Dacre sat down clothed beside her a few minutes later, script in hand. "You ready to start?" He asked with a grin.

"Yes.I was ready a long time ago. Can we hurry up and get practicing please," Colleen asked sourly as she flipped back to the beginning of the script. "Now judging by it, you don't come in 'till a few pages into the first scene of Act One. You enter in right after a speech by Montague and don't speak 'till after Benvolio and Montague talk some more. Benvolio talks two more lines and Montague one. Your first line is-"

"Colleen,stop talking about that scene. I want to that kissing scene at the end," Dacre said calmly but you could tell it was restrained from something more.

"Dacre,that isn't until Act 5, Scene 3. That's not in our assignment. Plus I would like to get your first few pages read at least before I have to go," Colleen said coolly.

"Colleen, please?" Dacre made a puppy face and his eyes sparkled, as if he knew it was working.

"Fine, but no kissing okay?" Colleen said as she threw her hands in the air. Let me get to the page. Here we go. Now, lie on the floor in front of your couch like you're stretched out on the Capulet crypt and you just died."

"Like this?" Dacre asked.

"Yes. Now let me get a look at my lines..."

A few seconds later, Colleen was leaning over Dacre, who was as limp as a real cadaver, reciting her lines. "What's here? A cup, closed in my true love's hand? Poison, I see, hath been his timeless end: O churl! Drunk all, and left no friendly drop to help me after? I will kiss thy lips; Haply some poison yet doth hang on them, to make die with a restorative."

Before Colleen realized what the hell was going on, she was on the floor with Dacre's face inches from her's, his arms holding hers down to the floor. "What the hell is going on? Get off me! Don't make me go Kill Bill on your ass!" Colleen struggled, but it was useless as giving an already dead fish water.

"It's useless you know. I was letting you win in the hallway this morning. I'm much stronger than you and you know it. Now, let's practice that kiss." Colleen noticed how disturbing his eyes looked, like he was a tiger or something. (Note nothing is going to happen, though this sentence seems like that would be wrong). Dacre fell onto Colleen, suppressing her onto the living room rug. His face was in her hair, making her fearful. It also caused her to take action. Suddenly, he was off her, holding his crotch and howling.

"Try that again and I'll kill you. See you tomorrow asshole," Colleen said as she collected her things and left Dacre's house, leaving Dacre in pain in his living room.

Meanwhile on a faraway planet

The room was filled with mysterious shadows cast by the room's many candles as Kish entered the throne room. He bowed in front of a heavyset alien who sat in the intricate throne. "Well? Did you get rid of those pesky humans polluting our planet?"

Pai,who was bowing behind Kish, stood up and said, "Your Majesty, we failed in doing so due to Kish's infatuation with one of the humans who tried to stop us."

"WHAT," The King bellowed. "Go back there and get rid of those humans or you will pay with your lives!"

"Yessir," Pai said as he and Tart, along with Kish, left the throne room and got their ship ready to return to Earth.

Colleen's room

Colleen flopped unto her bed in her pj's after calling Ichigo completely stressed. Her school uniform, which had come right when she got home, hung on her closet door. It had a pale dark blue skirt, with a pair of blue shorts to go over the underwear and under the skirt. The shirt was pale dark blue was well and the sailor tie on it was red and blue, but where it tied together was all red. Colleen turned away from it in her warm bed to face the light blue wall, clutching her Lisa Simpson doll as she fell asleep to her radio.

She had a horrifying dream. She was back under Dacre again, and she wasn't able to break free. His face in her hair again, smelled her like some sick animal smelling their prey. He lifted his head, but instead of it being Dacre's face, he had turned into a horrible demon creature. It began to laugh and said in a very deep voice, "You will be mine." Suddenly a flash of light in the shape of that weird mark on her left ankle blinded her.

Colleen woke up in a terrible cold sweat. "What the hell was that," she asked herself as she looked at her clock, which read 4 a.m. She got dressed into a yellow sweatshirt and capris and opened her window, a blast of calming crisp wind blowing into her face. She looked past her dark blue Converse and saw how far below the ground was. But she jumped anyway and landed perfectly onto the ground. "Now to go to Ichigo's house," Colleen said as she dialed Ichigo's cell number.

Ichigo's Room

Ichigo was lightly dozing, much like a cat, when her pink-red cell phone rang its ringtone, which was the theme to Sailor Moon. She blinked as she answered her phone. "Hello?"

"Hi Ichigo. It's me, Colleen. Can you meet me in the park? I'd like to talk to you if that's okay."

"Yeah sure, it's fine. I'll be there in five. See ya there." Ichigo got dressed and ran out of her house to meet Colleen.

Cafe' Mew Mew

Ryo was on the computer, clacking on the keyboard's keys trying to track the DNA recipients while Keiichiro stood nearby.

"Ryo, are having any luck?" Keiichiro asked.

Ryo shook his head. "It doesn't matter anyway. Their powers will activate soon. The recipient of the fox DNA will activate in several hours".

Sakura Park

Ichigo came up running up to Colleen, who was sitting on a bench under a streetlight. "Hi Colleen. How ya doing since Dacre came onto you? Is that what you wanted to talk about?"

Colleen nodded. "I can't believe he would try that. But I shouldn't have agreed to do that scene in the first place. He scared me when he told me it was useless to resist. His eyes were so calculating and cold, like he was possessed or something. I'm going to have to go there tomorrow too, since I have to practice. I hope he doesn't try that again."

Ichigo's eyes hardened, as if Colleen had invoked a memory with this event, for a second. Then she returned to normal, suggesting that Colleen should keep her cell phone on while she was over there. "Hey, Coll, how about a treat to calm your nerves?"

