The Wonder of the Dimensional Power

Rating: PG/T

Pairing: (TRC) SyaoranxSakura, KuroganexFai, (CCS) SyaoranxSakura, TouyaxYukito, a little EriolxMizuki, (XXXHolic) "Unknown" (For a moment)

WARNING: May contain spoiler!

Note: this is how you readers will differentiate Sakura and Syaoran from CCS and Tsubasa. CCS – Sakura-chibi, Li Syaoran; Tsubasa – Sakura-hime, Syaoran. Okay, now start with the story

"My father is in danger?" cried Sakura-chibi in shocked and horror

Touya glared at Eriol, "What do you mean?"

Kurogane halted on his track from capturing Mokona, Fai and Doumeki looked at Eriol while raising their eyebrows in surprise, Yukito, Li Syaoran and Watanuki gasped in shocked, while Syaoran and Sakura-hime were fastasleep after being drunk.

"I have no time to explain," said Eriol with worried expression on his face, "We should hurry and go to your father."

"Wait!" cried Li Syaoran, "How do you know that Sakura's father is in danger?"

"Its telepathy," answered Eriol, "My other self is begging for help."

"Wait Eriol-san!" cried Watanuki, "Could this have to do with the wish you make with Yuko-san? Is it related to Sakura's feather?"

Fai and Kurogane looked at Watanuki in surprised then at Eriol. Eriol just smiled and said, "Lets just hurry."

"Yeah, we better hurry, talk later!" cried Touya while heading towards the front door.

Fai smiled at Nakuru, "Can you please take care of Sakura-chan and Syaoran-kun for us. If they're awake, please take them to our destination."

Nakuru stared at him in surprise, "Heh? I'm not going?"

"One of us who know where Sakura's house better stay," said Suppi, "Those two will not be any help if they're still not recovering from their drunken state. So one of us has to bring them to Sakura's house and help us later."

Eriol gave her a smile, "I leave it to you Ruby moon."

Nakuru cheered, "Roger that!"

Yukito smiled and looked at Sakura-chibi, "We better get going."

Sakura-chibi nodded, "Yes!" she looked at Li Syaoran which gave her a nod.

Doumeki shrugged, "Seems like we have to go too."

"Isn't it obvious?" glared Watanuki, "Lets finish our business here, I can't stand being stuck around you any longer."

Kurogane looked at Nakuru, "When they wake up, don't let them drink another alcohol, not even a sip!"

"Aw!" cheered Fai while clapping his hands, "Daddy is being worried."

"SHUT UP! AND STOP CALLING ME THAT!" cried Kurogane angrily towards Fai, which made Fai chuckled in amusement.

"HELLO!" protested Kero in annoyance, "Are we going or not?"

"Yes sir, Mokona is ready to go!" Mokona cheer happily.

Everyone then started leaving Eriol house and run towards Sakura's house, leaving Sakura-hime, Syaoran and Nakuru in Eriol's house.

Fujitaka once again wiped his sweat while cleaning the wounds from Tomoyo. Nadeshiko was staring at Fujitaka worriedly, she then looked outside from the window to see the black creatures kept on banging continuously on the magic shield. Her eyes were full of pain since she was not able to help her husband in his current state of crisis.

"It's okay," said Fujitaka who suddenly smiled at Nadeshiko, "I'm alright. I can handle this."

Nadeshiko smiled at her husband sadly, she slowly warped her arms around him, "Tell me…what can I do to help you?"

He slowly looked at her face and smile warmly, "Keep on smiling for me, it'll be enough."

Nadeshiko chuckled as she smiled at him, 'Yes, we'll be alright…somehow…'

Eriol, Mokona, Suppi, Kurogane, Fai, Sakura-chibi, Li Syaoran, Kero, Watanuki, Doumeki, Touya and Yukito finally arrived in front of Sakura's house to find a large black creature staring at them angrily.

