The Wonder of the Dimensional Power

Rating: PG

Pairing: (TRC) SyaoranxSakura, KuroganexFai, (CCS) SyaoranxSakura, TouyaxYukito, a little EriolxMizuki, (XXXHolic) WatanukixYuko, DoumekixHiwatari

WARNING: May contain spoiler!

It was a nice and breezy afternoon.

"What a wonderful day…" Sighed Yuko in relaxation

"Yeah…" sighed Mokona too

"It's nice to know that you guys are relaxing, but…" Watanuki begun to grumble, "WHY DO I HAVE TO SPEND MY WHOLE WEEKEND CLEANING YOUR STORAGE!"

"Watanuki darling," smirked Yuko, "The storage is dirty and I don't want to miss any of this beautiful day just because I have to clean my storage."

Watanuki glared dangerously towards her, "That's not the reason why I should do all this STUFF!"

"Of coarse it is," chuckled Yuko, "Now be a good boy and continue your work."

"Yay! Watanuki is doing all the dirty work!" cried Mokona happily

Watanuki walked towards the storage while grumbling angrily, "I'll get you guys for this!"

"What was that?" cried Yuko in a demanding voice.

"NOTHING MA'AM!" cried Watanuki as he began to clean the storage.

Cleaning Yuko's storage was in fact the lamest and tiring job a boy could ever done, no kidding! The storage was like 5 times his room and everything in there were ancient, this will take the whole weekend cleaning it.

Suddenly he heard a ring, which snapped him from his work. He never knew Yuko had a phone, especially when the phone was somewhere in a dirty storage.

The phone kept on ringing, so rather than leaving it be, he begun to search for the phone. He gasped in awe when he realized that the phone was kept under 5 huge objects.

"What kind of a psycho would put a phone under that stuff?" growled Watanuki while trying to remove the first object.

It took him fifteen minutes to remove all the 5 objects, yet the phone kept on ringing the whole time.

"I'm coming! I'm coming! Sheesh! This is totally not a normal phone. No phone could possibly ring for this long and still not broken after being under five gigantic objects!" grumbled Watanuki, he then picked the phone, "Hello?"

(Hello? Is this Yuko-san's house?) asked the person on the phone.

Watanuki was startled to know that someone wanted to speak to Yuko and through a weird phone from the storage? This was probably Yuko's old phone, "Um, hold for a moment."

When he was about to walk away to get Yuko, he realized that the phone cable was not plugged and there is now way such an ancient looking phone which was kept under such big objects could become a cell phone, "Okay…this is just plain freaky. Well, nothing in my life is normal anyway."

So he decided to take the phone along with him, "YUKO-SAN!"

Yuko looked at the source of the voice, "Are you finish cleaning?"

"You've got to be joking!" groaned Watanuki, "I'm calling you to tell you that someone wants to speak with you." He then held the phone to show it to Yuko.

Yuko looked at the phone in surprise, "Where did you find it?"

"Inside the storage, it was ringing non-stop so I have no choice but to search for it and pick it up." Said Watanuki

Yuko nodded, "Alright," she then held her hand from her sitting spot, "Give me the phone."

Watanuki rolled his eyes in annoyance since she was too lazy to do anything, but then he obeyed her order and gave her the phone.

"Hello?" Said Yuko

(Yuko-san, its Me.) Said the person.

Yuko then cheered in surprise, "Eriol darling, it had been a long time!"

(It's a long time indeed Yuko-san. Yet, I can see you haven't change at all.) said Eriol

"Of course I haven't, unlike you who reincarnate after a few hundred years of living. In my time it's just a few years since you left as your previous life." Chuckled Yuko happily

Watanuki was looking at her in confusion, the word 'reincarnate', 'few hundred years' and 'previous life' did confuse him even more. Who was this person called Eriol? It was possible that he was Yuko's old friend, yet what did she mean by those words.

"So what makes you to call me, you never call me ever since you move to this dimension you're living on now." Smiled Yuko

Eriol chuckled (For me it had been almost 200 years, but for you, its barley even 2 years. Am I correct?)

Yuko rolled her eyes, "What ever you say, I know you'll win when it goes to talking."

(Don't be like that Yuko-san) smiled Eriol amused

"So why are you calling me this time?" asked Yuko curiously

(It is just, something weird is happening in this town, in my present dimension) Said Eriol

Yuko started to look mysterious, "Is that so…how weird?"

(Very weird, I've lost half of my power to my other half, so I have no enough power to tell what exactly it is) explained Eriol worriedly (Yet Sakura and the others in my dimension find nothing is wrong, so they are not very well aware of their surrounding)

"Could you explain the weird feeling you just had?" asked Yuko while giving the phone to Mokona's ear, Mokona then opened his mouth as a replacement of the phone speaker.

Loudly, the speaker through Mokona's mouth said, (I have a feeling that there's a strong vibration of magic coming close towards this town. What so weird about it was the fact that the magic power is very much similar to mine and Sakura. Yet, this magic power is almost as powerful as my magic power when I become Clow)

Watanuki and Yuko begun to exchange glances, Watanuki had a worried face on his face, "Its Sakura's feather!"

