Prepare for random ramblings… I just saw the Teen Titans episode with Kid Flash in it…
Shade popped out of nowhere, right behind Kid Flash. "You stupid jerk!"

"Huh?" Kid Flash turned around just in time to get kicked in the face.

"How could you freaking copy off me Will thought of that rose things waaaay before you did I'm gonna cream your freakin' face you copycat!" Shade stomped up and down on Kid Flash, greeted with an 'oof!' 'oof!' every time. They became a comical cloud of fighting, but it was actually just Kid Flash getting the snot beaten out of him.

Suddenly, Raven and Jinx burst in. "Where is he!" they both demanded at the same time.

"How dare you copy off that hard-working author, Will-the-Titan!" Raven demanded, jumping into the fray. "I'll rip your balls off and put them on a stick!"

Jinx had Kid Flash in a headlock, though his eyes were already in swirls. "Will-the-Titan thought that rose thing up and that was romantic! You're just a stupid, hyperactive copycat!" She was repeatedly punching the top of his head. "He's so much cooler not to mention better-looking than you, you stupid jerk! RRRRGH!"

By the time they were done with him there were several teeth missing and several large knots on his stupid, stupid head. He was hanging upside down by a rope, a little sign around his neck that read 'copycat' and 'jerk.'

Yeah! That's what you get for copying me, Kid Flash! RRRRGH! Wow… I feel so much better now. No one copies Will-the-Titan! NO ONE! Wha-ha-ha-ha-ha! (throws hands up in diabolical laugh) But seriously, wasn't that just a freaking shock? My mouth was hanging open the whole freakin' episode! Kid Flash leaving roses? I was tearing my hair out!