Disclaimer: The only thing I own is the notebook I originally wrote this fic in, and even that was given to me by a friend.

The third and last of the middle of volume 2 series. Then I put aside my pen and read the rest of the book.

Curses and Blessings

Sometimes I wonder - I mean really wonder - as to the nature of our lives. We belong at Merridiah University, as Eternal Stewards to the School, yet we are sent every year back to the mortal plane. There, we are forced to make our own decisions - more often than not mistakes - to determine the path on which we will determine the course of the remainder of our mortal lives.

We have no recollection of our lives on Earth, only faint nagging suspicions at the very best.

Every time, we meet new people, gain new friends, sometimes lovers, only to forget them at a later date.

Any enemies we make, though, are nothing more than an insubstantial tingle in the corner of out minds.

That's good, at least, right?

But there's another matter - If we can't remember our mistakes, what is there to prevent us from repeating them? Is is a basic flaw of human nature - when we do not learn form out mistakes, we are doomed to repeat them, often with even more horrendous results than before. Every war ever fought in the history of the human world is proof of this. Every time more and more people die, and all the while scientist are slaving away to invent even more ways to kill. I don't want that kind of weight on my shoulders, and I'm sure Damien doesn't either.

But, back to the other hand, my brother and I have an opportunity that normal people do not. We are blessed with the chance to revisit the world once every so many years. And every time, we go, there is something different and exciting to behold. Given, we are incapable of retaining this information past out return to Merridiah. This is what makes me wonder -

Are our lives a blessing or a curse?