Yet, only Eriol and Watanuki who were able to see the black creature. The others were staring blankly to see a large magical shield and the fact that the gate of their front gate was destroyed.

Watanuki was shaking heavily while looking at the black creature that was starting to look at him with its hungry glare. Eriol was staring at it with his eyes blazing dangerously without changing his calm expression.

Everyone looked at them with confusion and worry, Doumeki grabbed Watanuki shoulder, "Hey, you ok?"

Watanuki slowly gulped in fear as his body begun to shake and his hand started to grabbed Doumeki shirt. Doumeki started at him in surprised, but his eyes narrowed as he noticed Watanuki strange behavior.

"Where is it?" asked Doumeki in a serious tone. He was use to see Watanuki's expression, and if he gave those kind of expression, there's only mean one thing, he saw a spirit.

Everyone then looked at Doumeki with the same confusion. Doumeki ignored them while giving all his attention to read Watanuki's frustrated and scared expression.

The black creature begun to form its first attack by launching a fist towards Doumeki and Watanuki direction. Watanuki gasped in shocked as he pushed Doumeki along with himself away from their current spot.

Everything went so fast until they heard a loud crashing sound from the spot where Doumeki and Watanuki stood.

"Watanuki-san! Doumeki-san!" cried Sakura-chibi in shocked as everyone was gasping in surprise and confusion.

"We're fine," said Doumeki while holding the trembling Watanuki whom was clinging on top of him.

"What happen?" asked Fai while looking around in alert.

Yukito, Kero and Suppi started to transform into Yue, Cerberus and Spinel Sun. Kurogane begun to unshield his sword along with Li Syaoran who also prepared his magic spells. While Eriol and Sakura released their magical key.

"Mokona cannot see," said Mokona worriedly, "If Eriol-san and Watanuki-san can see it, that's mean, the enemy is a spirit which only shows its form to certain people."

"Certain people? Such as?" asked Touya towards Mokona

"WATCH OUT!" cried Watanuki in panic

The next thing Touya knows was a feeling of a large pressure heading towards him and everything went blurry as a loud crashing sound was heard.

Sakura-hime blinked as she started to wake up from her sleeping state, "Ng…where am I?"

Nakuru was smiling brightly, "Sakura-san! You're awake! Syaoran-san also awake too, but I think he still need to rest more."

Syaoran was holding his head, feeling a little dizzy from a hangover, "It's ok Nakuru-san, and Hime…are you alright?"

Sakura-hime moved her head as a no sign since she never receive any hangover, she looked around to notice that everyone were gone, "Where's Fai-san and Kurogane-san? And Otou-sama and the other me? And also the others?"

"They went away to your other self house since Eriol could feel that your other self's father is in danger." Explained Nakuru

"My other self's father is in danger?" cried Sakura-hime in surprised.

Syaoran looked at Nakuru in panic, "Then we should go!"

Nakuru smiled cheerfully, "Okay, that's why I'm here, I'll be leading you so you will not get lost! And…uh…isn't it better for Syaoran-san to completely recover?"

Syaoran was fighting his headache as he stood up, "I'm ok! Let's just go! Are you coming Hime?"

Sakura-hime nodded as Nakuru begun to lead the two of them towards their destination.

Touya closed his eyes, waiting for the blow to strike him. Yet, nothing came, he slowly opened his eyes to find Yue standing in front of him with his arrow and fighting position.

Yue looked at Touya, "You alright?" Touya nodded while giving him a smile of thanks.

Eriol looked at the black creature who was hissing in pain, Yue arrows seemed to hit its shoulder. It then removed the arrow from his shoulder and quickly recovered his wound back to normal.

"It's able to recover itself!" cried Watanuki in shocked.

Eriol eyes narrowed, "So I see…"

Fai looked at Mokona, "Do you feel any feather from it?"

Mokona pay attention closely towards his surrounding, he then looked at Fai, "Yes a little, but it the magic surrounding this place is so similar, so Mokona not so sure."

