Corrupted Miracles
Chapter: 42
By: S.Stryker

Dear Journal,

It's me again, I know it's been awhile since I've last conversed with you, it's just that there have been a lot of things on my mind lately. It's been about four months since I left my old world behind. I can still see the faces of the Digidestined as they raced towards me, trying to stop me from leaving. I feel guilty about that as well as a lot of things; my betrayal to the Digidestined, Veemons death, and my family, I left before I could say goodbye. I can't imagine the pain they're going through wondering where I am. I never even once asked about them before I left. The situation was tense and I acted on my first instinct without thinking it through, a habit that I thought I grew out of.

I think that my greatest guilt comes from the fact, even though I wish that some things had gone differently, I don't regret coming here to this Dimension.

When I arrived, here four months ago, I met with the Alternate Azulongmon who requested my help. He explained the situation to me. The mission he'd called me for was to find the Digidestined of his world and help them battle an evil entity that threatened to destroy his world, known as the D-Reaper. Apparently the D-Reaper used to be a simple program that mutated over time and it tried to destroy the Digital world and the Real world of this Dimension. At first the mission sounded easy enough. However, like most seemingly easy things, there were a few catches.

For starters I couldn't tell the 'Digimon Tamers' (as they like to be referred to as) my true identity. You see, the universe is a very large place. It's so large in fact, that the human mind couldn't begin to possibly estimate just how big it is; and within the Universe are Dimensions. This Dimension is similar my own. This dimension actually contains two Dimensions that coexist along side each other. These specific Dimensions are of course a Digital world and a Real World. Apparently in the real World, my Dimension is a Television show called 'Digimon Digital Monsters'. It has a total of two seasons, as well as a few movies. The first season is all about Tai and his group when they were Digidestined, which of course means that the second season is about me and my generation of Digidestined. I can't tell you how shocked I was when I got this news. I had to keep my cool when I was around the Tamers, speaking of the Tamers...

I met them when they were in the Digital World searching for their comrade Calumon, who had been abducted by the enemy. Since I had to protect my identity, I donned a new name. To help me with my identity switch, the alternate Azulongmon lent me a hand. He created false memories of me and identifications, so that it wouldn't be very difficult for me to fit in. He even went as far as to change my eye color from brown to a shade of blue. One of the Digimon Tamers, this one cute girl named Rika, you know the one who I said could be as fierce as a Lion but still as gentle as a blue bird, she actually thinks that I beat her in a Digimon Card Game Tournament about two years ago. This is funny to me since I only learned how to play the Card game about a month ago, when I taught myself. I practiced afterwards on these two friends of mine Kazu, and Kenta. First I battled each of them separately and then I took them both on. I won each time, then again from what Rika says, they're amateurs.

I should probably Re-introduce my group and our Digimon to you, since it's been awhile.

There's Takato Matsuki with his Digimon Guilmon, Henry Wong and Terriermon, Henry's little sister Suzie and her Lopmon, 'Wild Cat' Rika and her partner Renamon, Jeri Katou and her Leomon, Kazu Shioda and his Guardromon, Kenta with his MarineAngemon, Impmon, with his partners Mako and Ai, Calumon and last but not least there's me and Monodramon.

Monodramon, by the way is the Reincarnation of my Veemon, From what this alternate Azulongmon has told me, The Guardians of my Digital World were unable to find another Veemon in the World, so they had to do the next best thing and get a cousin of a Veemon's who could Digivolve into a Cyberdramon, since Veemon was in that form when he died.

Anyway, I've digressed long enough about me. When I met the Tamers, false memories of me were put into the thoughts of all the people I suppose ably would interact with. A married couple in the real world actually believes me to be their son, when in fact they've never had kids before. I in a matter of speaking appeared out the thin air. Apparently I had disappeared a few years before Takato and the others got their Digimon partners. When I set foot in the Real World for the first time, there were reporters that kept asking me things like, where I had been for all the years that I 'left'. Finally I gave them some cock-and-bull story about how I traveled to all these worlds and met Ken, and that he became the Digimon Emperor, by taking a Dark spore to the neck for me. The Producers of the Digimon show where so impressed with my story that they actually changed the plot of how Ken really became the Digimon Emperor to my lies. Video Game companies even made a series of games for the 'Wonderswan' gaming console that revolved around my made up story. Truth is, I didn't even know what I was talking about, but they don't need to know that.

I have a confession to make; a few years ago I would have thought that writing in a Journal was for wusses, but it's actually quite therapeutic. I feel like a huge burden has been temporarily lifted from my shoulders. I still feel guilt from my actions, but I don't regret coming, here; in fact even though my mission was over ever since the D-Reaper was taken out, I still don't plan on returning home, and maybe that's my greatest guilt of all.

I have to go now, I promise to write again soon.


Davis Motomiya


Daisuke Motomiya


Ryo Akiyama

"Do it again Agumon, and put more heart into it this time!" Tai commanded.

"Pepper Breath!" Agumon yelled as he fired out a ball of Fire from his mouth which caused a hole in the rock he'd been aiming at.

"Training hard or hardly Training?" a voice behind Tai asked.

Tai grinned and wiped of the sweat from his forehead "Hey Ken."

Ken sat down and looked at the Sunset in the distance; Tai noticed that Ken was thinking about something, so he sent Agumon off to rest while he talked to Ken.

Tai sat down next to Ken to watch the horizon, at first the two watched the Sunset in silence. Finally Tai broke the silence.

"You're thinking about him aren't you?" he asked.

