A fox trotted around in the deep forest, the silver moon and golden stars casting light from above the lush tree canopy of the forest. The fox was a vixen, her fur a bright crimson, but her paws and the tips of her ears and tail were jet black. And she was searching for something. She lifted her nose in the air, sniffing quietly. Suddenly she began to run madly towards a blinding light…

BEEP BEEP! Colleen shot straight up in her bed, scared awake by her alarm clock. She rubbed her head and thought what a weird dream. She got out of her bed and took off her pj's, which were a black undershirt and Homer Simpson boxers. She put on her favourite shirt, which was grey with the Superman logo in color on the front and "Supergirl" on the back in black lettering, her Polo Jeans bellbottoms, and dark blue Converse low tops. After making her bed and eating two Poptarts and a glass a milk, Colleen dashed out the door, her tan messenger bag hitting her left leg violently and her shoulder-length light brown hair getting into her grey-blue eyes.

She reached the school twenty minutes early, so she decided to get to her locker and get ready for class. She was finally adjusting to the change of time zones after moving to Japan in June with her family, due to her father's company moving him here. Luckily, she picked up Japanese fast. And now she looked around for her locker. She was looking at a map of the school trying to find her locker, when she bumped into someone.

She looked up from her map to she a redheaded girl looking at her. "I'm so sorry. I'm Colleen. I'm trying to find the hallway with my locker in it. I'm new," Colleen said nervously, blushing a little.

"Oh, it's okay. I bump into people all the time. I'm Ichigo. Hey, I think you're locker's near mine. I'm also new at this school. They opened it just this year. Let's find our lockers together," Ichigo said with a smile. Colleen dumbly nodded and walked along with Ichigo, talking to her about where she used to live and about her life in Japan so far.

As they got closer to their lockers, they began to discuss their romantic lives. "I've been single for my entire life. Not a problem, but a boyfriend wouldn't be bad. Guys never seemed to like me in America. Maybe I'll get more luck here in Japan. Maybe the reason I never got guys was-"

Here Colleen was cut off, as someone dragged her to the side by the waist. "Hey gorgeous, maybe I can help you with your singleness," said who ever had dragged Colleen from Ichigo as he pushed her into his chest. Colleen looked up at the guy who had interrupted her. He was American as well, with a smart-aleck smile on his face. He had dirty blonde curly hair that went to the beginning of his jaw. His eyes were a striking blue, like the color of icy cold water. His face was a soft tan. He was quite handsome.

But his handsome face didn't keep him from being slammed against a row of cold metal lockers with Colleen's fist ready to strike. Her eyes narrowed as she said in a hiss, "Watch it, you jackass, or your face won't be so pretty anymore." After this, she let go of him and walked back to Ichigo, oblivious to the staring crowd full of shocked faces. Ichigo's jaw was dropped. Colleen lifted her right eyebrow and asked, "What? I was going to say, it might be 'cause I can be a bit violent." Ichigo just nodded as they found the hallway with their lockers.

As they unlocked their lockers, Ichigo called two people over from their lockers nearby. "Colleen, these are Lettuce and Pudding. My other friends Zakuro and Mint go to private schools," Ichigo said as Colleen shook hands with her new friends. They gathered their stuff and walked to their next class nearby, Drama. Colleen sat in the desks next to Ichigo, Pudding and Lettuce. They talked about Colleen's weird male encounter until the bell rang and class started. Their teacher, Mr. Namasuki (I made this up, any coincidence to a real last name is coincidental) started to talk about how they were going to be doing a play for the class project for the year.

"Now class, I know all of you have been in a play at your previous schools, as was a requirement of getting into the class. I've already chosen parts due to the notes from your last drama teacher listed in your class records. The play will be Romeo and Juliet." A response of groans filled the room, and the group of four looked at each other anxiously.

"Maybe you'll get Juliet, Colleen," Ichigo joked. Colleen just rolled her eyes.

"Now, now, calm down. I will now announce the leading lady and gentlemen. Dacre Morris will play Romeo, and Colleen O'Brian will play Juliet. Now would you two please come to the front of the class," Mr. Namasuki announced, and Colleen blushed lightly as Ichigo pushed her to the front of the classroom. She saw that the guy who she had pinned against the locker was also coming to the front. She grabbed the Juliet script and saw he grabbed the Romeo script; afterwards he looked up at her and smiled deviously. Mr. Namasuki announced the rest of the parts, but Colleen couldn't pay attention.