Colleen replied, "Sure. But everything's closed right about now, except Mickey D's."

Ichigo smiled. "I know a place we can go".

A few minutes later, they stood in front of the Cafe' Mew Mew. "This place looks pretty closed Ichigo," Colleen said as she stared at the looming gate.

"Oh but it's not closed," Ichigo said as she scanned what looked like an ID card through the security scanner. The gate opened, and the doors ahead did as well.

"Cool," Colleen gasped as she walked inside the Cafe.

"Yep. Would you like some mint tea and doughnuts?" Colleen nodded as she sat beneath a big heart lamp as Ichigo turned on some light and rang a bell.

The Lab

Ryo looked up from the computer as he heard the bell. "Who the hell can that be? Can you handle it Keiichiro?"

Keiichiro yawned and said," Yes Ryo. Watch the bad language would you please?"

"Hello Ichigo. So nice to see this morning. What would you like?"

"Hi Keii-chan. I would like two orders of mint tea and some doughnuts. I've got a friend with me and we just want to get some breakfast."

Keiichiro nodded and put the tea on and gave Ichigo four doughnuts on a plate. "Here ya go."

Ichigo thanked him and walked off to the table Colleen was and they began to eat.

Several Hours later, Lunchtime

"What a great day today! The weather's wonderful isn't Ichigo?" Ichigo, Lettuce, and Pudding were sitting with Colleen under a tree eating their lunches.

"Yeah, Lettuce, it really is. Maybe we can all meet at my house after Coll's done practicing and we can go on a nice walk," Ichigo stretched and layer on the soft grass.

"Hey Coll! Dacre's coming'!" Pudding, who was the first to finish her lunch, reported this from high up in the tree.

Colleen thanked Pudding quietly and continued to eat her turkey sub while looking over her script for the play. "Hey Ichigo, I need to come over to your house to get fitted for my costume right?" Ichigo nodded. Ichigo was in charge of the female costumes. "I'll come by tomorrow after practicing and get that done." After this Colleen returned back to her script.

"Hi Colleen." Colleen did not look up to Dacre. Instead, Colleen looked to Lettuce.

"Lettuce, did you hear something?"

"Colleen, I'm sorry about yesterday okay? I just lost control of myself. Can you forgive me?"

"Hey Pudding, what are you doing in the play?"

Dacre's eyes got very tense as his anger grew. "That's it!" He shouted. He walked up to Colleen and picked her up bridal style and waked off towards the woods. "LET GO OF ME!"

"Not until you listen to me," Dacre said as they entered a clearing. He let her down softly. "Will you listen to me? I'm sorry about what happened. I just let myself lose control of my actions. Plus I've never been around such a beautiful girl before, so that's also why I lost control. I'm very sorry."

"All right I'll forgive you. You were kidding about the beautiful girl crap right?" Dacre smiled and shook his head. Colleen stood and returned to her friends to tell them what happened, and Dacre stayed in the clearing, thinking deeply about his feelings, 'till the bell rang.

School ended, and Colleen was at her locker, checking her cell messages. Dacre sent her one somehow saying he wasn't feeling well and that she shouldn't come over. "I guess I can go to get fitted for my costume now," Colleen said as she locked her locker and walked to Ichigo. "Dacre's cancelled the practice, so can I come and get fitted today before our walk?"

"Sure. The fastest way's through the park," Ichigo replied. They soon set off when they heard someone screech behind them.

"Are you Colleen O'Brian?" Colleen turned and looked at the girl. She was medium height, very thin, and had bleached blonde hair. And of course a screechy voice. Basically a preppy Wicked Witch of The West.

"I am. What's wrong with that? Gotta problem?" The girl narrowed her eyes and walked up to Colleen and poked her with a manicured nail before speaking.

"I do. Stay away from Dacre Morris. He's mine."

"Why? I have to practice for the play with him. And since when do I care whom Dacre belongs to. You can have 'im. Just leave me alone," Colleen calmly replied before starting with Ichigo through the park.

Kish's Ship

"Let's go, Tart and Kish. We need to get started."

Tart walked in the main room where Pai was standing, looking over the city. "Hey Pai. Kish took this one."

Pai continued to stare at the city, but said gravely, "Let the destruction begin."

Sakura Park

Ichigo and Colleen were halfway through the park when the chaos started. Giant cats began to appear out of nowhere and began to swat down trees. "What the hell's goin' on?" Colleen yelled as she dodged a falling tree.

"Hello Earth! I'm baaaaaaaack! Let's get the destruction begin! AHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!" Kish, floating above Colleen and Ichigo, cackled. He looked down and saw Colleen. He floated down behind her. "Well, well, who's this hot lady creature here Ichigo?" Kish stroked the back of Colleen's ear. Colleen turned around and grabbed Kish's hand and squeezed.

"Hey look, it's Legolas' horny cousin. I thought you guys stayed in Middle Earth. And for another thing, I don't go for dudes with pointy ears. Ichigo, how does he know you name?" Ichigo shrugged, but she knew why.

"Your insults affect me little lady. Now watch me as I destroy this lovely little park of yours," Kish said, as he broke free.

Suddenly power surged through Colleen. She curled her hands into fists and yelled "Mew-Mew Metamorphosis!"

Her uniform disappeared; and was replaced by an orange tight fitting top, connected to a flowed out orange skirt. She wore orange knee-high bots with flames on the toe of the boot; she wore elbow pads things on her elbows that were also orange and had flames on them. In her hands she held two sword hilts with flames coming out of them as blades (need help visualizing this, check out invaderdom's Tokyo Mew Mew cover for Coll). After taking a look at her, she yelled to Ichigo, who had also transformed, "Let's kick some ass!"