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Hatsumi was getting ready to leave the house, her arms filled with books and garbage. As she was leaving the door swung open and Shinogu appeared before her.

"Lemme give you a hand with that!" He said as he ignored her feeble protests.

"Fine. Thanks Shinogu. I'll be leaving." Hatsumi said as she rearranged all of her gear.

Right before she turned the corner she heard him holler back at her. "Hey how about we have dinner together! I'll pick you up after school."

She looked at him strangely. He had the most gorgeous raven black hair, glossy and shaggy. She liked how it hung at an angle over his eyes. She really took comfort in his simple sweet smile. Shrugging she smiled and nodded in approval.

Finally it was set. He'd told himself many times that he'd do this. He had told himself that he'd tell her how he felt. He loved her, and not the way he loved Hikaru or Akane.

Throughout the day Hatsumi's mind kept drifting off to dreamy thoughts of Shinogu, and not her boyfriend Ryoki. Which was odd because usually she was thinking of ways to satisfy him without going all the way. Instead her mind kept flashing back to happier days when she and her family lived simply. When she and Shinogu would argue and play and laugh. Now it was different. Her sister Akane had gotten herself in trouble by rebounding with Kazama, Shinogu's roommate.

You see when Asahi and Subaru had moved; Akane and Subaru ended the relationship. She was all depressed and turned to Kazama for comfort and ended up in bed with him. Now she and Kazama were in deep shit because they were expecting a baby, and with the huge age difference it was a problem with the law and family.

So you can see why Hatsumi was reluctant with having sex with Ryoki. She didn't wanna end up like her sister. Not like her mother wasn't watching her like a hawk already. She'd been caught once up in Ryoki's room when his mom was out of town. She had sworn that nothing like that would ever happen again. She enjoyed not being berated for things that she'd never done.

Now that her entire life was turned upside down she really needed to take care. She loved her brother, and had always felt a certain connection to him. So maybe it wasn't so bad that the two of them were going to eat out. It wasn't like they were going to go on a date. That would be absurd.

When the day was over and classes were done with, Hatsumi walked along a now pudgier Akane. When they neared the gate they were greeted by two dazzling smiles. One was coming from a very attractive sandy haired man and one from a raven-haired man. The men happened to be Kazama and Shinogu.

Akane had gotten over the break up with Subaru once she had found out that she was pregnant. She and Kazama were really into each other and happened to look perfect. They were going to get married in another year once Akane was 16, but for now they were trying to work on different ways to communicate, since they were going to be parents.

Which didn't seem that apparent since Akane trotted over to Kazama and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately, as he held her close, one hand on the small of her back and another on her stomach were a small mound was showing. It was really quite romantic. Kazama really did love Akane, and as time went by, Akane really seemed to love him too.

"Let's leave the love birds alone." Shinogu said, prying Hatsumi out of her own crazed thoughts.

"Good idea!" She said with a smile.

Shinogu decided to take her to a diner in Shibuya called Bueno. They served western food and since it had been a huge spot for the live action for "Gals" the TV series it seemed like a good place to hang.

"How was school?" Shinogu asked.

"Okay, nothing thrilling. Kind of lonely with Azusa out in Germany for another layout."

"Bummer." Shinogu said as he took a bite of burger. "So how are you and Ryoki doing?"

"Eh… he's still the over controlling, egotistical, macho man, but he's lightened up a bit. I told him that I wouldn't do anything with him."


"Mmm very."

"So do you wanna go to the park? Flower Gazing season."

"Sure!" Hatsumi said, giving him a beautiful smile.

When in the park, Hatsumi and Shinogu sat on a bench by a fountain. The fireflies were twinkling and the cherry blossoms were gently falling to the ground. Hatsumi was totally oblivious to Shinogu's nervousness. He was sitting beside her, his hands bone white in his lap. He was gazing at her, and he felt like he'd fall apart at any moment.

Finally he turned to face her and took a deep breath. "Hatsumi, I've got something to tell you." He said, taking deep gulps of evening air.

"What is it?" she asked, hearing the urgency in his voice.

"It's something that I've been keeping to myself for year's. I can't bear to see you sad and unhappy with Ryoki. I love you Hatsumi, and not just as a sister! I'm not even your real brother. I'm annulling the adoption. I love you, and it kills me to know that we can't be anything."

Hatsumi's eyes grew huge; her mouth hung open as her brain tried to process it. Then everything went blank.

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