Corrupted Miracles
The Emergency
Chapter: 1
By: S.Stryker

Disclaimer: Story takes place two years after the battle of Malomyotismon; I don't own any of the digimon characters.

Tai, Matt, Sora - 17

Davis, Ken, Willis, Tk, Kari -14

Joe - 18

Izzy, Mimi - 16

Yolie -15

Cody- 11

Davis' dream:

It was dark, cloudy, and raining heavily with a fierce thunderstorm in the digital world. There was a war going on and the Digimon were deleting each other savagely on the front line. Battle cries and various sounds of Digimon attacks and deletions pierced the darkness. However the greatest battle was going on one mile away from the battlefield. Four Digimon were facing off against a fifth one. Davis recognized one of the five Digimon as Azulongmon Guardian of the Digital World's Eastern Hemisphere. Three of them he had never actually seen before, but Gennai had showed him and the others pictures of them some time ago. He recognized the large flaming bird as Zhuquiamon, the Guardian of the Digital Worlds Southern Hemisphere. The huge metal-faced tiger as Biahumon, the Guardian of the Western Hemisphere. And the large turtle with two heads and a large tree growing out of its shell as, Ebonwumon the Guardian of the Northern Hemisphere. Azulongmon and Zhuqiaomon were in the sky, while Biahumon and Ebonwumon were on ground level. The four Guardians were facing off against a fifth Digimon who held a passing resemblance to Azulongmon, only he was a much darker blue, almost black in color and larger in size. Although it was four against one, the dark Azulongmon seemed to be holding his ground and even winning against the other four. The battle raged on, neither the guardians nor the Dark Azulongmon wanting to back down, knowing that if they did the other would win. Finally the Guardians each put all their remaining power into an attack. They all fired a blast of energy from their mouths, which all combined into one, and hit the dark Azulongmon directly. The dark Azulongmon roared in pain as the attack drilled through him. There was a large dome of light upon the impact, and Davis could no longer see what was going on

"Davis! Davis! Davis wake up!" a small cute voice said. The owner of said voice grabbed the covers and pulled them (or tried to) off of Davis.

Davis woke up from his weird dream to find that he was face to face with his Digimon partner and closest friend Demiveemon.

"Huh? Demiveemon its Sunday morning. Go back to sleep I don't feel like playing right now." Davis said. He let out a yawn and pulled the covers back over him ruining the small amount of progress Demiveemon made.

The little blue dragon shrugged his shoulders and replied "Ok, I'll just tell Kari you couldn't make it to Izzys'."

"Yeah, whatever." Davis replied only half awake.

Davis had significantly changed over the years. He had gotten more mature and began studying harder to the point where he was B-average student. Although only a High School Freshman, he was Captain of the Soccer team. He still wore Tai's old goggles; surprisingly they were still a fad in Odiaba after all these years. He kept them in his trophy cabinet along with his soccer awards and 'Most improved' school certificates when hew wasn't wearing them. He had let his hair grow long at the back and tied in to a long ponytail. (A/N: think of the Reno's Hairstyle from 'Final Fantast Advent Children' only Davis' hair color is reddish brown. Ironically enough Davis wears his High School Uniform the same way Reno wears his suit. ) .

He wasn't as stubborn and hotheaded as he used to be, although when he got worked up about something he abandoned this self-control.

As he got older he began to realize that he didn't love Kari as he used to think he did, however she had grown even cuter over the years, and he was a male teen. He still wanted to date her to get it out of his system.

Davis closed his eyes and began to fall back asleep but then all of a sudden realized what Demiveemon had just said.

"Say what!" He said suddenly sitting up quickly.

Demiveemon chuckled "That's what I've been trying to tell you. Kari sent you a g-mail, see?"

Davis checked his D-terminal on top of his night stand to confirm what Demiveemon just said, sure enough there was an email from Kari. His eyes widened the first time he read the g-mail, so he read it again to make sure he wasn't dreaming.

Dear Davis,

Emergency meeting at Izzys, we need you here. Please come ASAP.


Davis frowned; Izzy hadn't called an emergency meeting to his house since the old days when he and the other digidestined fought of evil. Okay sure there were minor incidents in the digital world during the past four years, like the time two Monochromon decided to have a fighting contest near a peaceful village, or the time when there was an avalanche near a cave and two Elecmon were trapped inside but nothing too serious. Nothing that threatened the safety of both worlds. T.K had told him and others that he was concerned about why there wasn't another generation of chosen children to succeed them. He believed that Malomyotismon wasn't their final enemy. This was proven by the mere fact that they could all go to the digital world using their D-3's whereas Tai and the older kids couldn't use their digivices.

"Back then I thought that T.K was being paranoid, maybe because I was trying to convince myself. What was I thinking? T.K's hardly ever wrong about these things. This can't be good Izzy never calls an emergency for small things." Davis thought.

"Let's go Demiveemon; we'd better hurry over to Izzys'." Davis said getting up and dressed.

"Then we'd better hurry up! We're supposed to be over there in ten minutes, and Izzy doesn't exactly live next door."

"UGH! WHERE IS HE?" Yolie practically screamed.

