She tried to explain, tried to tell him…
He would hear none of it. Him and the rest of the crew;
For her to sacrifice more than what she had already done, was ridiculous.
Should not be thought of, shouldn't happen

But that was then and this was now… Stealing away from her friends,
Blocking them out, closing all doors.

Hiding away from the truth; delaying the inevitable.
And then finally, she had broken,
Listening too the voices in her mind.

Hearing the screams, seeing the bleak future, of nothing…
Total destruction and failure, all because she did nothing…

And her friend lying broken on the ground, whispering slowly,
Asking her why she had not fought once more? Why she had fled?

And now the darkness rages within the Exile.

She's walking through the storms that range,
From the inner core of her heart;
Too the outer reaches of her mind.

Jagged stones rise all around her as she walks forward,
Her footprints leave marks in the sand,
They crunch all resistance beneath them.

Never slowing, never faltering.

The wind howls around her,
Ice mars the ground, covering up the ugliness
Leaving it, pure white behind its path…

No pride anymore, running away from one truth towards another…
Hearts bruised and eyes watering as the soul climbs higher and higher…
The dove soaring in the skies above the Exile's head…

A crystal face, an ice guard up against all resistance,
A struggle within the soul as the goodbye she meant to say;
Never leaves her mouth.

She never said anything. She just left them behind.
And for this she cries.

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