Kurogane looked at Eriol, "Oi! Tell me that thing current position!"

Eriol looked at Kurogane, "What will you do?"

"Cut it into pieces of course!" cried Kurogane impatiently

"Your attack would not make any serious damage towards it and it only can recover back. So it's useless." Said Eriol

"JUST TELL ME DAMN IT!" shouted Kurogane in frustration.

"It's right in front of you," said Eriol calmly

Kurogane jumped as another strike from an unseen creature was given, he quickly glared at Eriol, "Why the heck didn't you told me it was trying to kill me bastard!"

Eriol ignored him as he started to look at Doumeki. Kurogane was fighting the creature by slashing here and there but found it useless since he was not able to see it. Li Syaoran, Yue, Cerberus, Spinel Sun, Sakura-chibi and Touya were in the state of confusion.

"Doumeki-san! Use your arrow and shoot it!" cried Eriol towards Doumeki, "You own the power of a high-priest, so kill the evil spirit!"

Doumeki looked at Eriol in wonder as he nodded in understanding. He quickly rose into his feet while helping the trembling Watanuki to get up. He then took his bow and arrow from his bag he had brought along when Yuko send him through the black Mokona.

He looked at Watanuki, "Tell me where it is?"

Watanuki then looked at the black creature, he gasped in surprise to see that the black creature was…gone. "It's…gone…" said Watanuki

"Gone?" asked Li Syaoran in confusion

"What the heck is going on around here?" cried Cerberus in frustration

"I hate ghost, I hate ghost," murmured Sakura-chibi over and over again.

"I…myself not sure." Said Eriol in his serious face, "But this must have something to do with him."

Spinel Sun looked at Eriol, "Him?"

"OTOU-SAN!" cried Touya as he ran towards the barrier, "Open the barrier, that thing is gone!"

The window from Sakura-chibi's room opened to revealed Fujitaka whom was sweating like crazy, "Touya! Sakura! And oh…you also brought some friends."

"Are you alright otou-san?" cried Sakura-chibi worriedly.

"I'm ok," said Fujitaka, "I'll be coming down." He then hurried down to meet his children and the others.

"Hyu…" whistled Fai in amusement, "So that's the other Sakura's father."

"I'm not interested," grumbled Kurogane

"Oh? What's this Kuro-pi?" chuckled Fai, "Don't tell me you're still angry because you couldn't see the creature?"

Kurogane gave him a death glare which means 'If you don't shut up, I'll cut you down to hell!'

"Kuro-pi is so scary," giggled Mokona

Before Kurogane could screamed angrily at Mokona, Syaoran, Sakura-hime and Nakuru were running towards them.

"Fai-san! Kurogane-san!" cried Syaoran in relieved.

"Everyone is alright?" asked Sakura-hime towards everyone especially towards her other self.

Sakura-chibi nodded, "Yeah, we're fine…so as my otou-san…"

"Thank goodness…" sighed Sakura-hime

"Oh? Did we miss something?" asked Nakuru

"Yeah, you're late!" said Spinel Sun, Cerberus and Yue.

"Hey! You can't blame me! I'm doing my own duty!" cried Nakuru.

Suddenly Fujitaka appeared on the front gate with a smile of relieve, "Thank goodness everyone is alright," he then looked at Eriol, "Thank you for coming as soon as possible."

"You're gladly welcome," smiled Eriol back.

Everyone had their face of relieved to found each other unharmed. Everyone, except for Syaoran and Sakura-hime. Syaoran face had an expression mixed of sadness, surprise, fear and horror. While Sakura-hime closed her mouth with her hands in shocked. The sight of Fujitaka had driven the two of them a great disbelief and shocked.

Nakuru looked at them in confusion, "What's the matter?"

Syaoran trembled as he gave a shaking voice, "O…Otou-san?" with that word, the hangover he had went worse and the next thing he know wasa blurry image, and then a total pitch black.


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