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This is going to be a short little fic that is meant to be funny more than anything else and you shall see why in a few chapters.

Who's the Daddy

Chapter One: Untitled

Voldemort had been killed by Harry Potter the summer after he had completed his schooling at Hogwarts. It was a stormy night much like the one upon which Harry's own parents were killed. On the day of Harry's eighteenth birthday they fought on the grounds of Hogwarts.

Harry faced Voldemort with his friends and family nearby, supporting him and helping him by keeping the Death Eater's away from him. They dueled for what felt like days, but was only for four hours. Finally Voldemort made a mistake and Harry took his chance and killed him. He made sure nothing and no-one could ever bring him back.

He had lost a number of friends and family: Molly, Charlie, Percy, Hermione and many others as well. He had been awarded the Order of Merlin First Class; everyone else had been given the Order of Merlin Second Class.

He was now working at the W.W.W. he didn't know what he was going to do with himself. He hadn't thought much about what he would do after defeating Voldemort; he hadn't thought that he would survive the duel. So he had decided to take time out and help the twins.

He was also in a relationship with Fred and George Weasley. He was living with the twins in the apartment above the W.W.W. it was a year after Voldemort was killed and Harry was now celebrating his nineteenth birthday. He had told everyone that he wanted to spend the day with the twins, alone, though he was going to have dinner with the Weasley family as well.

Fred and George were already up and about. They were sorting Harry's presents and breakfast in bed for him. Fred carried the tray of food to the bedroom, spelled to keep it at the right temperature. George was levitating Harry's presents behind him. They walked into the bedroom.

Fred put the tray down and George piled the presents at one side of the room. They both climbed back into bed, waiting for Harry to wake up. They were going to leave the shop closed for the day to stay with Harry.

Harry lay curled up in their arms. His head lay gently on George's chest. He awoke to the warmth of Fred and George's arms. He blinked his blurry eyes and looked up into George's smiling face. George lent down and softly kissed him on the lips. He felt another kiss on the back of his neck.

"Morning Harry," Fred greeted as Harry turned over and received another kiss. "Happy birthday Love."

"Yeah Happy birthday Harry," George said as he sat up and brought Harry with him, letting him lean against him.

"Thank you both," he said, as Fred cuddled up to them both.

Fred gave one last kiss to Harry then levitated his breakfast over to him. Fred and George took turns at feeding him his breakfast. After breakfast George levitated one present at a time over to him. He received a variety of gifts from his friends and family.

"What do you want to do today Harry?" Fred asked him as they settled back on the bed with their arms wrapped around Harry.

"Just to lay with you two all day, and have some fun." He smirked at them both as he turned around to face the two of them.

"Well that my dear Harry can be arranged," George said, kissing along Harry's neck suggestively.


"George will you hurry up please!" Harry shouted as he and Fred stood waiting for him to get ready.

"Yeah hurry up its only family not the Minister of Magic!" Fred laughingly teased his brother.

George came running down the stairs and shouted back, "But he is the Minister of Magic."

Harry shook his head and replied to him, "Yes George we know that but he is family, he isn't the Minister with us all the time. You get worse every time you know."

They walked over to the fire place and lit it, taking a handful of floo powder they flooed over to the Burrow. Harry went last so the twins could catch him as he fell out of the fireplace with his usual grace. They walked into the garden where a table was set up for them.

Ron was over to one side with his new husband Draco. Ginny and Bill were laughing at something next to them. Arthur walked over to them all and greeted them. He was somewhat thinner, since Molly was killed in the final battle he was at a loss. He finally found purpose when he was suggested to be the next Minister of Magic.

They talked about what they have been up to over the last few months since they last got together. Dinner was lovely, in celebration and remembrance. It was very late by the time they all went back home. The day was a success; they had made plans to do so again very soon.

Well what do you think of the first chapter of yet another new story.

Like I said I have loads of them waiting in the wings. Like a sequel to Alone, which will be a Harry/Remus fic. Another Harry/Severus fic where they are forced to get married and Severus becomes abusive. Another Harry/Sev, can't tell you the story line, as it will give too much away. Yet another Harry/Sev where Severus dies and Harry is left alone. A hurt comfort fic with romance between, yep you guessed it Harry and Severus. Its my fav pairing. A Harry/Charlie Weasley fic where Harry becomes preggers but the keep it quiet. A Remus/Harry fic Harry is Remus' mate. And a Draco/Harry fic, they are to be married and Harry is raped, Harry is a shamed of what has happened so he leaves, but Harry is also preggers. And another one, don't know if it will be romance where Harry kills Voldemort but the wizarding world thinks he is dead, the Dursley care about him and take care of the injured lad. The wizarding world finds him and the try and get him thrown into Azkaban.

That is what I have though of since I was away. Wrote about a chapter for some two for others. But have serious writers bloke for them so wont post just yet.