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After seven agonizing days, Shinogu finally received the letter of confirmation that he was not longer the son of the Narita's. He was now to be Shinogu Aihara. To celebrate this new and wonderful occasion, he found Kazama and told him that he and Akane were to vamoose because he and Hatsumi were going to spend the weekend together, alone! Kazama understood, and informed Akane about it. She had no apparent objections, and waddled out with Kazama. They were planning on going to a hot spring where they could soak in a relaxing bath together.

Once those two were gone, Shinogu cleaned up the place, and got started cooking. He had already set up a nice table with candles and nice table wear. He had prepared some zesty spaghetti and meatballs, which were Hatsumi's favorite, along with some garlic bread.

When Hatsumi arrived back, she noticed that the house was dim, and that there was candle light. She was even more surprised to find Shinogu in a polo shirt, and khaki's holding a bouquet full of red lilies. The only thing she was capable of doing was walking to him, with this shocked look upon her face. "Shinogu, what is the occasion?" she asked as she accepted the flowers. She smiled as she smelled them.

"The annulment is complete." He said with smile. "I thought we should celebrate it tonight, just the two of us." He said with gentle and mouth watering smile. He gently guided her to the table where the food was set. She gaped again, and looked up at him, her eyes wide. "You even made me my favorite food?" she said. "I should be the one cooking for you." She said.

He just smiled and told her to eat. They talked and laughed, told each other about their day and when they were finally done, they headed to the bedroom. He said he had a present for her.

As she sat on the bed, quite relaxed, and warm inside, she watched Shinogu walk around searching for whatever it was he wanted to give her. When he came back to her, he had a square box, a bit larger than a deck of cards. He handed it to her, and watched with anxious anticipation as she opened it up. She lifted up a beautiful bracelet with a single glittering charm, in the shape of a star. She smiled up at him as he carefully put the bracelet on her wrist. "I'll give you a charm every week to show you how much I love you." He said.

Hatsumi looked down at the bracelet and noticed that it wasn't your ordinary charm links. It had tiny ones that looked like it could hold up to fifty charms. She gaped at him as he sat next to her.

"I love you Hatsumi." He said. "I have loved you for as long as I can remember. I remember praying at the shrine, asking why I had to fall in love with my sister. Then one day, it came to me. Annul the adoption and try my best to be with you." He smiled at her.

"I never knew." She said quietly.

"I know, I kept it from everyone." He said softly. "But I can't help but feel that way I do about you." He said as he gazed down into her eyes. He watched as she wet her lips, and gaze back up into his warm brown eyes. "I want to show you in every way how much I love you." He said as he carefully bent his head down and brushed his lips softly against hers.

There was a spark between them when their lips made contact. It was as if someone turned on some switch inside of her that made her feel so tingly inside.

She brought her hands up his chest and brought them around his neck as she kissed him, enjoying the feel of his hot lips sliding against hers. When she felt the tentative probing of his tongue against her lips, she gave him access to her mouth, their tongues mingling together, like some kinda of exotic dance.

Before she could really comprehend what was going on, the two of them were naked on the bed, Shinogu's large, rough hands fondling her small breasts. She couldn't help but feel embarrassed by their size, and had tried to hide them from him, but he had kissed her hands and told her how beautiful she was, and that her body was perfect.

She had never before imagined that she could feel so hot, and electrified, but with his hot lips caressing her body, she felt as if she were sizzling. The tugging in her lower region of her body was dangerously strong, making her shudder with every tough he gave her.

Once he could barely hold back anymore, he pulled out square foil packet, and opened it carefully, to insure that he didn't break what was inside. He sat up and put the condom on his quite large member. When he looked down at Hatsumi, he could see her eyes were huge, and dark. He bent down and kissed her, and whispered words into her mouth as they kissed that it would be okay. He heard her moan back an okay before he wedged his knee between her legs. He lifted her hips up and as gently as he could, he eased himself inside her wet, hot folds. He slid in, feeling her tightness surrounding him. Shortly after, he ran into her barrier. He kissed her and caressed her until she was arching up into him before he entered her with one intense thrust, breaking her barrier and making her moan out. He felt her tense up, but when he felt her relax, he began to slide himself slowly in and out of her.

To his surprise he felt Hatsumi wrap her legs behind his own, to give him more access to her. He heard her cry out in pleasure, could feel her tighten around him, driving him crazy. He could vaguely heard the soft sound of the metal charm hitting the bracelet each time he entered her. His thrusts began to get stronger, harder, and faster, which apparently wasn't any issue for Hatsumi since she matched his every movement, clinging to him.

Feeling hot all over, Hatsumi felt that tugging turn into yanking and then something stronger, before it broke making everything inside her explode as she tightened around Shinogu and arched up, screaming out her pleasure. She felt him climax, and groan out an I love you.

When the two broke through that nice haze of oblivion, they were still clinging to each other. Shinogu carefully exited her, and took the condom off and tossed it in the trash bin by the bed. He then wiped himself off, just to be safe. He then turned back to Hatsumi, and nuzzled her neck, as he told her how much he loved her, until they both were asleep in each others arms.

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