Summary: Set half way after Divide and Conquer, after Cyborg leaves all the other Titans split. Raven goes to another City known as Blackheath and works as an assasin for Tru Corp. She is sent on a mission to assassinate the the President's fiancee, the World's most famous Vet, America's best rocket scientist and the sexiest man alive, not knowing who they really are...

A/N: I am over looking Raven's destiny and the fact that she is a portal for her father, so Raven chooses her own destiny. Don't give me grief because of this. It's my story and I want it this way so it will be this way. Thanks

Disclaimer: I do not own the Titans, I'm just borrowing the characters for a while.

Chapter 1

She sat in her apartment and stared out at the ocean, she picked up the champayne glass and twirled the slender stem expertly in her delicate fingers, the red liquid moving mildly around inside the clear solid. She looked over at Ryan who was typing away on his computer oblivious to everything around him. She rose and walked towards the balcony and slid the glass door open, it gave way with a soft hiss, and she stepped onto the large grey stone balcony that had a beautiful view of the sea. The wind picked up and blew her hair around her face, she strolled lazily over to the black rail. Her hand touched the cold metal and she took in a deep breath, the scent of salt and Pantene teased her nostrils. She closed her eyes for a brief occasion appreciating the placid moment.

It was early evening and the sun was slipping away - sneaking away to hide behind the horizon. Soon they shall be basked in darkness and the placid feel shall disappear and will be replaced with excitable rush of killing. She drained the last of the red liquid, spun around and marched back to the apartment.

When she stepped into the apartment she was greeted the the fimiliar melody of Sade, singing By your Side.

The lounge was decorated very delicately, it had a lush white SOFFIO suite by Ermes, a contemporary designer leather suite from Italy and coffee table. The dining room consisted of an Italian made extending console table and eight stackable Italian made chairs. The carpet was a modern Soho carpet from the Prairie collection. a mixture of grey, blue, camel and a bit of white. The kitchen consisted of stainless steel appliances, and a gorgeous stainless steel double door fridge that dominated the medium sized kitchen. The counter tops were dark motled marble, and the cabnet doors were a camel colour, and the tiles were a black with silver and gold specks. She walked into the kitchen and opened the silver dishwasher and put her empty glass on one of the many racks and shut the door. She walked over to the coffee table in the lounge, picked up her phone and marched out of the gorgeous apartment. She glided down the hallway and into the elavator with an elderly rich snobbish neighbour, who looked down her nose at everyone including her neighbours.

When the elavator reached the bottom floor she silently walked out the door and to her car. She stopped by a sleek black Jaguar and slid the key into the door. She turned the key and pulled on the handle. The door made way for her and she slipped into the very expensive car. She put the key in the ignition and started the car, the powerful engine roared to life and she started off on her journey to Tru Corp.

It has been many years after the break up of the Titans, after Robin and Cyborg had a huge argument when their sonic boom attack didn't work. After Cyborg left everyone else seemed to drift apart and the Teen Titans split. Now a decade later the Titans haven't been in contact with each other, and they have all gone their seperate ways.

Raven got out of the Jag and walked into a large unmarked skyscraper, she pushed the large doors open and entered the very empty reception room. Behind the reception desk sat Sonia, a bubbly brunette with way too much makeup on. She looked up at Raven and smiled, showing her lipstick stained teeth. Raven nodded her greeting and continued towards the elavator. She pushed a button and the elavator moved up, up to the very top floor. The small room then stopped moving and a bell was heard, signalling the top floor. The doors gave way and exposed a huge laboratory office. Raven stepped into the busy room and walked over to the main balcony that over looked everything. A cup of coffee was thrusted into her hand along with a file. Raven sipped on the coffee, while she scanned through the file. The file was showing information and pictures of a man named Roy, he was the CEO of a large business and now someone paid mega bucks for his demise. She drank her coffee while she read about his history. She then shut the file and gave it to Natasha, her PA. Tasha looked at Raven and then grabbed her cup of coffee before saying. "Roy (A/N: I don't know his surname, so I will make up one) Smith, the new CEO of Graham LTD. He is wanted dead by his accountant. The death should be plotted as either a suicide or an unexplained death, take your pick. Preferably no weapon if unexplained but if suicide there is a cabnet in his house with a revolver, use that"

Raven nodded her understanding and walked towards the changing room, she slipped on a black leather outfit (A/N: I like her wearing that) and after she received the address she teleported to Roy's place.

When Raven arrived at Roy's house the darkness had already overwhelmed the sunlight and Blackheath was encased a black shadow, except for the places where the street lamps shone and where the window lights of the houses were visable. The passing cars were like dark creatures who blinded you as they approached and glared at you with red eyes as they passed. The streets were deserted, the last of the passing cars were just red blurs. Raven teleported into the house, she stuck to the shadows as she moved from room to room, so that she could not be seen in the surveillance cameras. Roy was asleep in his bed when she found him, she watched him for a second then her eyes turned white and a pillow next to him was encased in black energy, it floated into the air and moved into position above Roy before it came down with a force on his head. She could see Roy was awake now because her was struggling, using her powers she encased Roy in a shadow and subdued him in a position where he was pushing the pillow onto his face. It was over in a few seconds, she could feel his heart stop and his body go limp. The darkness disappeared and she left him as he was, she then teleported back to Tru Corp.

Well that's the end of the first chapter. As you can see Raven is my favourite character so everything revolves around her.

A/N: Oh and Ryan is her husband.

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