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A/N: I'm back to write another Teen Titans story. Just a head's up: This story is completely AU, and has no ties to the actual universe of the Teen Titans. I'm just using the characters in the Phantom of the Opera. But this performance will be different. I have added and deleted specific scenes from the Phantom of the Opera to either add or replace new scenes. Just because I can, and it makes me feel all important inside. Now, the cast:

Raven: the main heroine. She is an excellent singer, but is only backup in the opera, always in Jinx's shadow. (Age 15)

Robin: He is an old friend of Raven's. He hasn't seen her for years because he moved away, and has recently returned to Jump City. Has a crush on Raven. (Age 16)

BeastBoy: plays the part of the Phantom. He is still green, but hides it behind a mask. He is an excellent singer, but lives underneath the Opera in the shadows of the night. He is madly in love with Raven, and will stop at nothing to win her over. (Age 15)

Star: Is Raven's best friend. She also likes Robin, but is afraid to admit it to Raven. (Age 16)

Victor (Cyborg): Plays the main male role in the Opera (Not the story, but the opera in the story.) He and Jinx are currently dating. (Age 17)

Jinx: the main diva. She is the lead female in the Opera, and is very rude and loud. (Age 16)

Slade: Has recently purchased the Opera, and is angered to learn about the Beast. He isn't evil in this fic, just old and annoying. (Age. . .45?)

Brother Blood: Has recently purchased the Opera along, with his partner Slade. Not evil, just old (Age 70)

By the way: If anyone, anyone at all has a copy of the Phantom of the Opera script, please send me one via e-mail! Thus far, I am reciting from memory, something I don't entirely trust!

Oh, yeah: this story takes place in the modern day, in Jump City. Also, only two people have powers: Beastboy and Robin. That makes things more interesting. Also, Slade and Brother Blood aren't evil. I just picked two random adult characters to play his part, and I thought it would be humorous to see them do this. Now please, without further ado, let the masterpiece that is the Phantom of the Opera commence. Enjoy the show. . .

The Beast of the Opera

Chapter One

They ridiculed him, didn't take him seriously. And all because of the color of his skin. What world was so cruel that such an innocent young man be cursed with skin such as his? Green skin. . .what the hell. He couldn't be normal, like all the rest of the children he saw playing with their friends. He couldn't be normal. He just had to be different, an outcast, a shun to society. So, he ran away.

It never really mattered anyway. His parent were dead, and he didn't have any friends. No one wondered where the green kid went, as long as they knew he wasn't coming back. No one cared. The young boy of ten ran far away from his home in Metropolis, and ran to Jump City. He had heard Jump City was full of places he could stay. He was wrong.

The young boy was still shunned. And beaten. And even mugged. One day, he was running for his life from a group of muggers. Apparently, his skin was also prime target for the slime of Jump City. Not thinking, the young boy refused to fight back. If he transformed, he would just be found. So, instead, he escaped by transforming into a snake. He slithered into the sewers, safe from the muggers.

The boy spent a week in the sewers, traveling the catacombs in hopes of finding another home in the city beneath the city. And he found one. An ancient cavern beneath the Opera house. Jump City Opera House. And beneath it, his new home. He spent his next five years there, under the school. The cavern beneath it was a vast underground fortress, probably built by a church. For it was amazingly beautiful, the most wonderful place he had ever seen.

For five years, the boy lived under the Opera house, listening to the wonderful notes from above. Occasionally, the young man would travel above ground to watch the operas. The operator of the Opera found the young man, and took an immediate liking to him. He gave the Beast (as he called himself) a free seat to watch the Operas every night. He even payed the Beast, so he would feel obligated to come. He felt the poor youth needed something to brighten his life. And besides, the money gave him money for food.

So for years, the Beast would watch the plays and get his monthly salary of $1,000. And as he watched and listened. . . he learned. He committed the Operas to memory, and learned from them. He became an expert singer, practicing in his room until late at night, perfecting his talent. He hoped one day he could sing to people, instead of underground walls. But for now, he was content. At least, until SHE came into his life.

