Hey everyone! Okay I don't know what to call this thing. I guess it's sort of an AN. Who knows? It's after the story so does that change anything? (im such a dork lol) ah, who gives a crap. Basically why im writing this to you was to...an afterword! There! That's what this is! Yes, this is an afterword where I tie up all the loose ends and point out all the hints that I put in this story! And answer questions that others should also know about.

Yes, some reviewers have brought it to my attention that I have not been totally thorough in the storyline. I apologize, first off. It's one of those things where you realize that you should have done this instead of that and think, 'crap it's too late NOW'. I find that's happening to me more and more often. :( Especially in my story moonlight melody. Getting a lot of vampire inaccuracies that no one's caught onto yet XD I wont tell em if you don't! lol maybe im getting senile early. Other than that there are some questions that I just figured id share the answers with you. Just for the story's sake.

Anyway now that you understand, here are some questions that I've been asked:

Q. "You said somewhere that Sakura's blindness was due to Chaos or something. But what happened?"

A. I did mention at one point that sakura wasn't born blind and that I would put an explanation into the story later. Ill be honest: I forgot to sigh actually sakura was supposed to tell syaoran sometime while they were at the dance that she lost her sight in a fight. She used to get into a LOT of accidents before she became the Cardcaptor and met the other guardians. Objects falling here and there, almost getting run over by a few cars here and there, a car accident (she lost her mother in that one), and once, while she was collecting the Clow Cards, a cohort tried a more direct approach and attacked her. She barely survived the fight and the intense magic they used against each other screwed up her eyes big time. This whole time she never realized that Chaos was the cause for both. Chaos was always looking for ways to kill her even before she met the guardians. She was destined to stop the End from coming! Why not nip that problem in the bud, right? But what Chaos didn't realize was that it was pretty much beefing her up by making her go through all that crap. She become a tough as nails cardcaptor. A FIGHTER.

So there you have it. Sakura's story is finally told.

Q. "Aw, Gabriel's dead. Does his parents in the future know?"

A. Yup, they knew. Gabriel knew too. That was why his mother cried and why they were so reluctant to send him into the past. Plain and simple: they knew he was going to die if he went into the future. And it hurt them to send him off to his death. How do you get the strength to send your kid off to die? They didn't know how he would die, but they knew he was destined to somehow because Mina, his sister, predicted it. (She's really strong when it comes to magic and you can actually read her story. Picture Perfect. It's old, and I was a little silly, but it's there. My first successful story, ladies and gents. The fact that Mina showed up in this story was a BIG hint for who Gabriel's mother was if you read my other story). But they knew that something was going to happen to Sakura and that if it did, then the world would end. That was why when he was in the car with Meredith in the 14th chapter, the sun started to be blotted out. Because Eriol wasn't accomplishing what he should have. When he died to save Sakura tho everything was okay.

Q. "Who knew Meredith was Ryou's sis?"

A. i actually did put a hint in there that Meredith knew about her brother being on Chaos' side. look in chapter 17 right after Syaoran and Meredith came out of the cave where ryou and skye were fighting. Meredith is acting more screwy than usual:

"Syaoran took a deep breath and turned to Meredith, whose face had for some reason, turned visibly depressed and tense."

She was freaking out because she recognized Ryou. She just found out after so many years that her brother was fighting for Chaos. Skye was a sort of brother figure to her, so if her biological brother was fighting against her foster brother then it was definitely not good. She actually got away from the guys who kidnapped her when she was younger, though it took her a few years to do so. Getting kidnapped was just a part of fate that would eventually lead her to the rest of the TriArch. This was something I didn't point out in the last chapter. I didn't mention it, or have Syaoran put two and two together until the last minute because plainly, who the HELL is going to remember a girl freaking out when the world around you in going nuts?

Q. "So is sakura blind or not?"

A. I know sometimes it seemed really confusing. For a while I visualized things exactly as she saw things and kept writing, 'she saw' when I realized she technically COULDN'T see. Okay, lemme explain this. The way Sakura sees things is the way you would see things in a dark room. It's really dark, but you can just barely make out where the furniture is. And then Sakura could see auras. So if someone was happy, they would look like a yellow shadow. Sakura always knew that Syaoran's hair was messy because to her, he looked like a red, orange, and yellow body figure. But she didn't know if his eyes were blue or black. All that stuff. If a dog was in front of her, she'd see it's body figure.

Q. "What's your next fan fic going to be?"

A. I had a couple of people express they would be reading the next fic im writing. Yayayayay! Im so happy! Thank you! Right now I don't know what im going to write next. Im looking to write another adventure fic so I can get used to writing fight scenes and I have a few plots im mind. Maybe a vampire plot (im into vamps these days!) or story about traveling to other worlds with Syaoran as a ghost. Not really sure when this might happen so I cant really say XD sorry.

Q. "Dude, what happened to the babysitter?"

A. He's goooone. I know that he only showed up once. He should have played in more scenes, but after a while I really didn't know where else to put him in. He was supposed to be the sort of character that annoyed the rest of the Guardians but it didn't turn out that way. I wrote in the 18th chapter towards the end what eventually became of him. He was originally sent to the Guardians by the Prophet because Syaoran was taking too long as the Chooser to find the rest of the Guardians. The babysitter, who was originally named Chips, was supposed to encourage Syaoran. So when Syaoran finally did his job, Chips went bye-bye. His job was done.

Well, those are some of the questions that ive been asked. Hopefully I haven't left anything else out that I've failed to explain. If I have let me know okay and I'll add it to this!