Chapter 41- The Beginnings of the Second War

The skies illuminated for the first time in months. Yet Pansy paid it no mind. She was down in Knockturn Alley shopping pleasantly carrying a large black handbag with a small S on it. She walked out of Vanessa's and deeper down the Alley. She passed a massive field that marked the middle of Knockturn Alley. She hesitated. This pasture brought back many memories. Many Slytherin children running around like adolescence as their father went deeper into the dark alley venturing into a place unknown to her. Pulling her cloak over her head she slowly ventured forward. She walked past the analogous grey buildings until she reached a building with the German name, Freiheit. Pansy passed all through the store and to cashier.

"'Ello," He said with an Australian accent.

"Didn't know there were Slytherin Australians," Pansy said lightly gazing around.

"Didn't know there were Slytherin beauties," the man said grinning at her with the teeth he had left.

"Never heard of an Ice Princess?" Pansy snapped coldly. The man quiet smiling and Pansy took out of her bag a black card. The man gulped.

"Back this way, ma'am."

Walking back behind the cashier she passed through a door and when closed, made sure it was firmly shut. Then she opened her bag out crawled a large python. She watched it slither around and disappear. Yet it came back quickly with a scroll in its mouth. Pansy took out the scroll.

"Now what does this mean, Draco?" Pansy asked. The python turned into the tall seventeen year old blond.

"It's a map of Cambridgeshire. I need it to present to the Dark Lord," Draco explained stuffing the map into his pocket.

"What's a map going to do?" Pansy inquired.

"Well this map is special it shows where people are in Cambridgeshire. Voldemort says a special visitor is there and he wants to keep an eye on him," Draco explained.

"Potter?" Pansy asked.

"That's my guess but I could be wrong," Draco said. "Anyway, before I get it to Voldemort I have to let Sirius lay eyes on it. Then I can get some questions answered."

"Like what?"

Draco showed her the back of the map. In cursive it spelled Marauder's Map.

London seemed to be cast with a spell that made everything dark. All that could be heard were whispers and Death Eaters reined the once busy streets. Now all that was left of the once great city was dark shadows. In the middle of one of the streets a dark cloaked figure stood. Her arms were wrapped around something and she seemed to be singing softly, hunched over slightly revealing her amber brown curly hair. She looked up for a minute but then looked back down. Hermione, her name was Hermione.

"Ronnie!" hissed a black-haired girl behind, the blond girl. Ronnie Evans just seventeen turned sharply. She had dozed off in the middle of the coffee shop, again. Behind her was Rhea James a short girl with a wicked attitude.

"Look, Ronnie," Rhea said pointing to a yellow sign with a code of some sort.

"r-d-e-a-n-h-W-o-T-c-e-S?" Rhea read. "What the bloody hell is that supposed to mean?"

"I don't know," Ronnie said softly. "Might as well solve the rest of the message. Nothing better to do."

"You right about that," Rhea hissed. Ronnie glared at her but then turned away, leaving the sign.

"You don't have to be rude about it," Ronnie snapped on her way out.

Rhea signed and glanced back at the poster. She snatched it from the wall and took it with her as she walked out.

George was officially done with this hell hole. It had been a week and he was sick of it. There was no decent food, water but what really bothered him was sitting down here when he knew he could be fighting these people and finding his father. Then there was Alicia—thinking about her made him angry. Angry that he couldn't be there for her. Instead some stuck up ass hole that he didn't even know. Stephen, what kind of name is that. Bastard. That and yesterday they had separated him and Tonks, claiming that they talked too much. All of this was making him angry. And Goyle snoring was not helping. How could they sleep when people were dying? There was nothing wrong with Muggleborns, and this whole war was ridiculously stupid. A whole bunch of idiots with wands. So why are they so affective in killing? Maybe not idiots, but someone had to question their train of thought.

"I think its time for lunch," Crabbe Sr. said facing George with a plate of food. The regular dog shit. Perfect.

"Not hungry." George responded.

"Oh you're eating this today."

"Over my dead body."

"That can be arranged." Crabbe said grinning. "Crucio!"

George yelled in pain.

"Last time I checked that wasn't Avada Kedavra. Damn you are one stupid Death Eater. Doesn't Voldemort ask for some kind of intelligence, but I guess you and your boyfriend lack that heavily. Voldy must have been wasted," George smirked, wincing in pain.

"Imperio!" Crabbe yelled. He flicked his wand towards the wall and George slammed against it.

Groaning George stood again. "Nope, still not the right one," George grunted.

"Crucio!" George fell back on his knees in pain.

"Not…Again!" George pulled through the cruse roaring similar to a lion. His breaths were heavy and he stood shaking.

"Accio wand," George whispered. Crabbe was in a corner, white as chalk.

"My turn," George hissed.

Tonks was still sleeping in her cell. Dreaming of nothing that resembled anything happy but for once it was nice to dream and none of the Death Eaters tried to wake her. She may be a captive but she wasn't not a nice one. Just as Goyle experienced after trying to wake her earlier when he wanted to her to eat. Suddenly there was a yell and Tonks rose slowly as she watched Goyle stand armed.

"Avada Kedavra!" a voice shouted and Tonks watched Goyle's body fall. At least Voldemort is doing something useful.

But instead of Voldemort or Bella coming down the hall George came down and quickly opened her door cell.

"Can you still apparate?" George asked. Tonks grinned.

"How could you let him escape?" Bella shrieked as she ran through the cell floor. Crabbe's body was dead and now she was running to the next cell.

"If little Andromeda is not in her cell, I might kill the rest of you all before the Dark Lord does!" Bella swore to Nott and her husband and the others following the angered ice princess. And there was great anger that came from Bellatrix when she arrived at Tonks' empty cell.

Anger that reached Voldemort in his private chambers with one of his visitors. The Dark Lord rose and turned to Wormtail.

"What would anger Bella so much, I wonder Wormtail?"

"I-I do not know my master," Wormtail stuttered.

"Then let us find out. Come Synthia, there is much work to be done," Voldemort demanded as he left his chambers for the cells. "Leave the babe, Wormtail."

Synthia VanDevilger rose from her knees. She turned and watched her daughter being placed in a cradle and Synthia followed the Dark Lord, now one of his newest apprentices.

Around the outskirts of London, Susan Amelia Bones crept from behind the bushes waiting patiently for Blaise to arrive. Part of her wanted to turn him in with no questioning, but there had to be a reason for what he was doing. A reason for being a—she couldn't even think about it. He had promised her to protect to her from everything and everyone that strayed their way. That he'd always be there for her and do what was best for her. How had she so easily fallen into those lies? Why had she been so quick to believe the Slytherin? Because you thought that he was different. That not all Slytherins were the same. She shook those thoughts out of her head. She was going to kill him when he got home, because behind his lies there's blood to be paid.

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