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Summary: Sesshoumaru has stumbled on an unconscious and beaten Kagome. What will he do when his conscience gets the better of him? What's this that Rin is saying? Rin wants Kagome to stay? Well, will Sesshoumaru let the human stay in his castle or will he regret giving her life?

Chapter One: Pain

Kagome ran to the well with tears in her eyes. As we all know, Inuyasha tended to kiss Kikyou, mainly when he didn't know Kagome was looking. This was the case. But, he took it a step further. Flashes were running through Kagome's confused mind. Confused? That's the wrong word. Hurt and betrayed was more accurate.

'Inuyasha, do you love Kagome?' Kikyou had asked. Kagome watched as Inuyasha wrapped his arms around the clay woman's waist.

'No... Kagome only helps me with the shards. I only love you, Kikyou.' He had told her in reply. Kagome, having seen and heard the whole thing, was in shock. Inuyasha had acted like he loved her, and when she kissed him to keep him from turning into a full demon, he had kissed her back. Why did he now say that he had no feelings for her?

It didn't matter. If only Kagome's mind would realize that thinking about this didn't help it feel any better. The pain was still going through Kagome's heart. How could Inuyasha possibly act like he didn't love her when he had kissed her? Maybe a kiss didn't mean the same thing to him than it did to her.

'Stop thinking about it, Kagome!' She scolded herself. She stopped in her running. Where was the well? Had she passed it? She looked around, seeing the Sacred Tree behind her. How in the... How could she have missed the well? She turned around and began to walk to the well, trying to control the stream of tears that had escaped her eyes. She stopped in her tracks as some bushes made noises.

Uh oh... She could sense a demon's aura, and she didn't have her bow... Did she? She reached back to grab an arrow. Nothing. She had left her bow and arrows at Kaede's hut when she ran. 'That was a smart move...' Why couldn't her mind just stop scolding her? She should have brought her things, but she felt as if every negative thought was rubbing salt in the wound.

"Wonder what mom will say when I come home early..." She whispered to herself. Then, looking down at her feet, she realized they weren't moving. When had she stopped walking? Slowly willing herself forward, the bushes had started moving again. That was why she stopped. She turned her head to see a demon coming out. He could probably sense the jewel shards around her neck.

He had jumped at her, causing her to back up and reach for her arrow. Stupid! Didn't she just decide that she didn't have her arrows? It must've been a reflex. She tried to run, but a demon's speed out did her own. This was it, she'd most likely be killed when he searched her for the jewels.

He caught up with her with speed like Inuyasha's. Then he cut her chest. Surprisingly enough, her clothes remained on and covering the only thing that she didn't want him to see. He growled, showing very sharp teeth. Kagome's mind focused on those. They could chew through bones, she'd imagined.

With one swift slash of his claw, Kagome's face started to bleed. The pain stung horribly and it went throughout her face. If pain was this bad, how could Inuyasha act normal with a hole in his stomach?

"Give me the shards." The demon had snapped at Kagome. Her body was shaking with fear. She wanted to say no and run to the well for safety, but her legs weren't moving. They felt frozen stiff and would give the occasional wobble.

"I want the jewel!" He boomed. Kagome slowly reached for her necklace that had the bottle of jewel shards. Just take it off and give it to him, what could be so hard about that? Her hands were shaking, making it hard to undo the necklace. Perfect time to be having problems with the old thing. The demon lost his patience and cut her neck. The jewel shard bottle dropped to the ground. Along with Kagome's limp body.

The pain was so bad, she could feel the pain in her neck and chest run down her spine. The pain that run through her face was numbed by pure panic. What was this liquid forming around her? Was it her own blood? She felt sudden exhaustion sweep over her then her eyes slowly closed.

'No, Kagome! Don't fall asleep! Don't! You're going to die! Mom! I don't want to die!' Her mind screamed. No matter how hard she tried to stay awake, her eyes had slowly closed. The darkness had consumed her as she sensed the jewel shards growing further and further away.

Sesshoumaru had been walking for what felt like days. He passed the tree that his half-brother had been pinned to. Ugh. Even thought of his brother was causing rage to run though him. Why would his father have given him the Tetsusaiga? Perhaps he wanted to even out the power. Giving the weaker brother the stronger sword so that he might have a fighting chance against the stronger brother.

But why did he end up with the sword that brought people back to life? Had his father expected him to grow a heart? No, he would not care for the human beings that his father cared for. Rin may have been the one exception, but he would not love a human. Never.

Sesshoumaru's pace had began to slow down. It wasn't that he was waiting for Rin or Jaken to catch up. He was alone. He smelled a slightly familiar scent in the air. What was it? He raised his head a bit in question. How did he recognize this scent. Rain and spring's flowers. This must be the scent of Inuyasha's human wench. Curiosity plagued him then he began to follow the scent of this human.

Then his footsteps had stopped again. What was this? The scent of blood was mixed in with her scent. Had the wench hurt herself? Inuyasha nor her human companions were around. She was far from the human village and he could only guess what happened. Approaching her slowly, he saw her lifeless form on the ground. Blood had stained the grass around her and the front of her shirt. He moved around in front of her. He would not risk wind blowing up that sinful skirt. No matter how much he didn't want to look, he knew that he probably would. Not on purpose, of course!

There he was able to pick of the rest of her scent. She smelled of tears. What had happened to the priestess? He kneeled down and examined her face expression. Everything on her face seemed to have heart break and pain written on it. He snorted. His foolish brother must have done something with the clay pot. This time seemed to be worse though. He had seen her reaction to a simple kiss. She left and cried. But she was abnormally far from the village.

Did his brother swear his love to the reincarnated woman? Sesshoumaru stood up, ready to leave before he felt something tugging on him. Why did he seem to care for the priestess, his brother had made his claim on her. Still, his heart seemed to throb in his chest. His mind told him to leave the wench dead, but his hand reached for the Tensaiga still. He raised his arm, his only arm, then saw the demons taking Kagome's soul away. With one swift movement, his sword cut them in half.

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