He was watching the Opera recital one day. The operator had recently opened his doors for the teenage youth of Jump City to try their hand at the Opera. And they were very successful, even more successful than his adult Operas. The teenagers of Jump City made performances every Saturday, and practiced in the Opera house every day after high school. They were even payed for their shows. The teenage opera soon became very popular.

So popular that it attracted the attention of some new recruits. And that's when the Beast saw her. She was beautiful beyond belief. She had the voice of an angel, and the heart of lion. She had short purple hair, and deep violet eyes. She was the most beautiful girl the Beast had ever seen. And he fell instantly in love with her. Her name was Raven.

The Beast learned that Raven had joined the opera to get some extra cash. Apparently, her father had run away, and her mother was in the hospital. That meant the young girl had to make her own money to support herself. So, she embraced her personal talent and went to the Opera to sing. That is where the Beast found her. And he has loved her ever since. But, he wondered, how could he get close to her? And, just like everything else in his life, the Beast found a way.


"No, no, no!" Mad Mod shouted to his young actors. He worked as maestro for the opera performers, and especially the teenage ones. The actors stopped and groaned, looking at their benevolent maestro. "Four of you missed the fifth cue. Again! You will never be ready by Saturday with that kind of sloppiness!"

"Well, maybe if the maestro would stop screwing around," Jinx complained. Around her, everyone else groaned and rolled their eyes. Their rude diva was always on the hunt. "I mean, how much do they pay you to carry a note?"

"Listen, missy. . ." Mad Mod started. "You may be the main diva, but that doesn't mean you get to talk to me that way!"

"Yeah, just chill girl," Victor said, grabbing his girlfriend's shoulder's. "I'm sure we can do it this time for sure."

"Yeah, you're right," Jinx said, leaning up to kiss her gigantic boyfriend.

"Attention! ATTENTION!" cried the operator. All of the cast turned to see their operator coming down the aisle, towards the stage, followed by two old gentlemen. "As you all well know, I am retiring this week," he said. Many groans could be heard as everyone had like the old operator. "Yes, I will miss you all, but it is for my health that I leave. So, I must introduce the two gentlemen that have very generously bought the Opera. May I present Mr. Slade and Mr. um...Blood."

There was faint applause heard from the stage. The two gentlemen didn't look very friendly at all. The first man, Mr. Slade, was very strong and muscular. He had a short white beard and an eye-patch over his right eye. He stared at the children with contempt in his. . .eye.

The second man, Mr. Blood, looked very different from his partner. He was about the same height, but older. He had a small patch of spiky grey hair around his long face, with a bald spot in the middle of his head. He looked at the children actually smiling, but his smile was creepy and frightening, as if he had just gotten away with murder. He was the first to speak.

"Now, look at all these smiling young faces!" he said, smiling at the teenagers who just scowled in return. "I just know we will all get along famously. And please, no need to be formal with me, you may call me Brother Blood."

To many of the teens, Brother Blood didn't really sound that much better that Mr. Blood. Raven eyes the gentleman from her place in the back as he continued talking. He seemed. . . nice enough, but Raven wasn't really sure. Besides, she didn't do nice. She had chosen to be emotionless at a very young age, afer seeing what her father did to her mother every night. She figured if she didn't feel, then she couldn't be hurt.

The second gentleman, Mr. Slade, didn't even make an effort to speak. He just looked at them with all with spite. Eventually though, Brother Blood finished his speech and nudged Slade, who grunted.

"My name is Slade, and you will never call me 'mister'," he exclaimed. "You shall refer to me either as 'master', or 'sir.' Nothing else. I purchased this opera house as a profitable business, and I expect great things from all of you. I hope, for your sake, that you live up to your standards."

At this many teens stopped to stare at the gentleman who had just spoken. Even Blood looked a little shocked at his partner's short speech. Raven perked up at this. Finally, a gentleman she could relate to. She felt like she would like Slade.

"Anyway. . ." Brother Blood continued, still eying his partner, "I just wanted to announce that no one will be losing their jobs. We will not change anything in this Opera house, as we have found it perfect as it is. We will only be making a few minor changes. . ."