Ken smiled slightly, "Am I that easy to read?"

"Not really, since I was thinking the exact same thing."

"Do you think he's alright where ever he is?"

"Davis? He'll be just fine, I'm still worried if he's okay, but I've known him since he was eight, trust me he's a trooper."

"Yeah, I know what you mean; although it was pretty hard for us to accept at first."


"Davis!" The Digidestined ran with Ken in the lead. But they were too late, the portal had already closed.

Ken collapsed on his knees "No…Davis…"

"Where did he go!?" Matt demanded from Gennai.

"He willingly went on a special Mission for us." Gennai responded. "Don't worry about him."

"Why would he do that?" Yolie asked.

"Your comrade felt a massive amount of guilt for his actions, and so he was desperate for salvation. Although we do not know the length of time of his going away." Biahumon answered.

Some of the Digidestined were beyond speechless.

"You sent him away without knowing that? Good lord, what about his family?" T.K asked.

"The moment Davis stepped through that portal all traces of his existence were wiped from the real world. Cell phone accounts, bank accounts, birth certificates, memories, photographs, everything. Only Digidestined and their Digmon are capable of acknowledging his existence. His parents won't even realize that they're missing a child." Azulongmon said.

"I don't believe it…." Tai said softly.

"We lost him again…" Sora cried.

All the Digidestined began to have a moment of silence for their exiled comrade.

"Everyone please you all must pull yourselves together, Davis will come back to us someday. But in the mean time you all need to get stronger, with B.Azulongmon on the loose, this means certain war. We need to contact all the Digidestined of the world, explain the situation to them and unite all of us together, to fight. We're going to have a lot to do and it's only going to get tougher before it gets easier, but as long as we stay strong, everything will be fine." Gennai said.

Everyone nodded in acknowledgement of these words.


"He'll definitely come back some day, I believe in him." Tai said. "But in the mean time, we need to keep our focus here. " Most of the others are in all over the world tracking down and recruiting Digidestined; as well as finding potential ones."

"You're right Tai…thanks." Ken said softly as he continued to watch the sunset as he remembered how Davis changed his life. How he went from the arrogant antisocial Digimon Emperor, to Ken Ichijouji friend of everyone. "Thanks to you, I was given a second chance at living. You saved me from the pain and loneliness in my heart. I can never give back what you've given me. Thank you so much Davis."

Somewhere In the Digital World

B.Azulongmon lay on his throne in his newly built citadel. Below him at a long rectangular, where his Nine top elite Necromon whose power was second only to his own. They all looked like there former Digimon selves, except there was a noticeable hole in each their chests and a number '12' located on an exposed part of their bodies. They were all seated and awaiting B.Azulongmon's instruction.

"Good evening members of the IN9; I'm glad that you are all here." B.Azulongmon said.

"As you are all aware we have a situation on our hands. I am preparing for World Domination, and I have freed all Nine of you from The Dark Ocean to help me to do it. I have even gone as far as too convert each of you from your former selves into Necromon."

"Lord B.Azulongmon, with all due respect how can we conquer the Digital World and the Real World with the Digidestined in our way? Moreover I've been gathering information, and apparently those damned children are gathering even more Digidestined to fight against us." One of the Nine Members asked.

"You underestimate me Diaboramon. This was to be expected from the Digidestined, they know that a war will soon be at their Doorsteps, and when you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. But it doesn't matter what they do, the Digidestined and all our enemies will fall before us." B.Azulongmon said reassuringly.

Another Digimon raised his arm.

"Yes? What is it Daemon?"

"What of Davis Motomiya? I'm to understand that the boy has a great potential so become a powerful asset to the Digidestined. The most proper way to handle this would be to destroy him while he has yet to unlock that potential."

B.Azulongmon chuckled. "Don't worry about Davis; I sense that his existence has completely disappeared from both the Digital world and the Real World, which means that the Guardians are more than likely hiding him somewhere. But no matter, He will be no threat to us. When the time comes, he too shall be crushed by our might. That reminds me, Piedmon how is the gathering of our military power coming along?"

"Very well my master. Machinedramon, Ladydevimon, MaloMyotimon and I have been working around the clock, gathering Necromon-potential Digimon. We should be ready to declare war across the Digital World in a matter of four more months." Piedmon answered obediently.

B.Azulongmon shook his head disapprovingly. "Speed up the process and have our military ready in half that amount of time, the more time we give those foolish Digidestined to prepare for battle, the more complicated things will get for us. Although I do appreciate a good challenge, there's much more at stake here than just a foolish prize.

B.Azulongmon's eyes became dangerously sinister as he finished his sentence. "…after all…our objective is everything."


AN: Wow, look how far we've come. It's hard to believe I've been writing this fore over a year now. It kind of feels like a chapter of my life is closing (hey I just realized the pun). Anyway, we all still have Redemption Miracles to look forward too.

BTW: What do you guys think of Davis being Ryo? This is the main reason I kept asking people who dissed Ryo in their reviews why they did that. When I first saw Ryo, I really thought he was Davis until I heard his name. Think about it, when Davis's hair is cut to resemble the one he had as an adult, as well as switch his eye color, He does in a way look like Ryo. Those two even somewhat act alike.

The reason I asked for the age limit for Statutory rape in Japan, is because Davis is going to be dating Rika in Redemption Miracles and they are in fact, going to have a passionate moment, and I didn't want people reviewing me curses since according to the time line Davis would be seventeen, whereas Rika would be fourteen. I don't think it's a problem though.

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