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-------------------------------------Hidden Power: Chapter 1-The Promise

At Tomoeda High, a middle aged woman jerked open the door to the 9th grade classroom and waited. Then she took a peek up over the top of the doorway. Maybe she expected the bucket full of brown syrup, or whatever the hell was in that bucket, to come crashing down like it did last Monday. But last Monday it actually hit HER instead of the floor as it did today. She wasn't stupid enough to fall for that prank again.

She shot a smug look to a certain auburn-haired boy sitting at the front of the class. 'See?' the look said. 'You think I'm an idiot? Just watch me, you little punk!'

The kid named Li Syaoran shook his head with a grin. Women. They thought they knew it all. You can bet she was more than startled when she reached into her desk and grabbed a handful of earthworms and screamed her head off.

Li Syaoran walked out of school that day with a grin. He was the most feared kid in school. And why not? He was tough in every way. He'd been the toughest guy in Tomoeda Elementary since he arrived. NOONE got the better of him or dared to. He was UNTOUCHABLE!

Suddenly he yelped and fell to the ground with a crash like someone had whacked him behind the head. But no one was there. No one that WE could see.

"WHY! WHY THE HELL DO YOU GUYS TORTURE ME LIKE THIS!" he roared into the air. He heard laughter from above and grit his teeth. Of all the people, why me!

Ever since last month Syaoran had had to put up with the little lights that claimed to be the sprites (or spirits) of earth, water, fire, and sky.

"Because you're so funny when you fall Syao-kun!" a little voice giggled hysterically. Syaoran glared at the little spirit of water.

"You're face gets all twisted and red like a tomato," the earth spirit reported and Syaoran glared in the earth spirit's direction.

"Like carrot top there," the spirit of sky piped referring to the fire spirit. Syaoran sighed. Same routine every week.

"WHAT! Suddenly I'm a carrot? What do I look like to you all!"

"FAT AND ORANGE!" the others chimed happily.

The fire spirit growled, "The Prophet is calling for you."

Syaoran grunted, "Whatever. Just leave me alone." It was just another one of their stupid jokes. They loved to pull pranks and Syaoran was sure this was just another one of them.

"No, really. No joke. He wants to talk to you," the earth spirit said.

"And he doesn't like to wait!" warned the sky spirit crackling with electricity.

"I really don't care." Syaoran drawled, "The guy can just…"

The air around Syaoran whirled and he got dizzy until it all came to a halt. He wasn't on the sidewalk near his school anymore. No, he wasn't even on EARTH anymore!

Wispy clouds surrounded him and the stars shone like diamonds in the sky set against a tapestry of royal blue. Before him were four hooded figures, each of a different color. Red, black, white, and light blue. And in the center was a throne that rose into the background and looked really evil. Even creepier, Syaoran couldn't see who was SITTING on it.

"Told you he doesn't like to wait!" the sky spirit crowed.

"Yeah! Toldja so!" the water spirit added flitting around Syaoran.

"That's the Prophet," whispered the earth spirit nodding to the person or thing on the throne.

Syaoran looked up at the throne, "Who IS he?"

"The messenger of the God," the spirits breathed.


"Li Syaoran. Welcome," a light voice whispered. "It's good to see you again. God is pleased."

"The who? Listen I dunno what the he…"

"Chaos is coming again, Pyro and God has called you to become the Chooser as you had promised."

"I didn't promise CRAP!" Syaoran frowned at the figure on the throne. Of course the person…or thing or whatever it was ignored him. Somewhere above him Syaoran heard a giggle which he recognized immediately to be the earth spirit and swatted at the air impatiently.

"Long ago a great evil came to the world known as Chaos and destroyed the Earth. In your…past life, if you will, you and the other Guardians promised to never let it happen again. You promised to stop the world from destruction at all costs. And so now I act on behalf of the God to call you to duty. Chaos is coming and I call you to search for your fellow Guardians and stop World's End, or in simpler terms the end of life itself."

"Okay first of all, I have no idea what the hell you're talking about. I sure as heck ain't no "guardian" but I love the story that you put together. You can make money off of all of that creative talent you got, buddy."

"Butty? Did he…?" the water spirit posed for a second, puzzled.

The sky spirit guffawed, "HA! He called the Prophet butty! That's funny!"

"As in the human 'buttocks'?"

Syaoran ignored the little sprites and growled, "I didn't make any promise…"

Suddenly something in his mind clicked and it felt as though he were being possessed. In his mind's eye he saw a beautiful girl with large emerald eyes and sakura blossoms in her hair smiling at him and his heart thudded. Something fluttered in his chest and one word came to mind…Sakura…What the…?

"You are the Guardian of Fire, Pyro, and you have been called to perform your duty as you promised to do in your former life: To find your fellow Guardians of Earth, Water, star, and Sky."

Without meaning to or even realizing he did so, he had bowed low to the creepy throne and in a voice he didn't even recognize as his own he said, "I accept and acknowledge my duty as promised. For the world's sake."

The little spirits cheered, "SAKE!" and wasted no time in busting out the sake bottle and popping the cork. (AN: Is sake even sold in bottles?)

The spell broken, Syaoran turned and charged at the little creatures yelling, "NOT SAKE! SAKE AS IN SAKE!" (like that made any sense…) The little spirits giggled and flew apart as Syaoran sought to swat them in vain.

Soon he wasn't in the clouds in front of the hooded figures anymore. Instead he was running around in circles in his backyard whirling his hands at the little sprites. In the window of his mother's mansion his older sister Li Fanren peered curiously at her brother as he ran in crazy circles. That was DEFINITELY not the martial arts her baby brother was practicing.

In the distance a voice said with a smile, "So it starts..."

"NO! NO SAKE! I SAKE..I MEAN, I SAID SAKE AS IN FOR YOUR SAKE!" Syaoran hollered. (SyaoranßSTILL not making sense)


"SAAAAKEEEEEEEE!" they cheered.


Wow, I haven't written a fic in like….ages. And all this came from nowhere. I think that this is pretty good considering how many times I've tried to actually write this story. This story is a REALLY old idea. I mean I had this idea in the 7th grade..and I'm in the 11th GRADE NOW! Hopefully this will go well. I'm not gonna be too conscientious about what I write anymore. That's my problem. So here I go!


Sake: (The little spirits cheered, "SAKE!" and wasted no time in busting out the sake bottle and popping the cork).

n. A Japanese liquor made from fermented rice.