TITLE: Accidents Do Happen
AUTHOR: Duochanfan A.K.A Sue
PART: 1/14
SPOILERS: May be spoilers from book 1 to 4, book five was erased from existence because I don't like the fact that Sirius is dead, I cried my eyes out when I read about that. My mom had to give me a big hug. Lol.
WARNINGS: Mpreg, Language, slight AU, angst
DISCLAIMER: I don't own Harry Potter or anything to do with all of that, there is no profit in this it's just a bit of fun for everyone to enjoy.
SUMMARY: An accident leaves Harry in an awkward situation. How will Severus react to it?
AUTHOR'S NOTES: This story is an entry in Misconceptions: Harry Potter Mpreg Fuh-Q-Fest Wave 3 (http/hpmpregfqf. Challenge 13: One wants kids, the other doesn't. Not long after an especially big fight about it, an accidental pregnancy occurs. Yes it was really an accident --- but his partner is furious and refuses to believe he didn't do it on purpose. (Submitted by Scarlet Carly)

FqF Challenge 60: Pregnancy completely drains magical power. The pregnant person is left completely without magic for the duration pf the pregnancy. (Submitted by Charlotte Makenna)

Pairings: HP/SS

List A: Potter, Harry- Saviour of the wizarding world.

List F: Snape, Severus- Hogwarts Faculty.

BETA: Well that was once my brat of a sister, but I got it re-betated by none other that the brilliant Tiger of the Fire, Thank you so much. Runs up and gives her a big big BIG hug

I really hope you enjoy this story. It does jump a bit so be warned though I don't think I left anything open, well except the end but I might do a sequel if I get enough reviews asking for one.

Well on with the fic don't you think!

Accidents Do Happen

Harry walked into his and Severus' quarters at Hogwarts after his day of teaching DADA. He watched his lover and now husband reading a potions journal in the worn, red armchair near the roaring fire. Harry walked and sat down on the matching couch and curled up on one end.

"Severus?" he said, inquiring.

"Yes Harry," he answered, closing his book and putting it down on the low coffee table in front of him.

"Have you ever thought about children?" he asked, watching Severus' face closely to see his reaction.

"I don't want any children," Severus replied, keeping his face neutral, not giving Harry a chance to see what was going on beneath Severus surface façade.

"Why Sev?" he asked, uncurling from his position on the couch. "We could offer a child a lot," he added still watching Severus, not seeing anything to show what he was feeling.

"No I wouldn't make a good father," Severus replied, keeping his voice steady and with conviction of his words.

"But Sev, please listen, we could have a family of our own, and you would be a great dad Sev," Harry argued back, standing up from his seat and looking a Sev with pleading eyes.

"No Harry, it will not happen!" he shouted back, getting up from his chair and walking a few steps away from Harry.

"Sev please we could do this and make it work, we could be great parents. Sev," Harry pleaded with his husband of two years.

"NO!" Severus shouted turning swiftly to face Harry. "No more, this discussion is over Harry. It will never occur again either," he added, walking out of the room and into his lab that was added onto the living room.

Harry stood watching Severus stalk from the room. Harry fell back onto the couch and lay down curled into a little ball. A sob made it passed his lips. He cried for the loss of his hopeful dreams for a family he had always wanted.

It took three weeks for Severus and Harry's relationship to get back to normal. It was soon a month after their argument about having kids. Harry walked into their quarters, finding Severus reading a potions book once again. Harry gently rubbed his throbbing temples, trying to alleviate the pain.

"Bad day?" Sev asked, looking up and noticing the slight frown Harry had between his eyes, telling Severus Harry was in pain.

"Just a minor headache, 3rd year Slytherin and Gryffindor double, some Slytherins decided it would be fun to start hexing people. The Gryffindors decide pay back was a nice idea," Harry explained, rolling his eyes. "Thank Merlin its Friday," he added quietly, looking forward to the weekend.

"There are headache potions in the lab, why don't you go get one," Severus suggested as he went back to reading his book.

Harry gave a slight nod at the suggestion and went into Severus' potions lab. He opened the cupboard holding Sev's potions. He looked for the blue potion that was for headaches. He saw midnight blue and royal blue potions next to one another.

'Wish I knew more about potions,' Harry though to himself. 'Well I'm pretty sure it's the midnight blue,' he added as he picked up the vial and downed the potion shuddering at the taste. 'Wish they could make them taste better.'

He walked back into the warm living room and went up behind Severus. Wrapping his arms loosely around and laying his head gently onto Severus', he sighed in content.

"I'm going to bed," Harry whispered softly. "You coming," he added with a loving smile playing on his lips.

9th November Two weeks later

"Accio writing material," Harry said, needing his writing stuff to mark the test's he had given earlier that day. Nothing came towards him, he tried a few more simple spells and nothing worked for him.

He got up from his chair in his DADA office and went to the hospital wing of the school to see Madam Pomfrey. He walked through the doors and went up to Poppy who was sitting at her desk, making notes on what potions she needed to restock on.

