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It's Not Over, It Has Barely Even Begun.

It was at least eleven before Kratos of Lloyd stirred. And that was just because Dirk had thrown a bucket of water (Pail included) at them. "Wake up you two!" He insisted, waving a wooden ladle at the father and son. Kratos woke up with a start, spluttering. "Ugh! The nightmares are coming back." He groaned, wiping the liquid away from his eyes and reaching up to clean off his ears. His hand met brisk morning air. With a gasp he put his hands on the sides of his head where, sure enough, two furless ears were, after a bit of feeling he found that the tips were pointed, but he didn't care. He was human! His tail had vanished during the night as well. And, what was this? Did the angel actually feel like his moody, serious self?

Dirk had noticed his appearance as well, and was quick to comment on it. "Y'know, with those ears, you look a lot like a half-elf." He stated.

Kratos stood up and frowned, looking at his reflection in a puddle of the water the dwarf had thrown on them. "Indeed." He agreed quietly, looking at Lloyd, who was still shivering and complaining about their rude awakening.

"Lloyd, you are acting like a child." Kratos scolded, still amazed by his furless features, so his tone wasn't intimidating

"O-oh sh-shut u—Whoa! Where are your ears?" Lloyd stopped shaking and stood up, waving his hand over Kratos' head as if expecting to hit some invisible body part. "Hey, you look like Genis and Raine now!" the Eternal swordsman laughed.

Kratos nodded and rolled his eyes. "Could you stop staring at me?" He asked suddenly, aware of bother Lloyd and Dirk's gazes. "I'm sure that I am quite fascinating but I'm beginning to feel self conscious."

"Wow… I didn't get a word you just said! You're back to normal!" Lloyd cheered and Kratos smirked. "It's good to be back." He admitted, stretching lazily.

Watching this, Lloyd laughed openly, earning a confused glance from his biological father, who had moved out onto the balcony. "You can't be completely normal yet!" He stated in answer to the questioning stare.

"Oh?" Kratos tilted his head to the side slightly. "And why is that? Did I say something about yarn? I don't recall doing so, however." He raised an eyebrow.

"Well, I mean, since when have you woken up and stretched like that?" Lloyd asked amusedly.

Kratos frowned. "Is there something wrong with the way I stretch?" He asked, curious.

"No, it's just… I mean… you… I… nevermind!" Lloyd threw his hands in exasperation and marched downstairs, followed by Kratos, who had taken a liking to this flustered image of Lloyd. "Well, you have my interest now. What is so horribly wrong about me stretching?" He smirked when Lloyd struggled once again to explain it.

"How about we go to Iselia?" The eternal Swordsman proposed after Kratos succeeded in making him look like a complete fool.

"Indeed. Let's fly, it's much more efficient." Kratos summoned his wings and Lloyd grudgingly mimicked him. "You don't waste much time, do you?"

Kratos frowned. "Time is something I've learned not to waste." With that he took off, floating several meters away and looking back.

"Time is… what? You're four thousand! You out of anyone can waste time! I mean, you'll live forever!" He huffed and flew after his father, who looked at him solemnly. "Nothing lasts forever, Lloyd, either I will be killed somehow or the world will end."

Lloyd blinked. "What? Hah, I'd like to see anyone try to kill you! And the Professor said the world'll last for millions and millions of years!" Lloyd grinned. "You'll be around for a long time yet!"

Kratos rolled his eyes. "Lloyd, you are far too optimistic."


The Seraphim hadn't been expecting that, but he played along anyway. "Idiot."

Lloyd blinked, then smirked, this meant war, he was the master at this game, and it was something he and Genis had played since their childhood. "Stupid."

"Oblivious fool."


"Never mind, Lloyd." Kratos shook his head and sighed. Where had the boy gotten his lack of intelligence? Anna might not have been the 'brightest lightbulb in the box' but she had enough sense to know what 'Oblivious' meant.

"Okay, well, let's get going!" Lloyd grinned and flew ahead of his father who merely rolled his eyes. "Don't go so fast or you will wear yourself out and I'll end up having to carry you to Iselia, or leave you to get eaten by rabbits." He smirked at Lloyd shocked expression. "They were staring at you rather hungrily a while ago."

"Not funny." Lloyd frowned.

"It is." Kratos retorted calmly.

"Let's just go to Raine and Genis'"

"I concur." Kratos nodded his head and sped up.

"Ugh! Stop using those stupid big words!" Lloyd shouted indignantly.

Kratos couldn't help but laugh quietly to himself. Many years ago he'd heard that exact same sentence.

Ooh, flashback! This is getting fancy!

"Okay! It's off to Hima we go!" cried a woman, probably close to twenty-eight or twenty-nine.

"Stop shouting, you'll attract monsters." Kratos, wearing the same mercenary suit he always had, grumbled, though he couldn't help but smile weakly.

"Fine then, Stone Man… that is where we're going, right?" Anna looked back at him curiously, it had been a week since they'd begun travelling, and he was slowly starting to loosen up.

"Indeed." He said indifferently.

"Well, maybe we should speed up. I mean, I could ride Noishe, couldn't I?" Anna grinned happily and flicked some of her waist-length brown hair away from her face. Said protozoan was quickly at her side, wagging his tail happily.

