Shadow is not mine... He's SEGA's (waah! I love you, Shadow the Hedgehog!)

Any other freakin' animal here, is SEGA's... Shadow's human name is from D.N. Angel (i wuv D.N.A.)

Shadow woke up from a restless sleep. After countless days of sleeping in the middle of nowhere, he would be sleeping in a home soon. Rouge's. Rouge has accepted him into her house… but this Shadow is not the same Shadow that she accepted.

Shadow sat up. He didn't know how it happened… but it did. He was a human. All he remembers was that he tried to take a Chaos Emerald from Eggman and a fog came along. A fog so thick, that he couldn't see a thing. Shadow had grabbed a gun and tried to shoot at him. Instead he shot the emerald in Eggman's hand. It released a blinding light… and when he woke up, he was like this. Although he collected all the small pieces of the emerald and put them together, he stayed a human.

He stood up. He looked like a 17-year-old boy with black hair. At the ends of his hair, red streaks were found. He was way higher than 3 feet… where he normally stood as a hedgehog. Shadow knew that he had long hair, tied behind his back… but he did not see it yet. He wore jeans and a black shirt.

Uggh… how am I going to change back? I can't believe this… I have to get to Rouge's place… in Station Square tomorrow… and she might not even notice me. At least I can still run fast… and maybe jump into the shadows.

Shadow can mysteriously sink into the ground… at least, that's what it looks like. He jumps down into the shadows… a place in between underground… and above ground. It's a good place for hiding, since G.U.N.'s robots are everywhere.

Maybe, I should talk to foxboy… he should know what to do… or Knuckles… he has Chaos powers that even I don't understand… This is going to be a looooong night. So why don't I start now?

Shadow ran out of the forest behind Station Square. He still ran at the speed of light… Still faster than Sonic, who runs at the speed of sound.

He ran to Tails's workshop. (which was also his house) He knocked on the front door. I hope that he notices me… or believes me.

"Hello?.. It's 4:30 in the morning…" Tails said when he opened his door.

"Foxboy! Do you notice me?" he asked, hoping to get a yes.

"Umm… no… but you sound like… Shadow… you even look like him… what are you, a crazed Shadow fan?" Tails asked.

"No! I am Shadow." Shadow said, trying to make him understand.

"Oh… yeah… and I am Sonic." Tails said sarcastically.

Tails slammed the door. Note to self: When you get turned back, please kill Tails.

Shadow walked away. Knuckles has to know what to do. But I can't get up to Angel Island. Only Rouge can… and since I am lighter than an average teen (not to mention faster) maybe she can take me up there… but I have to be at her house tomorrow… she won't believe me… I just know it.

Shadow rode the train back to Station Square instead of running. The weight of defeat slowed him down. The train ride back to Station Square would be a long one. He thought he should get some sleep before arriving there.

THE NEXT MORNING… in Station Square…

Shadow was in front of the train station. I'm seriously late…

"Umm, excuse me!" a voice called out in the crowd.

Rouge the bat landed in front of Shadow. Of course, she didn't notice him.

"Umm… you look like a person who can understand… my… umm… friend…" Rouge said.

Huh? What the hell is she talking about?

"You see, I'm supposed to meet a black hedgehog here… and… you kinda look like the person who's… seen him…" Rouge said.

Oh. That's what she's talking about.

"So, have you seen a hedgehog named-" Shadow cut her off.

"Rouge! I'm Shadow the Hedgehog!" he said.

Rouge laughed hysterically. "Yeah… right…But I guess people want to be, the person they admire the most…" Rouge said.

Shadow became angry. He picked her up by her collar. "Listen batgirl, I am Shadow the Hedgehog, the ultimate life form… that… just got turned into a human…" he said. He put Rouge down.

"Wow… you are Shadow…" she said.

Shadow sighed. He told her the whole thing while walking to her house.

"Well, why don't you talk to Knuckles about this? He might be able to change you back… I mean, he is the M.E. guardian, isn't he?" Rouge asked.

"I'm afraid he won't believe me." Shadow said with his head down low.

"Oh… now that Shadow's been changed into a human, he received the gift of fear…" Rouge said.

"I'm not scared, SCARED!" Shadow said.

"Well, why don't we see if we can change you back?" Rouge asked.