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Crimson Sin

Chapter One – Blood Turn


The sky was a mixture of pink, blue, purple, and red. It was dinnertime and most of Central's inhabitant had retreated to the comfort of their homes for a nice hot meal. Though there were still a couple of people wandering about the streets. Yes, it was a peaceful October evening in Central. That peacefulness was about to be broken by a hot-tempered, short, blonde-haired, State Alchemist, who went by the name of Edward Elric.

"Stupid Colonel!" shouted the teen as he stomped down the street, streams of curses coming from his mouth. Whoever was still outside, made a clear path for the clearly angry teen, not wanting to find out what would happen if he were to be ticked off even more.

Edward Elric, The Full Metal Alchemist, had just returned from a mission and was required to report to Colonel Roy Mustang. Needless to say, Roy managed to slip in some 'short comments' during their conversation, which always ended in with extremely pissed off Ed.

The vertically challenged teen kicked a rock as he turned onto another street. This one was completely empty except for a couple of stray cats that Ed's younger brother Alphonse would've picked up and taken home, but Al was currently visiting their childhood friend Winry Rockbell and wouldn't return for a month at least.

Edward sighed as he thought about his younger brother. He and Al had tried to bring back their deceased mother and failed. Al had lost his entire body and was now a hollow suit of armor, while Ed lost an arm and a leg, both of which had been replaced by automail limbs. The two brothers were currently trying to find the legendary Philosopher's Stone, an alchemical amplifier that would make the process of retrieving Al's body possible.

The sky was now a deep shade of dark purple and the streetlamps had finally turned on, illuminating their surroundings. Ed looked up at the moonless sky. It was slightly chilly, but it didn't seem to affect him.

I guess I should go back. It's getting late and I'll have to face that bastard Colonel sometime.

Edward's stomach suddenly growled loudly, making him stop abruptly.

And I'm hungry…

Turning around, the blonde alchemist looked at the long street in front of him. He blinked a couple of times.

I could've sworn that I was closer to HQ than this. It'll take forever to get back this way.

He looked around and saw an alleyway that seemed to be a shortcut. Thinking that he would get back faster if he went through the dark alley, which in retrospect wasn't such a good idea, but seemed like one at the time. So Ed began to wander down the alleyway, humming a happy tune to himself, not noticing the dark shadow that was silently trailing after him on the rooftops, red eyes gleaming in the light from the streetlamps.

After what seemed like forever to Ed, the alley finally ended, but not in the way that he would've liked. He had walked down that alleyway only to come face to face with a moldy stonewall at the end. Contemplating whether to turn around or just knock the damn wall down, Ed just stood in front of the wall, his long hair that had been tied up in a braid billowed in the night air.

Finally deciding that he would just blow the wall up, Ed clapped his hands together and prepared to commence 'Operation: Blow Up The Damn Wall That Got In My Way'. Right before Ed could blow the wall to smithereens and wake up half the town in the process, he heard a loud hissing sound behind him. He quickly turned around, only to see a dark shadow fall to the ground in front of him.

What the hell?

"Hunnnnnngry…" The cloaked thing hissed as it moved towards Ed, extending one clawed hand towards the teen. "I… neeeeeeeed… food…" It hissed again, slightly louder this time.

Okay, this is getting kinda freaky, but I mean seriously, what the hell is going on?

"Food!" The creature cried out as it lunged at Ed, its clawed, dried up hands, barely missing Ed's head. The cloak slipped slightly, revealing two blood red eyes.

"Is it a fight that you want?" Ed said as he clapped his hands together and transmuted his automail arm into a very sharp and pointy sword, "I'm quite happy to oblige."

The creature hissed again and lunged at Ed at an alarming speed, pinning the boy to the ground. Ed could feel its hot breath on his neck as the thing lowered its head towards Ed's throat. Two sharp fangs glinted in the dim light as the shadowed being opened its mouth, as if to bite something.

"Fooooooood…" The thing hissed again as Ed began to struggle in vain. The creature was far stronger than Ed had previously thought. He continued to struggle against the creature as it licked its lips as if it saw a delicious meal in front of it.

Ed let out a cry of pain and the creature closed its mouth around Ed's neck and sunk its sharp teeth into the soft flesh of Ed's neck. He could feel his blood begin to flow out and the creature hungrily lapped it up like a dog. Pain blinded Ed as he continued to thrash about. Then an idea hit him.

If this thing bites me, I'm going to bite him back.

Ed cracked open his eyes, only to find one of the creature's hands near his mouth. Turning his head slightly, Edward bit down hard on the creature's thumb, making it remove it mouth from Ed's neck and cry out in pain. Hearing the creature's cries of pain, Ed bit down even harder, drawing blood.

The metallic taste of blood filled his mouth. Trying not to swallow any, Edward began to spit out the creature's blood, but to no avail since some still managed to find its way in his throat and down towards his stomach. The creature hissed angrily as it quickly dashed away, leaving Ed all alone in the alleyway.

A wave of nausea hit Ed, making it feel as if he had eaten rotten fruit with sour milk. He groaned as he rolled onto his side, clutching his stomach. He felt very sick and a burning sensation began to spread out throughout his body. His body felt as if it were engulfed in a fiery inferno that could melt anything. He opened his eyes, only to find that his vision was blurred and his surroundings swam about, making him even more nauseated. The last thing he saw before he slipped into unconsciousness was the cold ground of the empty alleyway.


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