All the digidestined new and old with the exception of Mimi and Willis had all gathered at Izzys' house waiting to hear the big emergency, and on a certain 2nd generation leader

"Yolie relax he's probably on his way now, you know how much he likes to sleep." Ken said trying to calm his girlfriend of two years down.

"Ken's right Yolie I said it was an emergency meeting and to come ASAP so he'll be here ASAP" Kari said backing Ken up.

"Yeah, and besides the fact Kari sent the g-mail means He's probably stomping on the elderly to get here.

Everyone chuckled at the thought of Davis doing this, knowing that when he had his mind set on an objective, nothing ever stopped him.

"Your right you guys I'm sorry. I'm just anxious, I mean when was the last time we had an emergency?"

Matt smiled "True, but we still need to keep our heads if we're going to get through this. Davis isn't the type who would deliberately be late if his friends needed him for something."

"You're right, I'm sorry I'll be more patient."

"Sorry I'm late." Davis said entering the room.

"About time! Where were you!?" Yolie asked in a tone and volume that may as well be considered yelling.

Everyone sweat-dropped.

"Sorry I was taking care of personal business" Davis replied yawning.

"And by personal business, you mean sleeping." TK said grinning.

Everyone began laughing again, Davis grinned. "Yeah sorry about that, Demiveemon just woke me up."

Demiveemon poked his head out of the bag Davis had been carrying him in. "Just woke you up? I had been trying to wake you for ten whole minummmh!!!" Demiveemon tried to speak but couldn't (Davis had forced his head back in the bag to silence him).

Davis chuckled, scratched the back of his head and sat down. "Demiveemon sure does have a wild imagination huh?"

Everyone sweat dropped again.

Izzy cleared his throat." Now that everyone's here, I'd like to draw your attention as to why I called you here. Last night I was on my computer to check on Tentomon, unfortunately I got more than I bargain for.

Izzy turned on his laptop and turned it to face the rest of the digidestined. On it was an over-view map of a part of the digital world. However there were black-pulse looking waves coming from an area on it.

Izzy pointed "You see those waves over here?" Everyone noddded. "When I analyzed them, my readings showed that those waves consist of huge amounts of dark energy.

Tai looked up directly at Izzy. "Dark energy? that's not good. Can you tell where their coming from?"

"Fortunately yes, the waves all seem to becoming from on huge source, but that's not all that's bothering me. I sent Tentomon to investigate; he reported back in this morning that the area reeks of deleted Digimon data.

Everyone frowned at this.

Davis got up of the floor " Well then what are we waiting for? Lets' head to school and go to the digital world, the sooner we handle the situation the better, let's take care of this before it escalates."

Matt looked at his successor "That's true, but we still need a plan before we go rushing into a battle recklessly."

"I know, I just hate sitting around doing nothing while the Digital Worlds in danger." Davis said.

"Davis I know you care about the Digital world but Matt's right, and besides even if that wasn't the case there's a Teachers convention at school so we can't sneak in without getting caught." Sora said kindly."

"In addition to that, all the digi-ports with the exception of the one at school are acting up; they might accidentally send us to the bottom of the ocean. Izzy added.

"Or off a cliff." Gatomon said remembering what had happened to them a couple weeks ago.

Realizing what they were saying Davis sat back down "Yeah, I guess your right. I say we head to the digital world tomorrow after school; that way we'll all go to the Digital World ASAP and it'll give Izzy more time to find who we're dealing with."

"Spoken like a true leader." Matt said smiling

Davis grinned at his predecessor

"I'll get started on finding out more info, in the mean time keep your phones on in case I find out anything." Izzy said in agreement with Davis' plan.

"Um, Izzy could you…?" Tai began.

"Don't worry Tai I'll check up on Agumon on the others." Izzy said

"Yeah Gomamon probably misses me a whole lot." Joe said

Sora smiled. "And Biyomon for me."

Great, now that being said this meeting is dismissed, Izzy feel free to contact us if you need anything." Tai said.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"So Kari I was just wondering if you were going with anyone to the school dance?"

Everyone had left Izzys' house and went on their respective ways. Except for Davis who decided to walk Kari home.

Kari hesitated before answering knowing what Davis was going to ask her next.

"No I'm going with anyone. I was planning on going and hang around with my fiends."

"Oh, well in that case would you like too…" he began.

"Sorry Davis, but I made plans with them already. We're leaving the party early to go to the movies." She said hoping he wouldn't take it personally

"Oh…, I see." Davis said in a dejected tone of voice.

Kari sighed she hated turning Davis down all the time, but she was afraid that if they got into a relationship and something went wrong it would ruin their friendship. The same thing went for TK. She personally thought that Sora and Matt had taken a risky gamble by getting together even though it looked pretty serious as for Ken and Yolie. Besides she felt that dating Davis would be like dating her brother.

They walked the rest of the way in silence, when they reached Karis' building they exchanged goodbyes and went their separate ways.

Disclaimer: I've done a lot of changes in this chapter and theirs still many more to come in the other chapters.

Kens' Preview: So we're all going to the digital after school tomorrow. But first we actually get through school. But emotions run high when Davis misinterprets an accident between Kari and me for something romantic. Davis you're my best friend I'd never double-cross you and your trust!

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