Killing is Crime so Loving isn't

Summary: BACK ON :) Follow Ron, Hermione, Harry and Ginny as they try and survive the world that Voldemort has created and watch as more try to stand against him.

Chapter 1 Harry's Birthday Bash

I could have killed Harry. I mean it. I could have killed him. That little idiot decided it would be alright to invite, Ron's ex-girlfriend to his birthday bash. How could he? He knows that I can't stand her, and he thinks it's funny. Absolutely hilarious. Just because me and Ron aren't on speaking terms doesn't mean he can pull this! The dolt, I outta have his neck for this. And he told me to act nice, he better be lucky it's his birthday. I could murder him right now, the stupid git. AND after all of this torture he asks me to serve PUNCH!

Harry grinned at the anger looking Hermione serving the punch glasses to everyone. He was doing his absolute best not to laugh. He hadn't asked Hermione to do the punch, he told her to. It was an amazing feeling watching all of this happen. He felt so bad. Inviting Lavender would have been his best choice; it had pissed Hermione off to the greatest extent. He could remember the day like yesterday, because it was.

Ron had just walked away from another one of his and Hermione's fights. "Mione why can't the two of you just get along! It's not the difficult," snapped Harry. "For you it's not Harry. And it's not your fault so stay the hell out of it!" yelled Hermione. Turning away originally frustrated a smiled creped across his face. "Alright but be nice to the guest tomorrow, Mione. Especially Lav-Lav," said Harry.

The look on Hermione's face that day was priceless. It had originally been Ginny's idea for Lavender to come. So if anything went wrong all faults go to Gin.

Still Harry was excited; he'd never done anything like this. Just as he went to talk to Ron, Luna Lovegood and Susan Bones came in running yelling, "HERMIONE AND LAVENDER ARE FIGHTING!" Surely enough Hermione and Lavender were indeed rolling on the ground, fighting. Even though most found this quiet entertaining, Harry knew he was going to be in hell tomorrow. His eyes scanned for Ron. There was a smile on his face as he went to break it up. He looked for Ginny as well who was laughing a bit too hard, but she had been known for being the laughing box this summer. I saw Mione get the last punch as Ron pulled her off Lavender. The angry brunette followed the redhead into the house, but Harry did catch a glance of Hermione. She didn't look happy with him but satisfied with herself. But Harry didn't blame her. In fact he didn't need a birthday present from Hermione. Front row tickets to Hermione betting the hell out of Lavender was good enough.

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