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Lesca Investigations

Chapter One:
Good Connections

Yuna Lesca dropped her pen on the desk and answered the phone with her usual response. "Lesca Investigations."

"Relax boss, its jus' me." Replied Yuna's chirpy young secretary. Despite herself, Yuna smiled. As the head of such a large corporation Yuna was prone to stress induced mood-swings. But ever since she had hired Rikku Sanning, Yuna had mellowed considerably.

"What is it Rikku?" She asked.

"There's a man in the waiting room who says he needs to see you."

"Does he have an appointment?"


"Well… is he anyone I know?"


Yuna sighed. "Then why are you even asking Miss Sanning?" She used a firm tone, after all Rikku was still relatively new and may not be familiar with L.I. procedures.

"Because…" Her secretary wheedled. "He's really cute boss!" Yuna ground her teeth. That would make it the third time this week that Rikku had tried setting her up with a client, and this one didn't even have an appointment.

"No Rikku. I can't. I have an interview today for another operative."

"But boss…" She protested.

"Don't argue. If it's that important, get him an appointment."

"Okay…. Speaking of your new operative, I think she just walked into the reception. She's scary. Shall I send her straight in?"

"Please do." Yuna hung up and tried to stem her irritation. She was fed up with people trying to interfere in her personal life. The young CEO sat back in her chair and composed herself before her applicant arrived. She pulled out the file she needed and was scanning the document when the door opened to reveal her next candidate.

One word sprang to mind as Yuna regarded the woman: Black.

Clothed from head to toe in a black business suit with close cut dark hair and eyes that burned scarlet like hot coals, the woman exuded an almost tangible air of danger. Her ebony eyebrows arched confidently, her lips held firmly in a grim line. She wore no makeup, and something about her demeanor said she never needed to.

"Please, take a seat." Yuna greeted, indicating the chair before her desk. Wordlessly the woman sat. Yuna was slightly disconcerted by the applicants' silence, but masked it well by jumping straight in the deep end. "I'll be blunt with you Miss Spencer, your résumé is quite impressive. Two years as a Chief Officer within Crimson Corp. Countless successful missions, awards and recommendations. You also received highest honors for your part in bringing down Seymour, Spiras' most notorious criminal to date.

"Your list of references includes Nooj Knight, the Commander of Crimson Corp. himself, Gippal Steele, founder of the Machina Conglomerate and Baralai Drake the foremost political leader of our time. You certainly have friends in high places, Miss. Spencer, so why come to me?"

"I'm looking for a challenge." The woman replied. Her voice was low, menacing, but somehow, Yuna knew the threat wasn't directed at her.

"I look forward to presenting you with one Miss. Spencer." Yuna assured her, rising out of her seat and extending her hand. "Welcome aboard."

The woman mirrored her actions and accepted the handshake. "Call me Paine."

"Alright. If you will just go through to reception, my secretary will settle the paperwork with you. I hope you'll be able to attend the Mission Debriefing scheduled for tomorrow. Nine a.m. sharp in the conference room."

"I'll be there." Paine pledged, as she left.

Alone once more, Yuna smiled to herself. Days didn't get much better than this; she had finally cleared her backlog of paperwork, had found herself another first-rate operative, and to top it all off, two of her best agents were safely returning tonight after a successful mission to Zanarkand.

After gathering up Paine's file, and several others that she would be using, the young woman decided to take a break at the local coffee shop. On her way out she saw Rikku talking her newest agent through the paperwork.

"You know don't you," Rikku was telling her, a note of false innocence coloring her voice. "That the pen is mightier than the sword."

"I'll believe it when I see it." Paine replied coldly, but Yuna was certain she saw a ghost of a smile play along the woman's lips.

"Oh, boss, you're heading out?" Rikku asked, noticing her departure.

"Just on break Miss. Sanning. I'll be back shortly."

"You're not suppose to take your work with you when you go on break boss." The receptionist pointed out.

If any other person hadsaid this, Yuna would have been furious, instead she just grinned and found herself teasing the girl: "And you're not supposed to question the boss."

"Whoops!" She shrugged. "Well, try to actually have a break boss." Rikku laughed as she turned her attention back on the documents Miss. Spencer was still signing.

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