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'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times', it was the end of my freshman year,

"Thank GOD!" I said in relief, "It's finally over. The worst experience of my life! . . . Freshman year."

I had just gotten into the bus with my step-sister, Krista.

"It wasn't that bad." she said in disbelief.

"You have no idea! It was Horrible!" we sat down in our usual seats Krista was a sophomore and next year she'll be a junior so she was clueless about my pain.

"You're such a drama queen!" she said as she prepared for the long and bumpy ride home.

When we reached home we got off and waved to our neighbor, Cassie, she goes to a different school than us. We walked into the living room and greeted our parents.

"Sup mom, Kevin?" I casually walked in and placed my things down.

"Nothing how was school?" my mom asked like a robot.

"Fine" Krista and I answered in unison

"You, should thank your mother and me for paying the bill for such a special school." my step farther said

"Please! It's an all girl's school, what would we thank you for?" Krista said very upset

"Duchesne Academy is a very well thought of school!" her dad spat back

"For stiffs" Krista mumbled under her breath as she went upstairs (I have nothing against students of private schools)

"Yea mom why can't we go to your school? We have powers!"

"Yea right, you freeze time like any one believes that one!" she said as she walked into the kitchen and I followed her "You don't have to pretend Shayla, we know you don't have powers." She turned her back to me and started washing dishes.

"Ask Krista she knows I don't freeze her!"

"She'll stick up for you anyway."

I closed my fists and opened them in a fast movement and every thing around me stopped.

"SEE I CAN FREEZE TIME I DO HAVE POWERS YOU JUST DON'T SEE THEM" I yelled at my mom in frustration starting to cry "THE ONLY ONE WHO DOES KNOW DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN IT!" Krista appeared next to me and grabbed me

"Shayla she can't hear you why don't you unfreeze them and we can go for a walk. Ok, to calm down."

"Fine." I repeated the motion and every thing started again. Krista and I walked to the door and it flew open.

"I'm home!" our little brother shouted arrogantly.

"Oh honey how was your day?" mom asked grabbing his back pack from him and offering him cookies.

"Please why don't you just bow down and kiss his feet?" Krista mumbled

"MOM!" he shouted pretending to start to cry

"KRISTA! Stop that your brother is very sensitive!" she said

"Why do you like him better than Krista if her powers are obvious to?"

"I don't favor any one. What do you want for dinner Alex?" mom asked taking him to the kitchen

"God! Let's just go upstairs!" I said as I started up the stairs towards my room.

"Hey!" I said stopping in-front of the attic door. "Why don't we look through that chest that mom won't let us look through?"

"The doors locked stupid" Krista said giving up

"You teleport!" I said stating the obvious.

"OH!" she said grabbing my shoulder and teleporting us into the attic. We went over to the largest chest in sight and opened it.

"You think this would be locked too" I said taking out a book.

"Hey look at this it's my dad he's a . . . . SIDE-KICK!" Krista said in disbelief "I didn't know he even went to Sky High."

"My mom was a side-kick too." I dropped the year book and flipped through another "And my uncle." I continued the search through every book one my half of the chest.

"That's all of them! EVERYONE in my family is a side-kick!" I looked at Krista in a daze. "This is unbelievable!"

"All of mine are side-kicks too! Wait what about my mom and your dad there family's can't all be side-kicks too!" she grabbed her cell phone and started dialing and I quickly followed. When we finished our conversations neither of us looked too pleased with the results.

"My mom says that ALL of her relatives with powers are side-kicks."

"Dad says the same thing." I said sitting on the floor and looking out the window "This is unreal. They must be jealous of you and favor Alex, because he's just like them and their child not just one of their children."

"Girls dinners done come set the table." Krista's dad shouted.

"Let's make them pay!" I said with hurt all over my face.

"Sweet!" she grinned evilly as we teleported out of the room into the hallway. We went down stairs and set the table and started to eat.

"Hey mom tells us about your old school again, what was the name? P14?" she nodded and looked like she was ready to tell a funny story "Wait but last time it was P12. Well at least you stay in the teens!" I grabbed the bread and placed one on my plate forcefully staring holes through my mom.

"Well Karena?"

"DON'T CALL ME THAT. I am your mother you WILL treat me with respect young lady!" she said as she slammed her fists on the table and started to turn orange and then pink and purple.

"No MOTHER I won't treat you with respect until you treat me the same way." I said as I got up and started towards the door "Is that your power changing colors? Ha! Now I know why your jealous of Krista." I walked out and started to run as soon as I left the door.

"Hey Shay!" Cassie shouted as I ran by her. "Ok then c yah." She called after me. I kept running until I reached the park I used to play in as a child. I sat down on the swing when I heard a odd noise from above me.