With this, Blood looked over at this partner, urging him to tell them. Slade sighed and cleared his throat. "The first change will be that we are actually giving you all raises. You have all been given a fifty dollar raise in your salary." Slade stopped as the teens cheered. Finally, more money! "The second change is that two of you have had your places switched. Raven, and Terra?" The two girls looked up at Slade. "You two have been switched."

"Um. . .thanks," Raven said to Slade as she looked over at Terra. The girl smiled back at her. "But why have we been switched?"

"We believed that you were better for the role than Terra was," Blood said, giving both girls a smile. "In other words, I suppose you have been promoted."

"Thank you," Raven said, speechless. She looked to Terra, who just shrugged with a smile.

"I didn't really like that part anyway," Terra said, informing Raven. "And it's about time you got a better part, anyway."

"Thanks," Raven said in her monotone voice. Jinx looked up at this.

"Whatta you mean she got promoted?" She hollered. "That bitch can't carry a note at all! You'd be better off casting a guy than that goth!"

"And who exactly are you?" Brother Blood asked, eying the rude girl who had interrupted Raven.

"Why, I am the amazing Jinx, diva of the Opera," Jinx explained. As the young girl continued to rant on about her talents, the other teenagers groaned and looked away. Blood stared at the girl, his smile quickly fading.

Slade noticed this and turned to the operator. "Exactly why were you retiring again?" he asked, referring to Jinx.

"Uh. . . for my health, dear sir," the operator told him. Across the room, Jinx continued to yell at Blood.

"Are you sure about that?" Slade asked again. Finally, Blood snapped.

"Listen here, you ungrateful maggot! I am the proprietor of this Opera, and I will not be referred to in that manner!" Blood stopped as he looked around the room. All of the teenagers had fallen silent and were staring at the new owner in shock. Even Raven's eyes widened. "Well, what I mean is. . .uh, here," he said, pointing to Raven. "My dear, why don't you sing us a little something? Prove yourself?"

Raven nodded and nervously stepped forward. Clearing her throat, she looked around at their fellow singers. Many looked on with anticipation, eager to see why she had been promoted. The rest, like Jinx, looked at her with distaste, daring her to fail. Raven opened her mouth. . . and began to sing.

Several people gasped in surprise. Her voice was heavenly, as if an angel was signing the song. Her notes flowed beautifully from her mouth, as if she was playing it on a tape. But this performance was far better than any tape.

Around the room, many people stared in wonder. This was not the girl they knew at school, the dark, mysterious goth. She was something entirely different here, a signer beyond compare. Her voice had improved so much in just the three weeks she had spent here, that many wondered if she ever left.

Her voice filled the Opera hall, resonating off the walls, and echoing into the sky. Her voice touched the teenagers, filled with such sadness, but fueled by such strong hope. Even Slade seemed to soften a bit, his face relaxing noticeably. Blood smiled even wider, and Jinx was left with her mouth wide open.

As Raven's short song ended, there was silence. Many people were so shocked at her improvement in singing that they were left staring. Not a sound could b heard. Finally, a single person could be heard clapping. Everyone looked up to the entrance to see a handsome, black haired boy clapping richly. As the boy walked towards the stage, everyone else broke into heavy applause. Raven stepped back, smiling for once, but still nervous.

"Ah, yes," Slade said, speaking up at last. "This young man here is my nephew, Robin. He will be watching and rating your performances. He will also be charged as the link from actor to manager, so if any of you have any questions, please tell him, and he will tell us."

"I believe you all see now why Miss Raven was promoted?" Blood asked, smiling to the rest of the actors.

Many people muttered an understanding and turned back to Mad Mod. The maestro was just warming up, preparing a new number.

"Now, once again, from the top!" he cried. "Terra, Raven, new positions. Begin at your cue! And ready. . . begin!"

As the maestro began his song and music, the scene was played yet again, with Raven in her new position. She had memorized Terra's part already, as that had been the part she had originally auditioned for. It wasn't the lead role, but it was close

As the opera continued, Slade and Blood sat down, along with Robin. The three watched the performance with determined faces, sure that they were going to make a profit. Robin, however, only had eyes for one particular girl. Raven.