"I suppose you could ride him, if he doesn't mind." Kratos shrugged, knowing Noishe adored the Ranch escapee enough to let her ride him all day long.

"But can you keep up?" Anna turned her warm gray eyes on her new travelling companion.

"Yes, I normally run from place to place. Truth-be-told, I was getting tired of walking." Kratos said apathetically.

"Wow, in that case, let's hurry!"

"I concur."

Anna grinded her teeth. Why did he use such huge words? "Stop using those big words." She demanded.

"Anna… Concur has only six letters. Thousand, for example, has eight, but you don't call it big. 'Concur' is a word you merely don't grasp the theory of. It is neither bigger, nor smaller, then most other words." He watched her eyes glaze over and a dull expression took her features. He sighed, "Let's try this… you don't get the word because you don't know it."

Anna snapped back and nodded. "Ooh, I get it! So it's kind of like when you're gonna try a new food, but if it looks bad you don't wanna taste it, right?"

Kratos blinked, then hung his head in defeat. "I-I guess you could put it that way, but—"

Anna giggled and leaned off of Noishe to hug him. "Thanks, you make it a lot easier to understand. I nearly killed my old English teacher when she tried explaining stuff."

Kratos flushed when she hugged him. That was odd, wasn't it? "Er… right, anyway, let's move on."

"Alright Mr. Leader!" Anna grinned.

End flashback

Kratos smiled wistfully at the memory, but returned to his moody state by the time Lloyd looked back at him. "Let us hurry." He muttered, ushering his son onward.

On Derris-Kharlan

"Sir! Lord Kratos seems to have returned to his normal state!" A tall angel with white-blond hair declared.

Yuan looked up from the book he had been reading. "Perfect. I wonder what happened though. We couldn't even find him for a week!" he frowned deeply. "You," He gestured to the angel. "Go get me a transmitter. I left one with that Colette girl in case of emergency."

Said servant bowed low and retreated out of the room.

Yuan cast a glance around the main control room of Derris-Kharlan. The computer was buzzing smoothly and every human, elf, and half-elf's mana signature was displayed on the massive screen. He stared at the massive point that was Kratos' it was large enough to notice easily, so the half-elf was positive it had only popped up a while ago, and it seemed even larger then normal. "What happened?" Yuan muttered.

"Sir, the transmitter." The angel commander offered it to him.

"Thank you, that's all." Yuan took the little box and waved the angel away. "Now, flick this switch and… Colette? Can you hear me?"

"Huh? The box is talking! Hi Mr. Box!" Yuan groaned and slapped his forehead.

"No, Colette, it's me, Yuan. Remember, I gave you this transmitter in case of emergency." The Seraphim sighed in irritation.

"Yuan? Did the box eat you? That's not very nice." Colette's voice echoed through the control room.

"No!" Yuan exclaimed agitatedly. "Listen, where is Kratos?" He tapped the desk irritably.

"Kratos? He and Lloyd are probably still asleep." Even though he couldn't see her, Yuan was sure the Chosen was grinning like an idiot.

"That's nice, Colette. But did anything actually happen to Kratos? Did he turn into something?"

"Oh, you didn't know? Kratos was—oh no! I just broke Grandmother's vase! I'm sorry, Vase!"

With a growl of frustration Yuan shut of the radio and called another angel into the control room. This one had magnificently pink hair. "I need you to transport me to Symphonia."

"But, Lord Yuan…"

"Yes, yes," Yuan rolled his eyes. "I am aware that Kratos vanished for a week, but he came back, did he not? Now, prepare the warp."

"Y-yes sir." While the angel scuttled around, he looked at his superior. "Sir, I may be asking something that I need not know, but why do you wish to return to Symphonia?"

Yuan frowned, and the other angel cringed. "I want to know what happened to Kratos. His entire being has grown in strength. It has made me curious." He shrugged and stepped onto the warp panel. "You all should know who is in command while myself and Kratos are gone.

"Yes sir. I speak for all of us when I fair thee well." He bowed and watched his superior fade away.

Back on Symphonia

Kratos stopped mid-air and stared into a patch of long grass.

Lloyd yelped and flew to a stop inches behind his father. "What's wrong?" He asked irritably, still rather disgruntled by Kratos' previous use of large words.

"Nothing of importance," The Seraphim lied, "I… dropped something. Go on ahead and I will catch up." He watched Lloyd speed off and flew toward the grass. After a moment of digging around he smirked when his hands closed around a furry object. A furry, moving object. "Ah… Good morning." He pulled out a rabbit. It was only about the size of his two hands clenched together, but it's face was clearly scrunched up with contempt. That wasn't the odd part, however. The bunny was a brilliant sapphire, and the fur between it's ears was pulled back in a miniature ponytail. "Fancy meeting you here, Yuan." Kratos' smirk grew into a broad, rather evil, grin that showed his 2 cm long cat teeth that had yet to shrink. "Welcome to hell, my dear friend of four thousand years."

This wasn't over. Oh no, this had barely even begun.

So, how did you like my story? hate it, love it? -nudge nudge- Worship it? heh, just kidding. Anyways, Before I start the next story, I'll be doing a one-shot on Kratos and Lloyd after Luin is rebuilt, so look out for that too!