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Chapter Seven

Epilogue Two

Seven-year-old Jade Molly Potter-Weasley stood outside of her Daddy's bedroom. Her four-year-old twin brothers, Evan Sean and Luke Irvin were sitting next to her. Her uncle's Draco and Ron were waiting with them to make sure to keep them out of trouble. Evan and Luke reminded everyone of Fred and George and their mischievous ways. They had red hair like their father Fred and green eyes like their daddy, Harry.

Jade was her daddy all over with jet-black hair and bright green eyes. She was quiet as well, not like her brothers. She looked up at her Uncle Ron, he was her favourite uncle as he spoiled her rotten and was always telling her about the adventures he and her daddy had gone on before she was born. Her Uncle Draco was a little more reserved, he was quiet and was now a Potions Master, though when she stayed with the two he was the one to read the bedtime stories.

The door opened and George walked out, carrying two little bundles in his arms. "Fred did it again," he said to Ron and Draco.

"Again, that's three times now, he fainted when Jade was born, and when the twins were, and of course today." Ron laughed as Draco joined in the laughter. Jade and the twins just looked at their Papa and Uncles. They didn't know what they were talking about.

Fred walked out of the room with two more bundles in his arms. He smiled faintly at the three grown ups and the three young children that were in the hallway. Draco and Ron looked shocked at the appearance of Fred. "Four!" Ron exclaimed. "I thought Harry was only having twins," he added as he looked between his brothers.

"So did we, but these two little mites snuck up on us. They are a little smaller than the girls, but they are healthy. Come on lets go back into Harry. I think he may be getting lonely. Jade, Evan and Luke, I want you all to be careful with daddy okay, he is feeling a little sore, okay sprites," George said as he turned to his three oldest children. They may not be his biologically, but they were in his heart and that's what counted.

"Yes Papa George," the three said at once. Everyone went into the bedroom where Harry was sitting up on the bed. Poppy had packed up her things and was about to leave the room, she quickly said her goodbyes to them all and left the large family alone.

"Well I think you definitely had the Weasley fertility Harry." Draco smiled as he sat down at the end of the bed.

"I am not going through this again." Harry smiled back as George place one of the little girls in his arms.

"Well you kept your promise of making sure that George was a dad too, so you don't have to," Fred said. "Well at least we have our own Quidditch team," he added jokingly.

"Oh Merlin, if they had inherited their daddy's talents and end up in Gryfindork. Oww," Draco started as Ron elbowed him in the side for him Gryfindork comment. "As I was saying, if they end up in GRYFINDOR, Slytherin will never stand a chance; I don't think Severus will be too happy." Severus Snape was still the Potions Master at Hogwarts, though he had taken the position of deputy headmaster last year when Albus retired.

"I'll never forget that he wouldn't help me when I found out I was pregnant with Jade. He told Poppy which way I was heading," Harry grumbled a little, remembering the day seven years ago.

"Did you ever get him back for that?" Ron asked curiously as Fred placed his youngest nephew into his arms.

"Yes we did, and that is our little story, I may tell you some time," George said, smiling at his youngest brother.

"Daddy," said a quiet little voice belonging to Evan. He walked forward slowly, he was a little nervous about his new brother and sisters.

"What you going to call them daddy?" Jade said as she joined the elder of the twins.

"Nicola Lucile is the one if your Papa's arms, the one I am holding is Adeline Roslyn. Fred is holding little Deanna Katharine, your little brother is called Lee Conner," Harry answered his first-born daughter.

"Four girls and three boys. I feel sorry for you Harry," Draco said, even though he was a little envious of his friend. Ron and he had decided that they were going to try for a baby with the male fertility potion, which they had to use, as Harry was a natural Carrier.

"Come here you three," Fred said to his three children, who were still near the doorway, though Evan and Jade had moved closer a little. Luke was still by the door.

"Come on you have to see your new brother and sisters," Harry encourage. He was tired and wanted to go to sleep.

They moved forward and climbed onto the bed. Ron, Fred, George and Harry showed them all one by one the new family members.

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