"Poppy, I have a problem," Harry said as he reached her desk and stood in front of it.

"Harry," she greeted as she looked up at him. "So what seems to be the problem?" she asked smiling.

"My magic has stopped working, I can't do any spells," he told her as they made their way to one of the beds.

After twenty minutes of diagnostics spells and tests they had their answer to Harry's problem. Harry sat up in shock, as the news was severely disturbing.

"Harry," Poppy said gently. "Your magic won't return until the baby is born," she explained softly, as she sat next to him on the bed.

"So I've only just gotten pregnant?" he asked confused, as what he remembered reading told him that for the duration of a male pregnancy he would be without magic.

"No, for the first two weeks after conception your magic is not as strong as it was before, this is to allow the baby and womb to stabilise inside of you," she started to explain, "When both are stabilised all your magic focuses upon the unborn baby, protecting it from what happens outside." Harry looked and listened to her avidly.

"I…Erm…I've got to go," he said absently, standing up with Poppy following him.

"I'll give you a list of what to do and what not to do. The best thing for you to do now is rest. Go to your room and sleep for a while, and since its Saturday tomorrow have a lie in," she told him gently, as she went to her desk and started to make the list.

"Okay Poppy," he agreed, feeling tired and apprehensive at how to tell Severus the news.

"May I ask which potion you took?" she asked the twenty-three-year-old.

"I didn't take a potion for this, we decided against having children," Harry replied, remembering the argument almost two months ago.

"Well you must have taken something," she said. "Male pregnancies don't happen on their own." She handed over the list.

"Thank you Poppy," he said as he looked at the list then folded it up and put it in his pocket.

"I'll see you every two weeks, okay Harry," she said as she watched the bewilder man. "Male pregnancies are still very difficult to go through, they can put a lot of stress on the body," she added, gently cautioning him.

Harry once again thanked Poppy for her time. He walked through the doors and went to the dungeons where his quarters lay. He walked in and noticed that Severus wasn't there yet. Harry slowly walked into the bedroom and changed, climbing into bed with a heavy heart, he fell into a worried sleep.

Severus walked into his and Harry's quarters, not seeing Harry in the living room he looked in the bedroom. Seeing Harry already in bed asleep let him decide to do the same. Climbing into bed after he had changed, he pulled Harry towards him and fell to sleep.

Harry woke up alone in the morning; the other side of the bed was cold, suggesting that Severus had already gotten up. He climbed out of bed putting on his glasses and gathering thing for his morning shower. After his shower he walked into the living room, not seeing Severus there he went and popped his head around the door of Severus' personal lab.

Severus was in there with his head over a cauldron experimenting on one of his new potions. Harry withdrew his head from the room and quietly closed the door. He went to the couch and sat down watching the fire wondering how he was going to tell Severus that he was pregnant. He got back up, restless with worry, and went to his desk and sat down. He worked hard on the next few months of lesson plans for his DADA classes. They spent the rest of the day working and only sat down together when it was dinnertime.

"What's wrong Harry?" Severus asked as they finished their meal. "You've been quiet all day," he added, looking across the table at Harry who was sat looking at his half empty plate.

"I had to go see Poppy yesterday," he began quietly as he stood up and went to the couch and sat down.

"What did she have to say?" Sev asked, sitting in his usual chair.

"She said that I…Erm…," he started nervously. "That I'm pregnant," he blurted out as quickly as he could while looking at his clasped hand in his lap.

"You're what!" Severus shouted at his husband, jumping up from his chair and facing him.

"I'm pregnant; I'm about two weeks along," Harry whispered softly as he sent up a silent prayer of hope that nothing too bad would happen.

"You did this on purpose, you knew that I didn't want children and you go against my decision!" he ranted at the subdued Harry who sat quietly on the couch listening to all Severus said.

"I didn't do this on purpose Sev this was an accident, I don't know how this happened; please Sev I'm sorry;" Harry told him; looking Severus dead in the eye.

"Out!" Severus shouted at him, the anger boiling fourth from him as he pointed to the door.

"What?" he asked not believing what his ears told him.

"I want you out of here now;" Severus told him more calmly still pointing to the door to their quarters.

"Sev don't, please don't, you don't mean that," Harry pleaded as he got up from the couch and walked towards Severus an arm reaching out to touch his loved one.

"Go Potter!" Severus commanded coldly as he walked a few steps further from Harry's out reached hand.

Hearing his last name come from the lips of the one he loved wounded his heart deeply. He looked Severus in the eyes, seeing the hate within he lowered his head, blinking his eyes repeatedly, trying to keep the tears of hurt falling from his emerald eyes.

He walked out of the room pausing before he closed the door casting one last glance back at Severus, and then closed the door behind him. He ran to his DADA office and sat down in his uncomfortable chair. The tears began to fall down his pale cheeks, he sobbed harshly until he fell into a worrisome sleep.

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