Yuko nodded and begun to speak through Mokona's mouth, "Eriol, I'm afraid you'll be meeting your past life daughter again."

She and Watanuki could feel the uncontrollable silence given from Eriol, until they finally could hear Eriol chuckling in amusement, (Well, I know this day will come anyway)

"Ah…" Nodded Yuko once again, "You always knew that this will happen to your daughter one day in the future right?"

Watanuki was looking at her in surprise and confusion, he had no idea what she was talking about. It was like if the person called Eriol was able to see the future or something.

(Ah, speak of the devil…) smirked Eriol

Yuko chuckled, "They're here huh?"

Eriol was chuckling along with her, (Call you back later through the other Mokona ok, bye)

Then there was a click and followed by beeps, the line was off.

"Yuko-san…this is…" started Watanuki

Yuko smiled at him while walking towards the door, she looked at him, "Come Watanuki, we have some work to do."

"Eriol!" cried Suppi hurriedly, "Something is happening outside our garden!"

Eriol smiled warmly towards the panic flying cat, "What's the matter Spinel Sun?"

"A great force!" she cried in panic, "A great force had appeared! I don't know what it is, that's why I'm telling you this!"

"Where's Nokoru?" asked Eriol patiently while walking towards the garden.

"At school of course!" said Suppi, "We just move here for just a few days and she's only thinking about meeting that Touya guy again. She's nothing but trouble!"

"Well…" started Eriol while turning the door knobbed of his garden door, "Shall we?"

Before Suppi could warn him not to open the door, Eriol opened the door to the garden. Suddenly blaze of wind started to enter the house. Eriol was standing while smiling as if nothing had happened, while Suppi was blown away from the wind.

The wind started to cool down to revealed four travelers. Two of them were too familiar to be true, while the other two were a man wearing black robe and another one wearing white long coat, both of them were so different that their appearance had symbolize the term of ying and yang.

"Where are we now?" asked Sakura confused while looking around.

Fai was smiling, "Well isn't this place somehow familiar."

"Hell yeah it is," said Kurogane while eyeing everything around him carefully, yet he ignored Eriol presence for a while, "This place is like that damn witch place."

Syaoran who noticed Eriol presence looked at him, "Who are you?"

"Welcome, I've been expecting you." Said Eriol giving them one of his mysterious smile

Kurogane groaned in annoyance, "I hate those people who smile like that."

Fai smiled at Kurogane, giving him almost the same smile like Eriol, "What are you talking about Kuro-rin?"

Kurogane glared at Fai, "That's exactly what I mean."

Sakura looked at Eriol who suddenly gave her a warm smile she was familiar with.

"Eriol," started Suppi who was looking at Sakura and Syaoran in shocked, "Why are that Sakura girl and that Syaoran boy doing here? And they look older than the last time we've met them."

Sakura and Syaoran eyes snapped in shocked, "You know who we are?" asked Sakura

"Lets just say, we know two person that look exactly like you two in this world," Smiled Eriol

"Ara…" chuckled Fai, "You seem to know that we're from a different world, why?"

Before Eriol could answer Fai's question, a weird looking bunny-look-alike jump towards him. "ERIOL!" cried Mokona happily

"Mokona!" smiled Eriol, "Long time no see."

All the four of them were then looking at Mokona in surprise, so as Suppi who was surprise to find that a weird looking being other than him and Kero was being so familiar with Eriol.

Suddenly Sakura eyes were wide in shocked while looking at Eriol. His magic, his gentle eyes and his warm smile was not any ordinary familiar presence he had given towards her. Even thou he was in his small form, Sakura knew who he was and she had no doubt that she was mistaken.

Syaoran looked at her, wondering why she was silent for such some time. He was shocked when he could see tears coming from her eyes, it was not everyday for Sakura to cry. So there must be a reason behind those tears.

Kurogane and Fai looked at Sakura too, both were surprised to see her tears. Before any of them could ask, she suddenly ran towards Eriol and embraced him in happiness and relieved.

Sakura begun to sobbed on his shoulder, "Otou-sama…I miss you…"

Syaoran, Kurogane and Fai were again looking at her and Eriol in shocked. Did she just refer him as her father?

Eriol smiled at her, his eyes too shows sadness and happiness. He embraced her lovingly, "I miss you too, my beautiful daughter."

"WAI!" cheered Mokona happily, "Sakura recognize Clow's reincarnation! This makes Eriol very happy!"

"Wha…" cried Syaoran in shocked, "Clow? Do…do you mean…"

Kurogane and Fai were then looking at Syaoran in confusion.

Syaoran smiled in surprised and happiness as he cried, "YOUR MAJESTY, CLOW OU-SAMA!"


Note: Yes, finally I finish my first Tsubasa fic, I started to like Tsubasa since they had Sakura and Syaoran as the main character. To tell the truth, they're my fav couple from the whole Clamp mangas. Well hope you enjoy this fic, and hope you enjoy the next chapter as well. And I apologize for those EriolxTomoyo fans, I was just following the official couples made by Clamp...but well…I'm not sure with XXXHolic couples but then again…just make an exception for that one.