The bell rang, much to Colleen's relief, after everyone got their scripts. As Colleen walked out with Pudding and Lettuce, Ichigo caught up and said, "Don't fall for Mr. Romeo. A lot of leading ladies fall for their leading man," Ichigo joked. Pudding, Ichigo and Lettuce laughed as Colleen rolled her eyes.

Colleen went to the rest of her classes, which oddly enough had Ichigo Pudding, Lettuce and Dacre in most of them. Dacre kept giving her suggestive looks, to which Colleen glared at. The last one, she flicked him off. "Ms. O'Brian, Mr. Morris out NOW! I will not have such behaviour in my classroom," bellowed Ms. Kasumi, their math teacher, as she pointed to the hallway. Colleen glanced sympathetically at her friends before stomping out the door with her stuff. She sat by the door and pulled out her science homework.

Dacre slide down beside her and said, " I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get us kicked out of class. How about you come with me to my house and practice our lines for the play?"

"Does my middle finger mean anything to you?" Colleen said bitterly as she glanced at him and gave him a fierce glare before returning to looking at the worksheet on ecosystems.

"We have to practice Colleen, or we won't be ready for practice on Friday. We have to have the first ten pages of our lines ready for practice by then," Dacre said as he turned Colleen's face back to face his.

Colleen tried to wrench her chin out of his hand as she replied, "What do you mean? I don't remember hearing that!"

Dacre smiled broadly as he answered, "it was announced when you weren't paying attention. So I'll meet you by your locker after this period is over?"

"Fine," Colleen grumbled as she broke free and gathered her stuff, seeing the class was over in about five minutes. "See you," she mumbled as she gathered her things and headed for her locker.

After a few minutes of waiting for Dacre, after telling Ichigo to call her cell later, Colleen began to go home. I'm not going to wait for a guy who won't even come to appointments he arranged Colleen thought angrily to her self as she exited the school's main gates. Suddenly, she heard panting and a hand clamped onto her shoulder. She turned her head, very scared, and saw that it was Dacre. "Sorry I'm l-late, huff, I had to, huff, get my script, huff, from my locker," he huffed as he started to walk next to her.

About ten minutes later, they were at Dacre's house. Colleen looked up at the house and breathed, "Holy crap, that's a big house."

Dacre chuckled as he unlocked the gate and the swung the front door open. "I'm going to change. Stay down here okay? Don't be a naughty girl" Dacre said with a twinkle in his eyes.

"I'm not perverted like you," Colleen said as she pulled out her script and he ran upstairs.


"Ryo, why are we doing this a second time?" At the Café' Mew Mew, Ryo and Keiichiro were working up another batch of animal DNA to try to inject again.

"Because, Keiichiro, the aliens are getting stronger. We need more help to get rid of them. Are the DNA tubes loaded properly?" Ryo seemed nervous and anxious to begin.

"The fox, racoon, bobcat, and tiger DNA samples are properly loaded. Shall we start the machine, sir?" Ryo nodded, and Keiichiro pressed a few buttons. As the machine was ready to inject, a terrible rumbling started.

"Earthquake!" Ryo and Keiichiro ducked and a beep sounded from the machine and blinding lights flashed: one red, one blue, one black, and one orange. A few minutes later, the quake was over and Ryo and Keiichiro sat up. "Was the DNA sent out?" Keiichiro nodded. "Excellent. We have four new Mews."

Dacre's House

Colleen fell off Dacre's couch onto the floor as the quake started. Suddenly a flash of red light entered the room and hit Colleen's left ankle. She closed her eyes and blacked out. She stood, with her clothes gone she noticed with a blush, and saw a blinding light. Through the light a fox came up to her. It jumped at her, and Colleen caught it in her hands, feeling a connection to it as she hugged it.

Suddenlyshe was awake. "Colleen, are you okay?" Colleen looked up and saw Dacre looking down at her in nothing but a towel.

She blushed as she sat up from the floor and said, "I will be once you put some clothes on.

Dacre smiled devilishly as he said, "You want me to take the towel off don't you?"

Colleen blushed deep red and yelled, "GET DRESSED YOU FREAK!" She threw a pillow at him as he trotted out of the room and up the stairs. She looked down at her ankle, to see what happened to it. There was a mark there where un-freckled fair skin had been before. The mark was a fox, with its tail twisting around the heart it was sitting on. Weird. Oh well, I must not have noticed it before Colleen thought as she returned to her script.

Hope you like!