Welcome to a New World

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Chapter 1-Avatar and friends fall thru


"Aang, their catching up to us!" Katara called to her airbending friend. "Can't Appa go faster?"

"Yip yip Appa!" Aang called, pulling at the reigns of his flying bison.

"It's no use!" Kataras' warrior brother, Sokka, called. "I say we turn and fight!"

"You would", Katara muttered. "There's a crew of firebenders down there, we wouldn't stand a chance"

"You can't run forever Avatar!" the o to well known voice of Prince Zuko carried about two hundred feet, and still managed to reach the gang.

"Does he even know I have a name?" Aang muttered. "Okay, we gotta get outta Zukos' range"

"But how?" Katara asked. "We're two hundred feet or better up, and they're still gaining"

Aang looked behind him and saw, just as Katara had said, that the fire princes ship had in fact almost caught up to them. We need a distraction, Aang thought desperately, Something to give us enough time to get away…

Before Aang had stopped to think, he grabbed his staff and left Appas' reigns.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Sokka yelled, diving to grab control of the reigns.

"Aang wait!" Katara cried as the Airbender grabbed his staff and jumped off Appa. He opened his staff and started flying down to where the ship was.

"Okay Zuko!" he yelled as he got closer. "What'd you want?"

"What I always want!" he yelled back, preparing to attack. "To capture you, that's what! You can't' run forever Avatar!"

"My name is Aang!" Aang landed on the top of the ship, and used his staff to send a big gust of wind down onto the crew. The wind hit them and knocked them to the ground. Aang, figuring he had at least bought them a little time, opened his staff and took flight.

"You're crazy!" Sokka cried as Aang landed back on Appa. "What were you thinking?"

"Head for the woods", Aang instructed, pointing down toward a group of trees. "We can loose them there"

"Good thinking", said Katara, half admirably. "Go for it Sokka"

"Yip yip!" Sokka ordered, pulling at the reigns. Appa nodded to the command, and started to descend to the woods.

The landed in the woods and hopped off Appa.

"Momo!" Aang called to his lemur, who obeyed and jumped off Appa and onto Aangs' shoulder

"Lets move deeper into the forest", Aang said, pointing into the woods. "We'll lose them that way. The gang ran into the forest, in hopes of losing Zuko and his crew.

"Hey", said Katara suddenly, stopping. "What's that?" She pointed off to the left of where they were standing, and they saw a blue hole thing sitting there.

"Ooook", said Sokka. "So…what is it?"

"Lets' check it out", said Aang, running toward.

"Aang wait!" Katara cried, running after him. "It could be dangerous!"

Sokka and Appa ran after Katara, careful to keep an eye on Aang.

"Cool", said Aang happily as he approached the thing. "What is it?"
"I say we get away from it", said Sokka.

"But what is it?" Aang asked. And before anyone could stop him, he moved toward the thing and stepped thru.

"Aang!" the brother and sister looked at each other in shock.

"There's a cave over there", said Sokka pointing. "Appa, go hide on there." Appa went into the cave, and Sokka turned to Katara and said, "We have to go after him"

Katara nodded, and the two kids went thru the thing after Aang.

(What do you think so far? I know the only WITCH reference was the portal in the end, but hey, you'll see the guardians next time, I promise)