He had recognized her as soon as he had spotted her. The girl he had spent so many years playing with when he was a child in Jump City. He remember how heart-broken they both were when he had been forced to move to Gotham City, with his foster father, Bruce Wayne. They had only been nine and ten at the time, and now it was six years later. He wondered if Raven even remembered him.

He had been able to move back to Jump city for a short while to be with his Uncle Slade. He was only staying for a year, then he was going to go back to Gotham. So, he knew he would have to admit his feelings for Raven now, in this time. He couldn't bear having to leave again without admitting his feelings for her.

Suddenly, as the operator left, the room went dark. Several people screamed as the room was filled with darkness. Suddenly, the lights flickered again and finally came on. Blood cried out as he stood up.

"What was that?" he asked, looking around. Finally, one of the girls answered him.

"It was the Opera Beast," she said, brushing her red hair out of the way. Her name was Star.

"What is an Opera Beast!" Blood asked, his face screwed up.

"It is said that the Opera Beast haunts the Opera house. He does things like this like this whenever he is displeased," Star explained to him.

Suddenly, Jinx yelled out "Look!" and everyone looked where she pointed. Laying at the ground was a letter, with a green rose attached.

Slade kneeled down and retrieved the latter from the ground. He read it out loud. "'To the new operators of the Opera house: I wanted to remind you that my fee is still the same. I will receive my usual $1,000 monthly salary at the usual time. Also, the first balcony will still remain reserved my seating this Saturday. Failure to adjust to these demands will be met by disaster. Signed, the Opera Beast'?"

"What is the meaning of this!" Blood asked. Star spoke up again.

"Well, the old operator always paid the Beast $1,000 every month to make sure he didn't ruin the opera. And he always left the first balcony open for him to watch the opera without interruption," she explained. "If he didn't, than he tod us the Beast would do terrible things to the Opera house."

"Wait, there is more," Slade continued. "It also says he wants the diva, Jinx, to be replaced by. . . Raven?"

"WHAT!" Jinx exclaimed, staring at Raven.

Everyone gasped as they turned to face the young goth girl. Blood, however smiled.

"Well, it seems our mysterious guest enjoyed the little demonstration Miss Raven gave us," Blood explained. Turning to Slade, however, he said, "What are we to do about this? We can not afford to pay this Beast and leave the balcony open. And the people will not come if Jinx is removed, she is the most popular singer. Do we ignore it?"

"No, I have a better idea," Slade hissed back. "We will speak later, I have a plan."

"All right, calm down my little duckies," Mad Mod said, trying to stop the constant bickering from the actors. "Rehearsal is over, everyone report to your dressing rooms now! The Opera house closes in a few hours, we must let the adults arrive. Now, away with you lot!"

As the group broke away, Star ran over to Raven. The two girls began to talk as they headed back to their dressing rooms.

"You were amazing!" Star said, complimenting her friend. "Your lessons are truly paying off!"

"I know," Raven said, giving her a small smile. "I am just worried about what would happen if anyone found out the Beast is tutoring me. They might even fire me!"

"Not after that performance!" Star said, smiling away. "You sung even better than Jinx even! I wonder if they will actually replace her with you."

"Of course not," Raven said, her smile fading. "Jinx is too popular. She may be an evil bitch, but she won't be replaced. The crowd likes her too much."

"But we can still hope," Star said, smiling. "And did you see that handsome boy? What was his name. . . Robin! Is he the Robin if which you have so often spoke fondly off?"

"I think he is," Raven said, blushing slightly. "But I haven't see him in over six years, so I might be mistaken. Here, this is my room. Bye."

"Good-bye friend Raven!" Star cheered as the door slammed in her face.

Star knew better than to go into Raven's dressing room. No one ever went inside Raven's room. Star slowly walked away towards her own room, still thinking of the young man she had seen. She wondered if Raven would mind if she fell in love with Robin? Better to just keep thinking right now though. . .

As Star left, another figure took her place. The figure walked in the shadows, heading for Raven's room. The figure's face was set. It had some unfinished business to take care off with Raven. . .

A/N: I figured I'd leave you all in suspense right now. Who is this mysterious figure? What is Slade planning? And what will the Beast do? Find out in Chapter Two of The Beast of the Opera!

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