turns out that Phobos guy isn't really evil!" said Danny.

"Hey man, did you hit your head or something? The guy was totally trying to steal our powers! He told us himself!" said Jake.

"Only because he thought we were evil. He isn't the enemy here it's those stupid little fairy impersonators we should be worried about! They're the evil ones!" said Danny.

"That is the most messed up thing I have ever heard! You know the Guardians aren't evil and you for sure know that Phobos aint good!" said Jake.

It was then that Jake and Danny heard Caleb and Aldarn's argument.

"If you have a problem with me signing that treaty than meet me in a leadership challenge…" said Aldarn.

"That goes for me too Jake! We'll run the same course but no full transformations until we reach the end! Because frankly, if you're with the guardians then you're against ME!" shouted Danny.

Without another word Danny stomped off leaving a certain dragon speechless.

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